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DEA Secures Another Medical Marijuana Conviction by Lying in Court

The highly controversial Charles Lynch trial has reached a disappointing conclusion:

The owner of a Morro Bay marijuana dispensary was found guilty today in federal court of five counts of distributing drugs.

Charles Lynch, the owner of the dispensary, faces a minimum of five years in prison.

His closely watched trial involved conflicting marijuana laws and went to a federal court jury Monday. Jurors were asked to determine if Lynch was guilty of violating federal drug laws.

During a week-and-a-half-long trial in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, federal prosecutors sought to depict Lynch as a common drug dealer who sold pot to teenagers and carried a backpack stuffed with cash.

Lynch was charged with distributing marijuana, conspiring to distribute marijuana and providing marijuana to people under the age of 21. [LA Times}

Like other medical marijuana convictions, federal prosecutors were only able to prevail by blocking testimony about medical marijuana and misleading jurors about the true nature of the defendant's actions. tells the truth about the Lynch case here:

Fortunately, while the federal government can lie to a jury, they cannot conceal their contemptuous conduct from a public already sickened by the vicious and embarrassing war on medical marijuana patients and providers. Their manipulative tactics will be fully exposed in the aftermath of today's result and will be greeted with the same widespread disgust that has characterized past persecutions prosecutions.

We must never mistake today's events for anything but what they are: a pathetic and purely symbolic attempt to obscure the obvious benefits of state medical marijuana laws. They are powerless against the tide of public opinion and the booming industry that has spawned amidst their intransigence. They now resort to petty martyrings, the brutal last resort of a disgraced tyrant, in the fading hope of intimidating a nation that has embraced democracy itself to subvert their hideous war.

Even in its hour of victory, the war on medical marijuana shivers naked before us, spitting desperately into the eyes of a public whose support it lost long ago.
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People, WAKE UP!!!

This man's conviction in this farce of a trial is beyond disgusting. As an Army veteran who loves this country but despises much about its governance, this wasn't what I had in mind by defending freedom. It is CRITICAL that the populace AWAKEN and DEMAND TRUE PERSONAL FREEDOM. People like most of those at the DEA who promote the suffering of terminally ill people are sick and evil beyond words. These are just the opening shots in the war being waged by our own government that will bring the downfall of this nation. DEA, you're no different than Al Qaeda...

The al-Qaeda

at least has the balls to stand accountable for the destruction and suffering they cause.

Who owns your body, if not you??

Surely the one thing that each individual truly owns, and is sovereign over, is his/her own body. If the individual can not decide for himself what to put into his body, the society in which that individual lives is not a free society.

The USA kidnaps individuals, tortures them, spies on its own citizens, and denies them the right to Habeus Corpus (due process).

Obviously, the USA is a highly controlled police state, the opposite of a free society.

Thank you for picking up this story, I live here.

I live here in this cozy beach community of Morro Bay. I have been to the place of Charles Lynch. He was very professional and helpful. It was our Local Sheriff that called the DEA into our sleepy town. I thought that the local Sheriff was sworn to uphold State law. Pat Hedges (Sheriff) has overstepped his boundry in my opinion and when the next election happens, he has to GO!
This is a travesty to the law the people voted in and to a very good man. I'm just sick about it.
That f***king sheriff did this.

I notice that the headline

I notice that the headline is once again conclusory with no evidence to back it up.

It's like speeding- we all know the law, but when you get caught, you bitch anyways. I say tough cookies for Mr. Lynch. Don't distribute marijuana if you don't want to go to the big house. Now, if his goal was to be the martyr, his actions certainly got a lof of bang for the buck.

Did you watch the reason video?

Look how the whole chamber of commerce supported him. He was respected in the community. You can carry on about federal law and yes I know what it says, but at the end of the day whose interests are served by this? Lynch had enemies in Washington, D.C. but not in his neighborhood.

Given the vast discretion federal law-enforcement possesses, would you really defend this as the most logical and appropriate use of those infinitely valuable resources?

Speed unlike weed can kill

Comparing speeding and pot is a dumb analogy. And for all the damage caused in accidents due to speeding the penalty is minimal, while pot is of the most least toxic substances, the penalty is overkill. Mr. Lynch's life is ruined over this conviction and you could careless. Although if it were your family member or friend I doubt your "tough cookies" motto would apply.

