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Stephen Colbert's Latest Outrageous Attack on Medical Marijuana

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He just can't help himself. It's hilarious, of course, but it's disturbing to consider that Colbert's facetious rants really aren't any more absurd than the typical government propaganda that emerges from the Drug Czar's office. Colbert is joking, but even if he weren't, we could at least stop paying for cable. This garbage, on the other hand is paid for with our tax dollars whether we like it or not. And it isn’t nearly as funny, either.
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Cutting Off Arm vs. Smoking Marijuana

I particularly like how Colbert covered up Gary Ross smoking using footage from Kill Bill. Kind of weird how cutting off someone's arm is allowed on cable TV but showing someone smoking legal medical marijuana isn't.

Michael Blunk, President
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
at the University of Houston


it's not something to laugh about anymore. I see where a Morphine-THC analgesic is currently in the works... what a novel use for dranibinol... just think.

Opiates and Dronibinal (Marinol) for Pain

Sorry charlie. I am on Marinol, the stronest strength to control chronic nausea. I am, at times also on pain killers from hydrocodone to Methadone. Marinol/Dronibinol does nothing to help relieve the pain. However, inhaled cannabis vapors or ingested THC from the whole cannabis plant is effective in conjunction with opiate pain killers in that one needs less opiate pain killers only when used with the whole cannabis plant, not a synthetic form leaving out the psychoactive ingrediant which is what controls nausea and pain. Marinol, alone, does not completely control my nausea nor does do anything for pain. NEXT...

marinol not have psycoactive?

Marinol does NOT leave out the psycoactive ingrediant. It IS the psycoactive ingrediant. Synthetiic THC is what marinol is, 100% syn THH but it does not have the rest of the important chemicals in there like CBD which regulates the THC in our brains. There are also hundreds more compounds in pot that we know nothing about including their effect on THC and the brain. just an FYI

colbert is a usenet rip off

Most of what colbert said about medical marijuana was lifted from usenet posts at Many of the comments were part of a conversation between tarverengineering and andrew hall. Colbert ripped off the whole routine from libertarians making fun of conservatives. The libertarian wing of the republican party is in tatters, but so is the party. Frist won the battle against a republican majority and flint took out the elected libertarian leaders.

Pure bullshit

Colbert should be ashamed of this, he just lost a fan.

Outrageous Attack? I Don't Think So!

I watched the whole thing and don't see anything offensive... it's his typical over-the-top absurdly astute reporting of an absurd law, created by and enforced by absurd criminal people... which is all part of his ' I'm more equal then thou' conservative comedic mentality!

Perhaps we can get him to do a segment about our gov'ts Patent on Marijuana?


It's satire. I was just playing along with my subject line. He's on our side.

it's just "col-bear," not really colbert

those many of us that have been fans of stephen from his days on the daily show (along with steve carrell) are aware of the difference between the fictional news reporter slash absurd political commentator pronounced "col-bear" and the actual philosophy of the entertainer colbert. there is essentially a perfect inverse relationship between the actual social philosophy of the man vs. the fictional character he portrays.

but you already knew that.

d-9-THC from the smoked cannabis plant material reaches the bloodstream much more quickly and efficiently than even the most potent synthetic derivative. any declaration that contradicts this assertion does so despite more than ample medical and scientific evidence that has collectively concluded that smoking pot is better than anything the big pharmie companies can come up with, for improving the quality of life for those whom it is legitimately recommended by licensed medical professionals.

all the hype about new patents and enhanced pharmaceuticals is just that- hype- based on profit maximization rather than genuine concern for public health. another illustration of the "prozac lesson"- business and medicine are ethically incompatible; prozac became perhaps the most erroneously- prescribed medication in the practice of modern medicine, largely due to enhanced targeted media hype that clouded the distinction between the diagnosis of major depressive mood disorder and the recognition that stress and feelings of dysphoria due to environmental factors such as loss or occupational change are not sufficient justification alone, to validate a diagnosis of mood disorder nor to establish if the ssri class antidepressants are appropriate for treatment. because of the media saturation, primary care physicians essentially became useless middle-men between the drug companies and the patients and- as with the synthetic THC compounds- profit maximization took priority over established public health practices.

expect a "prozac for pain" in the near future, marketed through media focused at patients rather than practitioners, with complete disregard for the ethical practice of medicine.

Marijuana Arrests

Marijuana=Arrested Development

Get a REAL LIFE,you immature,stinky,Progresstards.
Say and do ANYTHING so you baby-boom-booms can smoke your "'d'ohpe" and still act like a 2-year old.Man.
Marijuana is good for those suffering with cancer chemotherapy and radiation.WHY OH WHY MUST YOU IDIOTS T~W~I~S~T Reality to try to legalise cannabis for hangnails,hangovers,or hangups?"Medical Marijuana" is a pansy,belly-soft,pasty-coloured, copout.
Get a grip.Marc Emery is going to jail, like it or not.He's DONE because he couldn't and wouldn't face reality about International drug laws and respect them.REMEMBER,HE WANTED (past tense) TO literally and accurately PUSH THE ENVELOPE ON MARIJUANA.Just because he lost when the Federals kept their end of the deal-laws- doesn't mean he's entitled to a whiner do-over.Marc Emery made his bed and now that the fallout from HIS CHOICE is a self-dealt losing hand, he wants to have another chance to show what a sniveling worm he really is.Hero? HARDLY!
That was the stipulation from the beginning of your sojourn into the marketing and mailing of marijuana seeds,REMEMBER?
Or is it that your short-term memory is blown,too?
Be real for once and accept the facts ad consequence of your actions,you Big Baby.

Marijuana=Arrested Development

Your post is not only difficult to understand, it is illogical and grammatically incorrect. Go back to school and spend some time learning how to deal with your problems.

For those with the intelligence to follow this thread:

Colbert is a comedian. Nothing he said was intended to be the truth.

Marijuana is not the issue. The actual reason for pot laws is to provide the government with a methodology for the repression of individual freedom and to gain power over the citizens it is supposed to represent. We can argue ad nauseum about the effects, characteristics and ingredients of marijuana, but sadly are missing the point. Marijuana law is about power and its exercise.

"He who joyfully marches in rank and file
has already earned my contempt.
He has been given a large brain by mistake,
since for him the spinal cord would suffice." -- Albert Einstein


You are one evil mother fucking coward! I met Marc Emery he is a nice guy. Yeah, he got caught, and will pay the price. But what kind of a fuck-head are you to revel in his misfortune.

Don't respond. I am not interested in anything you have to say.

Walter Noons

Your brother's Peter

Weren't you with the Hermits?

Marijuana=Arrested Development

WOW.Rhubarb quoted Einstein.My hero.


Like, what are you smoking, man? Must be some righteous weed for you to produce such a reasoned and well thought out comment... Anyway, I have no clue what you are talking about. I don't think Einstein would either. Reads like something from near the bottom end of the brain stem.

This is good.What is it?

Without pot,what else is there to life?
I'll ask the families of the RCMPs who were killed in an ambush about unarmed pot growers' "Freedoms".
Right after I .............I..........I.....get somethin' tah eat.

Pot doesn't kill people.Armed growers kill people.

Good point.See? Pot has never killed anyone.Right? Am I right?Am I right? Of course I'm right. Right? RIght.Right?

The Truth Hurts.

The Truth Hurts.LOL


Isn't funny? If you can't laugh at the satire of the laws then how can you think the actual laws are absurd? Does nobody understand this show?

I thought better of Colbert

I'm disappointed about this; not only did they provide bongs but I'm sure they interview him after the smoking scene was filmed.

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