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Denying Organ Transplants to Medical Marijuana Patients is Evil

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Remember when John McCain said we never arrest dying patients for medical marijuana? He asked for documentation and here it is. This man wasn't just arrested, he is now also being denied a liver transplant, without which he will die:
SEATTLE (AP) — Timothy Garon's face and arms are hauntingly skeletal, but the fluid building up in his abdomen makes the 56-year-old musician look eight months pregnant.

His liver, ravaged by hepatitis C, is failing. Without a new one, his doctors tell him, he will be dead in days.

But Garon's been refused a spot on the transplant list, largely because he has used marijuana, even though it was legally approved for medical reasons.
This is the legacy of the government's political war on medical marijuana. Patients are dying simply because some of our political leaders are afraid that showing compassion for the sick will lead to marijuana legalization. Healthcare and employment discrimination are the inevitable symptoms of our flawed federal policy, yet those who defend the war on patients couldn't be more oblivious to the brutal consequences of their intransigence.

Meanwhile, U.S. News & World Report covers new research aimed at developing cannabinoid-based medicines that won't produce intoxication. The very existence of this research demonstrates once again that marijuana has long been understood to have remarkable medical potential. Now that even the drug warriors have conceded that point, and the scientific community has stopped debating and initiated product development, what justification exists for continuing to persecute patients who are already using this plant to treat their own illnesses?

This controversy should be over now. Instead, patients are still dying in the war over medical marijuana and politicians are still pretending not to notice.
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Baby Boomer Beware

The Federal so-called war on drugs has turned into a war on senior citizens. See this post for more information


Legitimate Medical Motives?

Does anyone know if the practice of denying transplant-organs to marijuana users extends to the rest of the world? Do the Dutch and Swiss medical establishments conduct themselves in this way?

If not, then U.S. organ transplant policy is culturally-biased; and a cultural bias has no business passing itself off as a legitimate medical practice.


its not just evil its murder

In the future...

doctors will be using cannabis to assist medical procedure. But now, because of the momentum of the drug war, one is deprived. Drug's for the peoples own good.

Denying a Dying man a transplant....

I think denying this man a transplant is not only unfair and evil, but it a cruel and unusual punishment for something he himself had no control over. I am sure he didn't ask his liver to be ravaged by Hep. C. Denying him this transplant would be like finding a cure to AIDS and giving a patient the cure, then turning around and saying, well, we can't complete the process because you have been taking this drug.

I am a student at IBC online out of Indiana, and I am studying Criminal Justice, and I am really starting to see what our Criminal Justice is made of, I had always heard people say the Judicial System is not for the innocent, and they are right. Murderers, rapists, ect, that are in prison get better treatment, if they fall ill while in prison, they recieve the medical attention they need, while this man, is or was living on the outside a free man, and he was arrested and punished for something OUR GOVERNMENT, allowed him to be prescribed.

Not only is this cruel and unusual, it is in fact MURDER, denying someone something that will in turn save their life, and for something they allowed him to have, why not just put a gun to his head and pull the trigger? Isn't it the same cause and effect???

That is just one Indiana girl's opinion on the whole situation, I guess I could be wrong.


Would someone please post an address we can write to...

at the "University" of Washington "Medical" center. Hopefully someone in authority at that august institution. Someone with blood on their hands. A fax number would be nice.

University of Washington

University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle
1959 NE Pacific St, Box 356151
Seattle, WA 98195
*For patient feedback or concerns, please contact Patient Relations at 206-598-8382 or [email protected]

It's about Power, not Pot.

The drug war is not based on any logical rationale with regard to the effects of whatever substance is banned. It is one more method used by our government to restrict individual freedoms, randomly search our persons and residences, and to take as much money as possible. Those federal employees involved in this so-called war are there for the paycheck, and whatever else they can steal.
All drug laws in this country have been passed as a result of the desire to impact one minority or another, and are successful only because the government has wrested power from the people.
Democracy is in dire peril.

"He who joyfully marches in rank and file
has already earned my contempt.
He has been given a large brain by mistake,
since for him the spinal cord would suffice." -- Albert Einstein

What about donors who test positive

Would you want an organ from someone who tests positive for pot. I'm considering rescinding my donor status since most of my friends are now ineligable to receave my donations. Also I beleave this is the precurser for denying all medical care for pot smokers under a Clinton like health care system. Wait and see.

Transplant crazyness!

This disturbes me to the core. Why would a medical doc deny a person of a healthy life because he smokes marijuana. I am a transplant patient and would be outraged,disturbed and extremly angry if I could not be transplanted because of mm use. Hopefully OBAMA will stop this Madness! Vote for Obama he is the only hope for change!!!

Is there any way?

If I am an organ donor is there any way I can specify that my organs go to a fellow pot smoker? I am seriously thinking about putting this in my will.

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