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Secret agents

CBC Newsworld did a story tonite about undercover cops and the things they can do to make an arrest.Canadian law enforcement uses American DEA agents because they are allowed to do whatever it takes to make an arrest.They spoke around the real crimes these agents commit and inferred they just did small time crime to enter organizations.Anyone that's had any experience with upper echelon drug dealers knows you don't get in until you do something really violent to show your capable.American agents have no business in this country.They never allow us down there with our weapons and full law enforcement capabilities.Another example of Harper's conceding of our sovereignty to the US of A.Harper has now passed into law a bill allowing Canadian agents to lie,deal drugs,use drugs,steal peoples property with immunity.They are also often allowed to keep the proceeds of any criminal acts they take part in.When the cops are often worse or the cause of criminal activity,the system is truely screwed.One only has to look at the RCMP's famous Mr.Big scam to see the huge room for error in the plan.The people targeted are always long time criminals who will say anything to remain in the good graces of the people paying them huge dollars for zero risk.Few criminals would walk away from such easy money and will say whatever they think the big boss wants to hear.How many innocents will be found in future years because of these scams?They never have the money for decent representation and are always convicted as juries believe the police over career criminals even if the evidence doesn't seem to fit.
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The Dumb Evil Assholes (DEA) Belong in Prison

Anyone with a 3 digit I.Q., not currently suffering from cognitive dissonance disorder, knows the Dumb Evil Assholes (DEA) are the real criminals in the drug war... rabid dogs eager to follow the dictates of their puppet masters... the liarticians who have blatantly usurped u.s. law in order to perpetuate it's lunacy.

Marijuana prohibition under the guise of regulation continues to be waged by extremely fundamentalist christians, the real crackheads of christianity, as part of their modern temperance movement.

And worse yet, since prohibition is a radical religious movement, it's foundation is firmly grounded in delusion and mass mental masturbation. These wankers have been spanking their common-sense so long they have made themselves blissfully blind, ignorant, and worst yet... infinitely intolerant!

For now keep taking names and documenting their crimes... from the prohibitionists, and the stools that love them, to the prosecutors & judges.

When the war is over, and eventually it will be, we'll then be able to hunt down and round up these treasonous assholes, seize their properties to help pay for their war crimes, and remove them permanently from society.

With god jerking off & ejaculating in your left ear hole & gov't jerking-off & ejaculating in your right ear hole is there really any wonder how Alice ended up in Wonderland?

Just Say No to the Schism Gism... of the Purveyors of Gods & Gov'ts!

Billy B. Blunt
Tacoma, WA

Sorry to bust your bubble billy but,

I'm a fundamental Independent Baptist and I've even been known to teach and preach the bible. I'm sure I've even told somebody somewhere they were going to hell if they didn't do better.

99% of my friends are born again Christians and we are all against the war on drugs.

G W Bush and the republican party have hijacked the Christian Right. He is so evil he wreaks. Many Christians I know have long give up on him. Even many of the outspoken Christian leaders on talk radio have spoken out against his "twisted interpretations".

The war on drugs as stated by an earlier poster is not about righteousness. there's nothing righteous about staking out a man's life and then kicking down his door at 3 am shooting him full of holes for the remote or God forbid constitutionally owned gun in his hands. Immediately thereafter blowing away his pets,taking his home,throwing his wife in the streets or worse in jail as accessory, taking the children and putting them in loveless foster homes and if he survives the bullets and stun grenades he goes to prison.

Show me where in the bible it states this is Christian or love or even civil. No real true Christian believes in this war or any part of it from what I've studied and learned in my 15 years as a Christian.

Any Christian that believes in this war has absolutely not one foot to stand on if they believe their own faith. The war on drugs is pure evil and nothing less.

Your battle isn't with Christians. Some people are just simple. Christian or not. Your battle is with evil people in high places that hide behind a bible because the simple fall for that. So, if you find a Christian that believes in this war, ask them to show you where Jesus said "kill a man and take everything he has to save him from himself."

The bible is clear on who Kills,Steals,and Destroys and his name is Satan.

I don't care if he's dressed like a preacher,walks like a preacher and talks like a preacher if he does evil to "the least of these" he has committed an abomination to the Lord. George Bush likes to kill. He has a long record of death on his head.

You're not the first soul on these boards that has fallen for that facade. Why people can't see this administration and definitely the DEA, FBI,CIA and others aren't acting in a manner in which to help anyone. Charity is the core of true Christianity.

These people are doing to drug users what the romans and jews did to Jesus. They set him up, Gave him a fake trial, sentenced him to death before they even put on their shoes, tortured him for a while and last but, not least, they stole everything he had and fought over it at the foot of the cross where he hung.

Would you believe Ozzy Osborne was the Father of Darkness if he performed Lawrence Welk in a pink tutu? Then why would you think George or any of his cronies are even remotely acting like Jesus? Christian = Christ like


billy b. blunt sums it all up . i cant wait till the day we can publicly execute these crimnals,,wtf

The real criminals --

I was first raided at the ripe old age of 50, and the cops who raided me broke more laws in ONE DAY than I had in my entire life. (Including traffic violations.)

We're talking perjury (to obtain the search warrant), breaking and entering, armed robbery, child endangerment, animal abuse, excessive force, tampering with evidence, vandalism, perjury, again, (the incident report); then a few days later, perjury to the grand jury.

The search warrants they use are unconstitutionally vague ("writs of assistance", look it up) and in my case, were issued on hearsay and double hearsay.

It's not just the DEA; it's everybody involved, from the cop who reports gossip as "information", to the judge who issues the illegal warrants, to the doctor at the county jail who refuses to treat "drug offenders," to the lawyers who stand by and watch this travesty of justice and never say a word.

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