If the police do it in public,is it still murder?

No,this isn't about another police assassination although there are plenty of those.This is a case of two criminals that robbed their drug dealer and were unlucky enough to get caught.I imagine the cops tried everything short of shooting these guys themselves to try to turn them but were unsuccessful.Of course the dealer wasn't going to claim the evidence so the police made very certain that the dealer knew who it was that robbed him and when they were being released.They even mentioned there was a girl involved.Wouldn't want anyone left out when the shit hits the fan.I suppose the idea is to watch everyone until a hit goes down and then try to turn whoever is left standing.Or maybe just bust the hitter and go from there.The simple fact is the police are using the law of the street to do what they cannot.This makes them no better than the gang boss that orders someone dead for whatever reason.It's actually worse because they act from behind their badge and that makes them the worst kind of cowards.When one or all three of these people disappear it will be on the cops that released this information.I hope they have to tell the families what they've done.I doubt they'd even care and probably think they've done a public service.Things haven't changed as much as I thought they had.
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More info or link please

interesting story, could you give us some more info? Like where the case was from and where you got the info?

This sounds like Vic Mackey, from FX's The Shield, style policing.

Info on link

The story appeared in the Vancouver Province newspaper on the day I posted the piece.It's a local story and it's typical of the "new"style of our police chief .This guy seems to think that his job is just too difficult with all the red tape so he likes to use the street to deliver justice as he likes it.It's a mood that has swung the media and the mood in the city from one that deals with addicts in a sympathetic and humane manner to calls for blood and punishment.I guess it's frustrating when your special homicide unit can't find it's ass with toilet paper.

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