Job Opportunity: Grow Marijuana for the Canadian Government

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This sounds like a fun gig. Whoever lands this job should start a blog:
OTTAWA — Health Canada is looking for someone to grow its weed.

The department served notice Monday it will soon invite firms to bid on a contract to cultivate and distribute medical marijuana, which is now being done in Flin Flon, Man., by Prairie Plant Systems Inc.

The winning firm will be expected to deliver a steady stream of government-approved dope to certified medical, users starting in the fall.

Ottawa has been a reluctant supplier of pot since a series of court rulings forced it into the medical marijuana business. [Canadian Press]
Some applicants might want to speak with an attorney before sending in a resume. What a delightfully odd situation this is.

Anyway, I propose that Marc Emery be sentenced to hard labor managing the facility to resolve his outstanding legal disputes with the U.S. and Canadian governments. Let the punishment fit the crime, I say.
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Medical Marijuana

My name is Gabriel Duncan and I am very interested in the practice of growing medical marijuana for the government. I'v read about how bad some people think marijuana is, and in my opinion the people that think so do not stop to think about the positive aspects of the production of medical marijuana.

For one, medical marijuana is a much less addictive drug than say, Oxycotten, loratabs, zanex, or morphine. I'v heard people say marijuana is a gateway drug, almost every person I have ever known to smoke pot do not really do hardcore drugs. Just about every person that I have known to do hardcore drugs like, extacy, crack, cocain, LSD, and all those other drugs do not really smoke pot, except maybe a puff or two.

I guess what im saying is I would really like to show people how much leagalizing marijuana can actually help the United States of America and the people that live here.

thinking of moving to bc

hey i have a question, how can one get citizenship and a job as a cannabis grower?
i have been growing for several years and now have a family so therefore i didn't really want to be continuing my trade at risk of incarceration. i wouldn't say that I'm the best grower in the world but I'm definitely not an amateur and have had many "seasoned smokers" compliment me on my crops. well anyways the point is don't want to live in a country in which my only applicable skill is illegal and so therefore want to move to Canada, BC specifically. o by the way if any Canadian citizens know what the exact marijuana laws are i would like to know i want to be informed so please any reasonable responses are welcome as i will be checking this forum frequently.


hey i read your post and i believe i'm in the same boat as you are. just wondering if you found out any information on how to aquire a job growing medical cannabis legally? my email is [email protected] thank any information will be much appreciated!!

helpful i hope...

basically canada decriminalized the use of medicinal marihuana for treating Various Illnesses: Cancer, AIDS/HIV, Glaucoma, Chronic Arthritis etc. You can legally obtain a specific card for 1 of 3 circumstances, Either for strictly smoking dry weed for illness, you can apply for a PUPL and grow your own weed for only you to smoke, or you can, apply for a DPPL in order to get someone to grow for you, unfortunately im not quite sure how to obtain an actual paying job growing marihuana but it obviously must be possible, as well as the fact that you definitely need to obtain canadian citizenship and Provincial Health Card in order to have any chance of convincing your doctor to approve. I do know that The Government has full responsibility over the Growers that provide medicinal weed to the hospitals so you'd also probably have to be Legally certified Through an appropriate School, as well as a clean police record I would assume. Hope I was of some help to you. Cheers

reply to your post

Just to let you know, im from canada, and its not legal to grow in BC!

Alot of people do it so does quebec but it still remains illigal. I dont know about holland but im sure you could find a job in an existing growhouse over there.


whats up i would really love to grow for a liveing  but iam in a state that sucks ball so not happen my father was a grower from alabama  outdoors all my grows were out door ive had some really good grows but 1 a year just wont work i would like two move to state or anywere that would let me grow ive done 4 indoor grow with CFL AN  HPS  NOT MY best but it worked just was very scraded of gettin busted so no more  well help me if u can i Love WEED



growing medi for Ottawa



Hey this is Ahmed an arab but not a terrorist. I personally hope that one day i will get the oppurtunity to grow marijuana but not smoke it because it makes me sick. I also think that ottawa is way too far for me to travel to everyday as a toronto fella. I would like to tell you people that you have been givin a great gift from god. I love plants and love creating, and bringing them to life. I think that everyone that will get this job will not enjoy it as much as i do. I would appreciat it if you guys bring that operations to ontario.

stop the drug war

make it legal

like two learn

hello im young canadien fresh out of school and going two college next year i would like a chance two help people who suffer from cronic pains such as back problem ans speech inpedaments so on so for. peolpe that need medical this medical product really need our help and ide like two make it my carreer.
[email protected]
(i whas young lol)

The job

If you are really looking to find someone to grow marijuana for the government, im your man. If you have and questions contact me. [email protected]

all you idiots who

all you idiots who commented...your comments dont make sense. Your telling the guy who found the story to hire you. You dumb redneck dipshits. Its an article from a paper in Ottawa you dumbass'. HAHAHAH dipshits

i grow cron weed

i grow cron weed nigggerfluff

hi im josh

hi im ian

hi were joshian gardinger nd we fuck nippers up




this guy grows cron and he

this guy grows cron and he does beans

grow for government

well this i simple, you need someone to grow that knows what they are doing.

seems you will get a million or so applications. tough to choose just a couple or maybe just one,

in the end it is up to you. however you probably want someone established within this area of

expertise. so i offer you mine. i studied this product for 5 years before i even attempted to grow a thing

as i had to know what i was getting into, by doing this i gained more knowledge then others that had grown for

years but they didn't want to hear what others have figured out. so i proved it to them. i started with a 400w hps

in a small room as i know what it takes to grow those hightimes buds guaranteed. also when they are done

what to look for and all. also many ways to solve bugs and other problems. .....however in the last 10yrs now i

have yet to have a problem with bugs, mould or anything...and damn proud of it too, considering the amount

of people i know that have nothing but problems....

so this is all i feel like writing here. you can get a hold of me via that e-mail address so if you are interested.

can't wait to hear from you..

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