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After Killing His Dogs, Police Admit Mayor Calvo Was Probably Innocent

The botched drug raid fiasco in Berwyn Heights, MD grows more embarrassing for Prince George's County police everyday. Their theory is now that a deliveryman was planning on intercepting the package:

Prince George's Police Chief Melvin C. High did not apologize to the Calvos or exonerate them completely in the case. However, he said police have discovered five or six other similar deliveries made in recent days to addresses where people inside had no knowledge of the delivery. He said he believed the Calvos were "likely" innocent but that police continue to investigate. [Washington Post]

It bothers me to no end that this whole mess seems to hinge in many people's minds on the ultimate determination of whether or not the Calvos had anything to do with the marijuana. While I agree that the destruction of innocent lives and property is one of the most disturbing consequences of our wildly out-of-control war on drugs, I think Police Chief High (don't laugh, not funny) is missing the point.

His officers shot two black Labradors, one of which was running away. It's just barbaric. A source who attended a memorial service for the dogs learned that the raiding officers didn’t even know the homeowner was the mayor until they began interrogating him. The point isn’t that he deserved special treatment, but rather that police didn’t even conduct a basic investigation of their suspects. They went in blind, and their subsequent violent actions owe much to the ignorance that guided them throughout the process. This type of policing is unacceptable categorically and without regard to one's occupation or even their involvement in drugs.

Worse yet, there's absolutely nothing unique or exceptional about any of it. As this very story unfolded we learned that a Lima, OH officer was acquitted of negligence charges after shooting a baby and killing her unarmed mother in a drug raid. He literally used the excuse that the sound of his fellow officers shooting dogs downstairs startled him, causing him to shoot at a shadow. That shadow turned out to be Tarika Wilson, who he killed while also shooting her baby's finger off.

Horrible drug raid stories have become vastly more common than they ought to be. The patterns are disturbingly familiar, the excuses are disturbingly unpersuasive, and the next similar disaster will occur disturbingly soon. Just watch.
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big brother

Is there no end to the insanity of the drug war ? What ever happened to the land of the free ? Is this kind of law enforcement the way of the future ? In my day it was America home of the free and the brave. Now it's America home of the law and the brave.

cops gone wild


Drug Cop kicks open door and sees something black making a fuss and moving. Let`s all bow to the trigger.Get a white jury. Who cares? Mayor Calvo, is that you? Welcome to America.The Mayors mother-in-law could have turned around from the stove with a shiny object in her hand. And black skin. Bow to the trigger.The Prince George County { sheriff ] Spokesperson said " it was not a failed operation." Live on CNN today. In the DRUG WAR , the end always justifies the means. Never mind what happened at Mayor Calvo`s home. Or the countless others. In the end there was a drug bust. As long as it`s " those" people, no one seems to care.The Mayor probably didn`t care about this kind of activity until it affected him. What you send out will come back to you. When you least expect it. This is a prime opportunity for [ Obama} ? to inject civil rights into the election . I`d like to set up a production company and make videos for sale called "cop`s gone wild." The payoff would be to present it Congress and have it broadcast on "mainstream?" tv. Only problem though is that the Republicans would somehow filibuster. The Sheild was a good show. Mayor Calvo saying that kind of activity is "systemic" was the understatement of the year. Welcome to America. LAND of the " free."

Cops Gone Wild

Great idea cops gone wild!! Put it up on You Tube if nothing else

Worse since 9/11

I was a Baltimore City police officer from 1972 - 1974, so I have firsthand knowledge that there have always been cowboys on the police force. However, even their worse shenanigans back then pale in comparison with the blatantly abusive behavior and excess routinely engaged in by today's law enforcement officials. It seems to me that, since 9/11 and the subsequent methodical stripping away of our basic rights and freedoms by cleverly named miscarriages of justice like the Patriot Act, law enforcement officials perceive themselves as God in a blue uniform, operating with no reasonable restraint. Something dramatic needs to be done to reign them in, but unfortunately I believe it will only get much worse in the days to come.

Yeah Sure

There is enjoying one's freedom and then there is being a drug dealer. You can grow your own weed just like you grow tomatoes. You start dealing the stuff, bringing around dirtbags, criminals and low-lifes, then you're endangering other people, thus infringing on their freedom.

Smoking is doobie is totally cool, but when you start making it a business, then that is a whole other ball game.

That's not what happened here.

This was just bad policing. Even dirtbags don't kill your dogs.

Dirtbags DO kill dogs (and other animals, and people-kids, etc)

not to stray off the subject, but ARE YOU SERIOUS?

visit your local shelter or animal rescue to find out what people do to your dogs (and others-visit some foster kids, etc.) enforcement definitely isn't immune to dirtbags as members

I think you misunderstood

What I meant is police killing people's dogs is a worse crime than most of the other crap that goes on in our communities.

Police lacked appropriate warrant

The especially egregrious aspect of the raid on Calvo was that police did not have a "no-knock" warrant, as they initially claimed. This makes their attack patently illegal. Those involved should immediately resign and indictments should be brought against the perpetrators. Note also that this will cost county taxpayers dearly as the county gov't spends our money to defend the indefensible.

