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Latest Drug Hot Spot for British: Prisons

Do you think drug prices are astronomical? Want to find a place where drugs are cheap and plentiful? If you are British, all you have to do is get convicted of a crime and sent to jail where drugs are reportedly cheaper than they are for non-prisoners:
Prisoners are ignoring chances to escape because they would rather stay in their cushy jails where drugs are cheaper than on the outside, a prison chief officers has said. Lags at Britain's 'toughest' prisons are treated to breakfast in bed, have Sky TV in every cell and are given cash bonuses for good behavior. At one prison in Yorkshire, drug dealers and hookers regularly break IN to ply their trade by leaning ladders up against prison walls. But none of the criminals take the opportunity to leave because they have got it so easy, according to assistant general secretary of the Prison Officers Association Glyn Travis.
Earlier in the month, Prime Minister Gordon Brown proposed to increase the length of prison sentences for marijuana smokers by three years. I criticized this move at the time, but maybe I misunderstood his intentions. Perhaps he just wants to give pot smokers access to the cheap stuff. But seriously, what’s the point of increasing the maximum sentence for marijuana smokers when the jails are overrun with drugs? It is absolutely baffling that the Prime Minister of a country can be concerned with non-violent marijuana smokers when the prison system is a joke. It is literally a joke. People are actually breaking into prison. That is something you would expect to see in a cartoon not actually happening in a developed country. This situation just further illustrates the failures of prohibition and the ridiculousness of Brown’s marijuana smoker crackdown. The British can’t keep the drugs out of their jails where they have direct surveillance over prisoners. And they somehow expect to win the war on drugs and prevent the circulation of them throughout the regular population? Give me a break.
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Gentler Jails

In his book Mr. Nice, the legendary cannabis smuggler, Howard Marks, wrote that while he was awaiting extradition to the United States in a jail in Spain, he joined other prisoners who were all allowed by the jailers to smoke hash within the prison walls.

Hash privileges changed when Marks was relocated to a higher security facility, but it’s good to know that civilized jails exist somewhere if not in the U.S.


Latest hot spot for British : Prisons

Whilst awaiting a Judges ruling, i spent 34 days in Brixton Prison, the Hash i saw in there was not only a little cheaper than on the London streets but of a much higher quality?, there was simply such an amount of it this had forced the price down. All prisoners that had yet to be convicted or ' on remand' were allowed a visit every afternoon, the visitors are permitted to bring food, tobacco and papers, snacks/candy and up to 2 large cans of beer (most preferred very strong lager 10 or 11% alc), the warders simply gave each basket a cursory look and wave it on to be picked up by the prisoner after the visit. The smell of cannabis after visiting hour was overpowering, it was impossible to miss and if you asked a guard about it they all would all say "well, it keeps the lid on the place". If only outside the Jail's were as 'developed'.

cheaper drugs!

All I have to say is "Well said!"

Is the Prison the Outside?

Since the drug war seems more of the same old stuff, would it not be safer in an English jail? Thank you England for the drug criminal santcuary!

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