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Don't Give Your Marijuana to the Police

This remarkable New York Times piece exposes New York City's out of control marijuana policy, which has produced 374,900 misdemeanor marijuana arrests since 1998, despite a decrim law that's been in effect for 30 years. This is a rare example of professional-quality drug war coverage from the mainstream media and should be read in its entirety, as it raises several interesting issues.

I found this passage, which describes one particular arrest, quite revealing:

"I came out of the building, and this unmarked car, no light, no indication it was police, was right on me," said the man, a Latino who asked that his name not be used because he was concerned about his job. "Right on my tail. An officer got out, he said, 'I saw you walking from that building, I know you bought weed, give me the weed.' He made it an option: 'Give me the weed now and I will give you a summons, or we can search your vehicle and can take you in.' "

He opened the console and handed them his marijuana — making it "open to public view."

"I was duped," he said. But the deception was legal, and his pot wasn’t.

The officers escorted him in handcuffs to the unmarked car.

Amazingly, police must actually trick citizens into displaying their marijuana in order to make an arrest, since the decrim law requires plain view discovery. NYPD officers have become quite adept at initiating this through the typical threats and coercion that have long been the hallmark of petty drug war police practices.

Fortunately, the most obvious and effective antidote to New York's overzealous marijuana policing is really pretty simple: don't give them your marijuana. Don't admit having marijuana. Don't give them consent to search you or your vehicle. Ask if you're free to go.

Ending this obscene spectacle, which violates the spirit of New York's marijuana laws and wastes precious law-enforcement resources, is vitally important. But until that happens, citizens can protect themselves by not idiotically turning over their illegal drugs to the police. Seriously, stop giving them your drugs.

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"This remarkable New York

"This remarkable New York Times piece exposes New York City's out of control marijuana policy, which has produced 374,900 misdemeanor marijuana arrests since 1998, despite a decrim law that's been in effect for 30 years."

What makes this such a disgraceful waste of resources is that the vast majority of these arrests are small gram amounts of marijuana. Of course, that's less marijuana getting in the hands of kids.

"in the hands of kids"

who ever said that this is going to kids, YOU ASSUME that it is going to kids right.....and the reason it is "disgraceful waste of resources" marijuana possession is a samll crime compared to what happens everyday in New York ie rape, murder, kidnapping that is where the resources should be used.

It's no assumption; it's a fact.

The marijuana is getting in the hands of kids. More young teens use marijuana daily than alcohol. 80% of 12th graders find it easily available. I was being sarcastic because law enforcement's current approach is only a "drop in the bucket" of what needs to be done to really protect kids from the market's influence. Even the arrests figures by the NYCLU are just a "drop in the bucket" out of the many people in NYC who have used marijuana over that ten year period.

no its an assumption, unless

no its an assumption, unless you have statistics tracking the age of the offenders areested for these small amounts of pot, which was obviously for personal use, u have no idea whether those drugs were going to kids, or, much more likely, that the "offenders" were going to smoke it themselves. So, the only pot being kept away from kids in this instance comes with a free trip to jail(and, again that assumes the position that some of those arrested were kids, i gues u mean under 18? but id say 16 is fine to smoke pot, u can chooses to have sex, u can choose to smoke or drink too) and a criminal case to deal with and a record. if u think that is prefferable to that same kid smoking a dime bag of pot, i think u may be posting on the wrong site. cheers


Legalize marijuana!

"The Children"

Kids should use marijuana. I hope it's getting into "the hands of kids" because it's good for them. Might keep them from using harder, more dangerous drugs like alcohol.

Marijuana dealers do not

Marijuana dealers do not card individuals looking to purchase marijuana, while alcohol distributors are legally required to do so, and face penalties, including the loss of their liquor license for failing to check ID. That makes marijuana a much easier drug to aquire than alcohol for those still underage.


If your worried about kids getting their hands on pot easier then alcohol, your right. Its much easier to get a dime then a six pack. However, alcohol is much more imparitive and addictive than marijuana. Therefore, if you want drug dealers to card kids to make sure their 18 before purchasing marijuana, then leagalize it and sell it at the local A Plus. Everytime i go in there i get carded

