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Job Opportunity: Kill People For a Mexican Drug Cartel

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is super popular with U.S. drug warriors for his crackdown on drug trafficking, but it doesn’t sound like the cartels are very scared. If they were, they wouldn't be posting job listings on the highways:
(AP) Hitmen tied to Mexico's Gulf cartel appear to be boldly seeking recruits by posting help-wanted signs in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, including a giant banner hung across a thoroughfare, a federal anti-drug enforcement official said Monday.

The banner appeared over the weekend in Nuevo Laredo near the border with Texas: "Operative group 'The Zetas' wants you, soldier or ex-soldier. We offer a good salary, food and benefits for your family. Don't suffer anymore mistreatment and don't go hungry."
Yeah, Calderon's drug war troop surge is a joke that serves only to delay the inevitable realization that the drug war is a contractual guarantee of endless violence. The cartels aren't the least bit intimidated and we haven’t seen a fraction of the violence that is possible if Calderon wants to throw more gas on the fire.

He'll be voted out of office by war-weary constituents long before he ever drives out the powerful organizations that recruit their armies right out in the open. There is only one way to close these drug war job openings and that is to end the war on drugs.
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Down Mexico way

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Long live the Zetas !


The Zetas are the Gangsters of Prohibition brought back to life. They are not your everyday thugs. Zetas are ruthless toward the competition and all those who stand between them & their profits. Billions are at stake. They were lured away from the military by the Drug cartels in need of a mercenary army. What the Cartels bought for themselves as an army were highly trained soldiers specialized in covert drug operations. Trained for the purpose of STOPPING the Drug Cartels! The blood bath that has ensued will only increase along with demand for drugs in the U.S. Felipe Calderon's attempt to dismantle the Cartels with the military has the opposite effect of making things more peaceful in Mexico. As one drug Kingpin's organization is taken down the remaining cartels battle over who next will take over the drug turfs vacated. It becomes a continuous struggle. The thing is the Cartels have more money to spend than the cash strapped Mexican Government. Tax money desperately needed for improving the lives of average Mexicans is being spent on a battle that can't be won. We wonder why so many people leave Mexico & take the risky and difficult trip searching for a better life. We Americans have created this black market and the violence it spawns. J. Velasco Brownsville

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