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An Excellent Column on Marijuana Prohibition From Reuters

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Fairness requires that I call attention to Reuters columnist Bernd Debusmann's excellent piece, America's never-ending prohibition. I've been critical of marijuana coverage at Reuters in the past, so I was pleased to see this:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - America's alcohol prohibition lasted 13 years, filled the country's prisons, inspired contempt for the law among millions, bred corruption and produced Al Capone. What it did not do was keep Americans from drinking.

America's marijuana prohibition drew into its 72nd year this month. It has created a huge underground industry catering to users, helped the U.S. prison population balloon into the world's largest, and diverted the resources of American law enforcement. What it has not done is keep Americans from using marijuana.

On the contrary. Since 1937, the year marijuana was outlawed, its use in the United States has gone up by 4,000 percent, according to the Marijuana Policy Project, a Washington-based lobby group which advocates regulating the drug similar to alcohol. A recent World Health Organization study of marijuana use in 17 countries placed Americans at the top of the list.

Indeed. Rather than measuring the drug war's success by comparing today's rates of drug use to their highest point in history, the drug czar should be comparing today's usage rates to what they were before we started this mindless crusade.

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What people learned during prohibition, was that a lot of people, could make a lot of money. This time around, law enforcement and the government, are making sure they cash in on the action. As long as the drug war continues they can continue to feed the machine, and round and round we go.

effects of cannabis prohibition


Just ask Mayor Calvo in Prince George County Maryland. This kind of Cannabis Prohibtion Drug War tactic has turned into a joke. A joke on the rule of law. If the people who are threatening you with arrest for not obeying the law are openly breaking the law, then respect for the law becomes hard to find. The corruption of law enforcement by Drug Prohibition and cannabis prohibition in paticular is obvious. Welcome to the DRUG WAR JUNGLE. Imagine a Human calling a plant Evil.? For I shalt imprison my brothers and sisters for intoxicating themselves on dried "plant" material. Most "drug cops" are alcoholikkks. Denial of reality can be dangerous. Just look around.


1st amendment = enough said

I'll admit that I smoke

I'll admit that I smoke cannabis. I want to be a law abiding citizen no matter what, but I feel weed smokers should be free. I am not on the streets or anywhere near, I am a successful businessman. I don't think I have a drug problem when other people are free to indulge in alcohol and tobacco. I just want the freedom to use a substance with a unique effect of creating a state of reflection. Alcohol just frees emotion, but weed puts one into a state of altered consciousness that goes beyond not taking self responsibility. Instead it is a journey to reality.

I do not want to be a criminal. I want to be free: to smoke (take in) cannabis. To be a responsible human being, just like everyone else. To explore the potential of healing.

Free Marketing

All of the antidrug ads and all of the news coverage of drug raids is just free marketing for weed and other illegal drugs. The fact that prohibition has led to an increase of 4000% in the number of people who smoke weed is no surprise. I'm sure all dealers that are able to remain free thank the government for all the free marketing and helping keep marijuana as a national fad.

Yes,prohibition makes $$$...

..because the weed has been criminalized,or "black marketed". Prohibitions are also an inducement to try a forbidden substance. But "free" market? ,no such animal. Liberty and freedom are beautiful concepts ,if you can keep them.

Ideological Profits are just as great or greater

Why does such a seemingly irrational public policy continue in spite of all scientific evidence against it? Clearly, it allows the state another wedge with which to terroize the commonweal and keep the working class in line. It keeps families and neighbours alienated and isolated from one another and provides a scapegoat and scapegoats as a premise to lay the responsibilty for systemic failures at the feet of individuals. ( Oxycontin seemed to give Rush Limbaugh a great deal of vitality-he never looked so good as when he was on the medication) So even when it comes to opiates it appears that it is the illegal status of the drug and not its pharmacological make up that wreaks havoc in peoples lives. The evidence on this is in also. Yet we can't even get medical marijuana legalized. No, the exploitative social order needs the war on drugs to maintain a system which bequeaths unwarrented power and privledge to its rulers. Capitalist Democracy leads to mediocratiy in the political realm, how could it be other wise when you do not have control over the mechanisms of social production and reproduction.
Nuff Said,

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