Gangsters from every where zoning in on Vancouver(RCMP)

The city government just announced a 10 million dollar face lift for the infamous DTES that has housing advocates howling.The RCMP is now telling any one who'll listen that it's too easy for foreign criminals to enter the country.In an attempt to justify the tremendous expenditures that have resulted in nothing but failed prosecutions and failed investigations the feds are now trying to shift some of the blame to immigration officials.At a recent meeting of 500 investigators in Vancouver,held to discuss the growing gang problem and the violence that's accompanied it.Cops centered in on Central American ultra-violent drug gangs as the new villains in the drama.Mentioned was a specific gang member who evidently admitted to four murders at the border before entering the country and moving to Surrey.The cops wanted him jailed because of his membership(alleged)in the Maras Salvatrucha 13 gang.The only thing the police never mentioned was evidence of any of what they were saying.They mention drugs and gangs and expect every one to duck and beg for mercy.Evidently,entry to the gang is supposed to require a murder and a robbery.They didn't say in which sequence these crimes should take place.Perhaps both at once?Forgive me if I'm suspicious of police claims that are totally unsubstantiated.I've heard all these claims before and they are usually exaggerations by law enforcement in an effort to gain some ground without doing the requisite research.An inspector that is responsible for doing said research released the following facts: 7,646 individuals,2,334 vehicles checked,1,235 "high value" intelligence reports;35 people arrested on warrants;52 criminal charges;20 firearms seized;along with five sets of body armor and four armored vehicles;$63,000 seized as proceeds of crime,along with,hold it,this is big,5 kilos of marijuana and 1 kilo of cocaine.They alleged 129 crime groups,all ethnically mixed."We have 560 delegates and we've had an exchange of intelligence and information(they don't explain the difference)technology and tactics.Gangsters look out .These guys may just make a real arrest in another million dollars or so.Once again it's much ado about a whole lot of nothing as the drug war kills and the cops hold meetings and pat each other on the back and talk about how unfair every thing is and how tough their job is.Nothing ever changes unless it's to get deadlier and spin even further out of control.The drug war is a self perpetuating enterprise that thrives on the fear of society for the unknown.It's just a matter of time before the enemy we know is considered far worse than anything that way happen in the future.What can be worse than wholesale murder and fear of gang violence?
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