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Another contender for the Marie Antoinette award

Submitted by David Borden on
On 420 between 6 and 12 thousand people gathered in front of the Vancouver art gallery and smoked some dope and had an all out mellow time.As has been traditional,the cops stayed away and there was no problem.Unless you're Vancouver city councillor Kim Capri that is.Kim,always the first one to propose extra funds for the wealthy and well off and the defender of the rich and also the first in line to back anything that makes life for the poor and homeless a little harder was first off the mark to ask where the police were while all this law was being broken.The police spokesman asked where she would suggest they put over 6,000 people?Kim and Marie would have enjoyed cake together anytime but she has a long way to go to come close to Surrey's mayor Dianne Watts.Surrey is the first district in the province to introduce a pilot project in which homes with extra power intake are put on a list for warrantless searches.Ostesibly in order to find grow ops but in1,000 searches only one has proved to contain a grow.The cops claim that due to the 48 hour period between the posting and the search that grows are being moved before they get there.Anyone that's seen a grow knows how ridiculous this assertion is.It seems the "research" that was done by one Darryl Plecas a criminology professor and long time drug war cheerleader,was so biased and exaggerated that it was useless.The fact is that Plecas did the research only to support his assertions that grows were fire hazzards and to help the police in controlling this plague(his words).His claims were that a grow op home was 24 more times as likely to have a fire .The lawyer handling the suit against the legislation which was based only on Plecas' report says the report is so biased and incomplete,so much designed to support this initiative that it isn't worth any consideration.The case is based on an incident where the home owner,a Hells Angels associate,refused entry to the police.When the city inspectors showed up some time later ,he allowed them in and nothing was found.The original refusal resulted in the power being summarily cut off with the resultant damage and the suit includes this fact.The mere fact that only one grow op was found out of 6,000 selections from which the most likely 1,000 were searched shows that like many of Ms.Watts programs a shotgun approach is used with the many inconvenienced to harass the few.Many of the efforts Watts has put in place have caused the problems that existed in Surrey to migrate to the surrounding communities.All she cares about is political points and she could care less who gets hurt or what happens to the people she drives out of Surrey.The award will be presented at years end,perhaps by a vote if anyone's interested?All that's required is a lack of priorities,prejudice against the poor and homeless and an insane hatred for drug users.There are plenty of candidates but these two are hard to equal,never mind to beat.

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