I notice that the headline

You are obviously ignorant as to the laws of California. State law says that Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are legal. Which of course, you should know by now. I guess everyone should ignore state laws, such as speeding, driving while drunk, shooting someone, blah blah blah. If you are a Californian you abide by the laws of California don't you? WEll?

charles lynch jury selection

I am the mother of Charles Lynch and of course am devasted at the verdict of the jury. At this time I have only a couple of comments to make. The first is that the Jury foreperson Kitty Meese, an RN, admitted in jury selection that she had herself administered Medical Marijuana to patients.
This was done IN THE COURTROOM. Is she not to be held liable for adminstering an "illegal drug" to patients? She is a danger to society, and must be removed from the streets. Also for anyone's information, let it also be known, that 18 year olds can not only vote, go to war, but they can ALSO SERVE ON JURYS. Too bad we didn't get one of those 18 year olds on the jury. The sheriff of San Luis Obispo had a personal or political agenda that he was operating on. He WILL get his day in court, I assure you. We will continue to fight for Charlie's Freedom. In a "sidebar" note, I had to leave during Charle's trial to be with another son that was operated on for colon cancer. He is 44. Do you think he might be entitled to the benefits of Medical Marijuana to endure the horrors of chemotherapy? Yes I am angry, my son Charles adhered to the laws of California and the City of Morro Bay. The jury had absolutely no idea as to what they were doing.
Who rules?The People of the State of California, or the Federal Government.
Please support Charles in any way you can.
Thank You
Proud and Loving Mother
Charles C. Lynch, Tom Lynch, Patrick Lynch, and Amanda Garcia

The actual heirarchy is

The people are supposed to have the greatest freedom and power, the state comes next in the power pyramid, and the federal government last and least. At least that is the way the Constitution laid it out. The federal government has usurped the power of the states, and of the people. It is now our right to dismantle that federal government and begin anew. We must convince the majority of voters to rise and demand the end of EVERY government agency (not just the DEA and ONDCP), all those bureaucracies are responsible for most of the loss of freedoms over the past century; congress set them up, but now they write the rules, and their own budgets. Demand a return to Constitutional government, states rights, and individual rights to property (especially one's own body), from which right all other rights derive.

Seems sheriffs all over the country are violating, or at the v ery least abdicating, their purpose. They are supposed to be the highest law enforcement authority, because they are elected by the people of their community, they are accountable, or supposed to be, to the people. The communities must begin to make better choices for this position, and make sure the sheriff is truly accountable to the community. Federal law enforcement agencies are unconstitutional and must be disbanded.

A return to election of federal senators by state legislators would help to maintain the supremacy of the individual, sovereign, states over the federal government, instead of the topsy turvy setup we now endure.

The federal government is out of control, and has been for a very long time. SCOTUS has not protected the Constitution from the government for at least the last century, we must allow for a way to remove justices from that court when they violate the Constituton in their decisions.

There is a lot more that needs doing and changing, but I do not have all night to list them all. Just begin DEMANDING that your members of congress start listening to YOU instead of their Big Whatever donors. The more of us who do this, the more likely we can make the necessary changes without violent revolution. Begin using DownsizeDC and other similar sites to increase the impact of your correspondence with your "representatives" in congress. Read the Declaration and Constitution, so you KNOW how the federal goverment is limited in its scope by the Constituton and insist the federal government reduce itself to be again within the boundaries of that document. Read Dr. Ron Paul's Manifesto for the fastest education about our government as it is and as it is supposed to be. The get to work. If you are not part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

John Conyers Investigation into the California DEA

We MUST take action. Fax a letter to John Conyers Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee demanding answers into his investigation in the California DEA. His fax # is 202 225 0072. Or CALL his office and ask for CAROL PATTON legislative counsel. She DOES answer her phone.202 225 5126. I spoke with her myself. She will tell you to contact your congressman. Tell her you have already done that. Refer to Charles Lynch Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers. Charlie's dispensary was on the list sent to the DEA demanding answers. DO NOT BE AFRAID. ASK FOR ANSWERS FROM CONYERS AS TO HIS INVESTIGATION.

One more brick...

...Lynch stepped to the line and took the hit. Good for him, and all the others who resist the stupid,phony,"war on drugs".Because of Charlies actions, or those against them,notice has been received. Some smoke has been smelled. Many are saying"enough". A long sought victory is at hand. RE-LEGALIZE! And what about the other hundreds of dispenseries in CA.?

"We're pushing the idea that we ought to pursue a broad-based legislative attack on all aspects of the Bush-era assault on the Constitution. We have a perfect vehicle to use for this approach, Congressman Ron Paul's "American Freedom Agenda Act." This bill was created by a number of progressive and conservative organizations and introduced by Ron Paul." There is no reason the WoD cannot also be included in this.

Friends for Charlie Lynch'

Now America should truley awaken Herself from the Hipocrisy of slumber.And challenge the very disease that threatens to rape and deny it's citizen.There individual right.Let us all pray for strenght and resolve for the injustice that is running amok in this so called United States Government. May God have mercy on all of them that takes our freedom'


thanks for this useful information

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