Would you rather your

Would you rather your children be out drinking alcohol and getting smashed not knowing what they are doing and more then likely wind up addicted to alcohol...or....smoke some weed calm their buisy fast paced minds and relax? i am 20 and have been smoking marijuana since i was 13. i have noticed no adverse health effects. no addiction or withdrawls when i cant get any. i have had an iq of 155 since i was 10 years old and has not dropped any in the last 10 years. sure sometimes i forget where i put somthing if i set it down somewhere i wouldent usually put it cause im higher then a kite but i always find it about an hour later when im not even looking for whatever it was anymore but the marijuana slows my normally restless mind and relives a lot of stress. The environment is falling appart we are filling the world with garbage and taking all the forests down to give us some paper to wipe our lazy american asses with while in a perfect world where marijuana was legal we could just use the fibers to make our papergoods and reduce the greenhouse effect dramaticly due to the fact that we would be able to plant more marijuana and come on people more plants = more oxygen and cleaner air...i dont know about you but i myself enjoy our lovely planet earth. and what natural beauty it has to offer and marijuana is verry much so natural....unlike alcohol or cigaretts(man made human killers) Peace everyone

i agree

I agree with this guy! I totally think kids should use pot along with anyone and everyone else for that matter! I am in highschool and i use it lots. The stress that just kills me from being in highschool and working my minimum wage job haha just dissappears when i smoke weed. Then i all of the sudden remember how to have fun after the stress is gone but im not all tipsy and wobbly and i know where i am. It is just a personal preference but i cant stand alcohol! i hate it! when i drank in the past ( i sound like i used to be a huge alcoholic, i wasn't one by the way) it made me just feel gross! I felt depressed and annoyed with everything until i got too drunk and puked my guts up for the next two days. When i first smoked pot i knew that it was for me! I think other kids in highschools everywhere might turn to pot instead of alcohol if they knew the real facts. I know a shit load of kids around here and 98% of them (just an assumption) think that pot is just as bad as stuff like meth and heroin. They think alcohol is the best and basically their only choice other than cigarettes. They are just terrified of it because its labelled a drug and people are getting arrested for it. I actually asked a bunch of them to tell me some stuff they knew about pot and the told me that they thought you could overdose from it, they thought it made you really stupid almost instantly, and they said they'd never do it, because they just think it's the devil. Turns out almost all of those kids had never tried pot and some had tried it but were too afraid to inhale. So maybe if we didnt get people coming in and telling us that pot is bad and maybe tell us some truths if they know any themselves, then kids would maybe be a little smarter about this. I have heard in school many times the words "drugs and alcohol." All the adults say stay away from drugs and alcohol! That isn't right because last time i checked alcohol is a drug and it isn't helping anyone. If alcohol were just invented now im sure it'd be illegal too! I just wish someone who is or was a marijuana user and knows the truths about it would make a visit to our school and the schools around us, not to encourage pot smoking but to educate us teenagers about it properly. Marijuana is the most stereotyped thing out there! SO LEGALIZE IT!


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Give and Take With the cops

When it comes to being search and the police do have probable cause and have found something, it is in your best in \trest not to lie or make up a story. The more you talk the more thay write and the more they begin to pull a case together. Only speak when asked, and keep your answers as short as you can while not giving up anymore information thatn they have. You can however give them your name and personal info ( if you are in a squad car or in a station) they already have you they will keep you longer to find your information. If they are trying to scare u... look scared. The truth of the matter is if u just break down and say I dont know alot the chances are is that because u havent shown intellegence yet ( Why would they have caught u in the first place) the will believe u and only go for what they can prove. Also most important. ask for a lawyer before you get to a question you dont want to answer. If u are looking at a misdemeanor... let it go. retain as much property as u can. large amounts of rolled cash wont be returned, however credit cards id's simple non 500 dollars cell phones and other personal mementos will be returned if you dont give them further reason to hassle you. I must stress this point. dont go to your car or ask them to take you there or home. have a sober party with no warrants pick you up to deter them for looking for anymore probable cause. in the end if u did not split up your drugs or have a scale or large amounts of unexplained money. you will end up going home within 24 hrs ( in most counties) and get a court summons months later. pay the fine do your service and do whatever your lawyer ask... other than informing on ne1 else... you worked hard to prove to the cops your to dumb to knw anything why let them know any different... as far as they know this was your first time till they can prove otherwise. I promise you you will go home safe and with minimal scarring to your finances, record, body and your stash that you have somewhere hidden that they wont look for now. Oh and as far as piss test Niacin and Cranberry Juice( not Concentrate) ask your local GNC for everything you will need


anyone who thinks weed is a drug is wrong!!! everything else on this planet that is considered a drug people can overdose if they take to much! NOT WEED!! also most drugs are man made! NOT WEED!! most drugs impair your ability to funcion normally! NOT WEED!! most drugs are addictive! NOT WEED!!


ps. if smoking weed makes the people do it happy and they arent hurting anyone than u are denying those people the right to pursue their happieness wich happens to be a constituional right I.E. life liberty and the pursuit of happieness!!!

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