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Secret agents

Submitted by David Borden on
CBC Newsworld did a story tonite about undercover cops and the things they can do to make an arrest.Canadian law enforcement uses American DEA agents because they are allowed to do whatever it takes to make an arrest.They spoke around the real crimes these agents commit and inferred they just did small time crime to enter organizations.Anyone that's had any experience with upper echelon drug dealers knows you don't get in until you do something really violent to show your capable.American agents have no business in this country.They never allow us down there with our weapons and full law enforcement capabilities.Another example of Harper's conceding of our sovereignty to the US of A.Harper has now passed into law a bill allowing Canadian agents to lie,deal drugs,use drugs,steal peoples property with immunity.They are also often allowed to keep the proceeds of any criminal acts they take part in.When the cops are often worse or the cause of criminal activity,the system is truely screwed.One only has to look at the RCMP's famous Mr.Big scam to see the huge room for error in the plan.The people targeted are always long time criminals who will say anything to remain in the good graces of the people paying them huge dollars for zero risk.Few criminals would walk away from such easy money and will say whatever they think the big boss wants to hear.How many innocents will be found in future years because of these scams?They never have the money for decent representation and are always convicted as juries believe the police over career criminals even if the evidence doesn't seem to fit.

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