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Cop Acquitted After Killing Unarmed Mother and Shooting Her Baby

Looks like there will be no accountability or apologies for one of this year's worst botched drug raids:

A white police officer was acquitted Monday in the drug-raid shooting death of an unarmed black woman that set off protests about how police treat minorities in a city where one in four residents is black.

Chavalia shot 26-year-old Tarika Wilson and her year-old son she was holding, killing her and hitting him in the shoulder and hand, during a Jan. 4 SWAT raid on her house. One of the child's fingers had to be amputated.

Chavalia, an officer of 32-years, had testified that he thought his life was in danger when he fired the shots. He said he saw a shadow coming from behind a partially open bedroom door and heard gunshots that he thought were aimed at him. It turned out the gunfire he heard was coming from downstairs, where officers shot two charging pit bulls. [ABCNews]

So police shooting innocent dogs downstairs became an excuse for police shooting innocent people upstairs. I'm never surprised to see a jury (an all-white jury, no less) ruling in favor of police in a case like this. Still, I can’t get over the officer's admitted failure to even observe what he was shooting at. An officer who panics and fires at "a shadow coming from behind a partially open bedroom door" is incompetent at best, but clearly criminal if we're to hold police to anything approaching the same vicious standards applied to civilians in these raids.

I shudder to contemplate the sort of carnage it may require to get out the message that modern drug war police tactics are not a necessary precaution, but rather a genuine and growing threat to public safety.
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What an inspiration!

No longer content with being ashamed to be an American, I'm working on being ashamed to be a human being.

If David ever finds himself debating Ms. why-not-legalize-murder Boyd, he can tell her that we already have. The only conditions are that the perpetrator be a member of a "law enforcement" organization and the victim poor and unarmed. The presence of innocent children is optional.

cop acquitted

Are any of these assholes ever convicted? The new breed of police are small-dick men and lesbo ugly women who wish they had dicks.

I'm suffering permanent

I'm suffering permanent injuries from a raid by the "Judge Unit" in San Diego. It's a drug and gang task force. But wait, I don't do drugs and have never been in a gang. I was unarmed in my underwear and one of the guys still had his machine gun pointed at my face. These kind of stories make me feel blessed I didn't get shot. Some people think I might because I not only filed a lawsuit but named some of them in it. Wasn't easy. They don't proudly display their badges and name tags like the guys in the black and whites.

Would be kind of cool to be a cop these days. From what I've seen, and in my opinion, it seems like they get to do whatever they want and never get into trouble for it (as long as they're on duty).

Cycle continues

This proves exactly why the drug war must be ended quickly. More and more botched raids while more and more people have friends or relatives that are in jail engender a negative opinion of law enforcement. This cycle of less and less public support for law enforcement means they got less information from communities to solve crimes when they happen and have to rely more and more on gestapo tactics to succeed thus creating more negative public opinion. Negative public opinion also makes it less likely that good people who should be cops and would protect their communities from criminals that actually threaten and hurt are less likely to become or cops and want to become part of a corrupt system. The result is that more and more law enforcement recruits are ignorant, abusive, pieces of sh*t that suck at life and need a job and will take anything.

Had to flee my home

I'm an American living abroad because of prohibition. I'll be 51 years old next month and I suffer with arthritis in my spine among other things. I use medicinal marijuana to ease my pain and so that I can sleep.
I had to leave the US because I was raided last winter for growing my own medicine. My 4 plants were turned into 9 and dead crispy unrooted cuttings were counted as well as dead root balls with no plant attached.
All my fertilizers were taken even the stuff for the tomatoes and roses! They stole my lights, seeds, everything. They even tried to figure out a way to take the sky light out of my roof, until I screamed at them that if the dead cuttings had been by a window would they be trying to get the window out of the house!
The list of what "was found" in my home was padded to make it appear that I was a commercial grower and make it more worthwhile to prosecute me...(mandatory 4 years in prison and a 100k fine)! I had to deed my house over to family and leave the country. I have lost everything. I will probably never see my mother again, or my dogs.
Not a day passes that I am not given a reason to feel ashamed of my country. The world hates the US, and some hate Americans as well thinking we are all gun crazy fanatics. The woman that was recently stabbed to death in China while visiting a relative who was with the Olympic team, was reported coldly (as though she deserved what she got because she was American) and the Australians responded by telling their team to wear uniforms in public so as not to be mistaken for Yanks! It's a sick sad world.

Tarika Wilson

So, if Tarika Wilson had shot and killed the police officer, and said it was dark and she feared for her life she would have gotten off, Right?
Yeah, I thought so.

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