Home Invaders Are Criminals... Didn't Have Warrant!

Bullets are cheap...!

Please sign the petition to the Prince George PD

Please visit to sign the petition to be sent to the Chief of the Prince Georges PD about this horrible incident.

The Police Dept deserves to be FIRED Immediately! Then Sued!

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this department and their "JOHN WAYNE WANNABE" officers who bust into a house without a warrant...CHASE DOWN a dog and shoot it. I hope the Calvos' sue the the bejeezes of them until they are BROKE, OUT OF WORK and HOMELESS. What complete scum.

puregenius's picture

Silver Lining?

After the anger subsides, I can only hope that this incident will make the mayor see the detriment the war on drugs have done to local police agencies.

Black, White, Blue or Green

Yes, we welcome the Mayor to something not so atypical. I think we should be happy it happened to someone in politics b/c at least he's speaking out, blaming the police and government and being forceful about how horrible he was treated. The gov't does stink, big brother is watching but the only way to get full public outrage is to hear these cases one by one until something happens. If something happens. How disgusted are we ALL?

Mayor Calvo

This makes me sick. Redneck para-military punks that blow away the Mayor's dogs. Ever known a dog that could fire a weapon in his/her own defense?

In Seattle, these punks who become cops are because they are losers who "need" to be told what to do. When I was in the Army, the MP's I knew wanted to become members of the FBI or CIA when they got out. Why?

To kill people and "clean the streets".

Mayor Calvo should sue the ass off his Nazi's patrols. And he WILL win!

Killing the dogs first is standard operating procedure

It doesn't matter if they are the sweetest dogs in the world and they are running away to hide. The cops kill your dogs to shock you into compliance. The unstated message is, "Listen MF'er, WE ARE GOD FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. We have the authority and power to kill your dogs and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. And if you don't STFU and do exactly as you're told YOU'RE NEXT!"

Generally, the combination of shock, fear, and emotional loss causes the "perps" to comply.

I hope that Mayor Calvo uses this case to expose and end this despicable practice.

Attempted Murder!

The Terrorist agents should be tried for attempted murder and acts of terrorism. If you don't think that they are terrorist look up the state department’s definition of terrorism.
Terrorism: is "the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion."
Coercion: is” the act of compelling by force of authority.”
The "war on terrorism" is as phony as the "war on drugs".

acts of terrorism

The Terrorist agents should be tried for attempted murder and acts of terrorism. If you don't think that they are terrorist look up the state department’s definition of terrorism.
Terrorism: is "the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion."
Coercion: is” the act of compelling by force of authority.”
The "war on terrorism" is as phony as the "war on drugs".


you said you would edit-out the violence stuff,right? Although I must admit, the Calvo case has got me in a "HEAD ON RESISTANCE MODE",myself.


But look how well Calvo's dignified response is playing with the press. We cannot beat the police at their own game. We must be stoic and peaceful in order to expose their frantic violence as the public embarrassment that it truly is.

beyond arrogance

With each passing day, chief high and sheriff jackson express increasingly contemptible attitudes.

chief high:
"...regret that they were victimized by drug dealers..."

Sorry chief, but no matter how you try to spin it, they were victimized by you.

sheriff jackson:
"....extremely upset that the Calvos had called for and been granted a civil rights review by the FBI. He asked the public for patience while his staff conducts its own internal review,......."

sheriff jackson:
"I will not put up with disrespecting this community and using this badge for more than what it is. This badge is a ray of hope and a beacon of light"

sheriff, how long do you have to practice to say stuff like this with a straight face ?

From the Washington Post article:
".....The sheriff's department, which provided its swat teamf for the raid....."

Are we to understand that the prince george's county police were shopping around for some mercenaries, and the sheriff's department had some for hire?

sheriff jackson:
" really don't have time to deal with that dog......You have to secure and go......."

I guess even the sheriff could no longer bring himself to declare that one of his employees felt threatened by the dogs, especially the one that was running away.

chief high and sheriff jackson, not to worry. As despicably as your departments have acted, and as belligerent as is your attitude towards the people who unfortunately have to pay your salaries, you will come out of this unscathed. You always do.

Not this time...

...sheriff ActionJackson is up against a peoples wall of anger and an FBI investigation.He's desperate, and he's over and out. Dead dogs he made,dead dog he is.Has been a long time coming and it could'nt happen to a bigger prick.Bet he cries a lot when he's forced to resign.


I think the best outcome would have been if the cop dropping the drugs on the doorstep was shot during a citizen's arrest for a felony-in-progress. Since that didn't happen, I'll settle for the sheriff and his deputies swinging by their fat, arrogant necks.

I know how the Mayor feels

My 35lb. cocker spaniel was shot by the Middletown Police and then attacked by a police K9 dog in March of 2007. Like the Mayors attack there was no knock and no warrant presented to me either. I was the victim of a Flash Bang device that has left me with severe hearing loss. Because I'm not a city official I won't be heard.

dog killers

I hope those cops burn in hell.

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