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Job Opportunity: Grow Marijuana for the Canadian Government

Submitted by smorgan on
This sounds like a fun gig. Whoever lands this job should start a blog:
OTTAWA — Health Canada is looking for someone to grow its weed.

The department served notice Monday it will soon invite firms to bid on a contract to cultivate and distribute medical marijuana, which is now being done in Flin Flon, Man., by Prairie Plant Systems Inc.

The winning firm will be expected to deliver a steady stream of government-approved dope to certified medical, users starting in the fall.

Ottawa has been a reluctant supplier of pot since a series of court rulings forced it into the medical marijuana business. [Canadian Press]
Some applicants might want to speak with an attorney before sending in a resume. What a delightfully odd situation this is.

Anyway, I propose that Marc Emery be sentenced to hard labor managing the facility to resolve his outstanding legal disputes with the U.S. and Canadian governments. Let the punishment fit the crime, I say.

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