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Blaming the Taliban

Submitted by David Borden on
Once again an American drug interdiction"expert" has informed the Canadian media that the Taliban grow fat on opium production .This may well be true now that the NATO forces have allowed the problem to snow ball since evicting the Taliban from Afghanistan.When in control of the country,the Taliban had the production of opium down to an all time historic low of 880 tonnes a year.Within a year of American invasion and the replacement of the Taliban with the Karzai government that production had tripled.The latest figures for the harvest place it at around 3600 tonnes and that was a year ago.Thankfully,the Canadian government isn't buying what the DEA is selling and have refused to condone attacks on farms or the spraying or burning of crops.The latest tactic is to spread the word that it's not poor farmers growing the opium but rich men using government land.It's impossible to know what the actual truth is because the DEA and other American agencies tell so many lies that you never really know where the truth lies.It's probable that there is another air America smuggling heroin into America as I write this.This is how America has been paying for it's wars since the Viet Nam experience showed just how much money could be made off of the situation with very little risk.Who polices the CIA?

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