Hollywood prohibitionists fight back with DEA

Has anyone else noticed the direction that television has taken in it's presenting of the drug war?On the one side is the reform movement and shows like The Wire with it's jury nullification and The Shield with it's narc's that are so corrupted by their job that even they don't know what side is up any more.On the other there's Cops with it's real life action that's been showing more and more ultra-violent take downs and Taser use that is nothing more than attitude adjustment.Now we have DEA.This one's a real beauty when it comes to muddying the water and showing the absolute worst case scenario as daily fact.It's not hard to understand the need to propagandize the drug war and to try to dull people to the necessity for violence.By showing the drug war as a real combat mission in which the cops are just trying to neutralise the enemy.I guess they hope to allay any feelings people may have that police may be over reacting when they use para-military tactics to take down a small grow op where they know there's no liklihood of a violent outcome.Police have been doing this since day one of the drug war and the only victims are almost never police.In cases where officers are killed there's little doubt that the person has reacted to a violent entry into their home with the attendant confusion.There is almost never any attempt to actually kill a police officer and if there is I'm sure the police have been aware of the person's propensity toward violence for a while.In states where a person faces life without possibility of parole for a third drug offence there may well be a necessity to use SWAT style tactics as a person is given very little to lose by surrendering.It's all as a result of bad law that makes criminals out of non-violent offenders and addicted people that need medical intervention and not a criminal record.It makes little difference what Hollywood says or how it portrays the drug war.They are obviously as split on the issue as is the rest of the country.Propaganda has been a staple of the drug war and it's advocates since it's inception.The big lie goes back to Hitler and before and is very effective in turning people against a certain segment of society.It would seem that drug users are the jews of the 21st century.
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yes drug users are the new jews .and police are still the same old nazis

Get the truth - expose the lies!

Watch the documentary "Running from the Cure" at the following link and then you will realize, it's not about adults causally smoking, it is about keeping us in the dark as to hemp's true properties and myriad of uses.


Just like everything in our now "corporate controlled states" (Canada and US) we are being propagandized into early graves.

Because the drug and tabacco companies don't want you to know that not only is recreational smoking HARMLESS but when you properly process hemp into oil - IT IS A CURE FOR CANCER!!!

Not to mention an Israeli study showed one puff of cannabis smoke at the onset of a stroke eliminated the damage caused by the stroke by dilating the blood vessels of the brain so the clot passed through without getting lodged in the brain. You don't even need high grade bud - ditch weed also has the same properties! Imagine strokes without paralysis...or loss of speech....

Did you know that 80% of drug company profits are now in "cancer drugs"... drugs they develop to kill cancer (and healthy cells), AND the pain drugs they make so you will feel better while you are getting their drugs to kill cancer.

Meanwhile, none of the pain drugs work as well as hemp AND they are addictive!

Isn't it time the people stood up and said, "I HAVE HAD ALL I CAN TAKE AND I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE!" My father died of an overdose of chemotherapy. It makes me sick to realize, it didn't have to be.

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