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The Real Reason SWAT Teams Kill Dogs and People

In the wake of the acquittal of the Lima, Ohio, SWAT team member who killed Tarika Wilson -- and with DC-area local Mayor Cheye Calvo pressing the issue of SWAT raids following the killing of his two dogs -- it bears reminding what the root cause was of both these horrible events and of many others -- a stupid, reckless, cowboy mentality, in which law enforcers who are supposed to be protecting us think it's fun and games until someone loses an eye (or a life). I've posted the following graphic before, but I'm posting it again, because it says it all. It appeared at the top of the Lima SWAT team's web page prior to the Wilson killing, before they took it down: Any questions?
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just one

It's a shame the mainstream media won't touch these guy's. Make no mistake the longer these guys can get away with their outlaw tactics the more other SWAT teams and task force units will begin to do the same. Just take Mayor Calvo for an example.

Even though Mayor Calco points out that this sort of thing happens all the time it is not getting the press it should.

My question is: Why does the media continue to ignore the problem ?

home page

Any good hunter knows his prey

Unleashed pit bulls, maybe; but Labrador Retrievers? It seems the drug war is target practise? Maybe it is true that drug warriors gun down pets to make their owner's weak to surrender; but these drug cops did not take down hungary dangers they took down family members!

How about cats? Would a bengal cat be targeted? I want to cooperate, does my pet have to die?

Why do human beings have to suffer from the law because they want to get high?

how many

how many more american citizens and their pets, will have to die, before the mainstream press stands up for the american people ?

Drug War Hypocrisy

In Atlanta, GA in the not too distant past a 92 year old woman was shot more than 20 times, I forget exactly how many. It was supposed to be a no knock raid to search for marijuana, which someone else was supposedly dealing out of her home. She was the only one home, heard someone trying to break in, and fired a shot through the door with a small caliber handgun. The SWAT team was so intimidated by this little old lady that they literally blew her to pieces. Incidentally no illegal substances were ever found.

Why do they kill?


I've seen the looks on the faces of drug-raiding cops -- a cigarette lighter!! a rolled-up dollar bill!! an empty tin!! unknown white powder!!

And I've seen the look on the face of a man having an orgasm.

It's the same look.

They kill because they want

They kill because they want to and they know they will get away with it. Psychopaths.

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