Clinton Proposes Fixing Stupid Crack Law, While Creating Stupid Meth Law

Hillary Clinton's new anti-crime plan is a typical example of schizophrenic drug war policy-making. First, she gets it right on the crack/powder sentencing disparity:
At the federal level, Hillary will reform mandatory minimums for non-violent offenders, starting by eliminating the mandatory minimum for simple possession of crack cocaine and eliminating the disparity between crack and powder cocaine.
Then she dives headfirst into full-blown meth hysteria, buying into the absurd candy-flavored meth mythology, and proposing a federal methamphetamine sentencing disparity:
Make it a federal crime to manufacture or distribute a controlled substance – including meth – that is colored, packaged, or otherwise altered in a way designed to appeal to kids and young people. Last year, the DEA reported that drug dealers are coloring meth crystals and giving them names like "Strawberry Quick." The crystals resemble "pop rocks" and other forms of candy. One goal of dealers is to try to lure in young customers "by making meth seem less dangerous." Hillary will sternly punish any dealer or trafficker of meth that colors, packages, or otherwise alters the drug to appeal to young people.
Nevermind that the candy-meth story has been proven to a be a wild exaggeration. Nevermind that it is a textbook case of DEA fear-mongering, volleyed along from gullible reporters to political demagogues, eventually producing the intended effect of people like Clinton offering more money and power to the DEA. And nevermind that this is probably what she meant last week when she said the DEA has "more important work" to do than interfere with state medical marijuana laws.

Those things are all frustratingly true, and perfectly typical. What I find truly amazing is that Clinton literally proposes the creation of a sentencing disparity for meth, while in the same breath calling for parity in our cocaine laws. The pink meth hysteria of 2007 is every bit as absurd, if not more so, than was the great crack panic of 1986. I thought we'd all come to terms with the concept that disparate punishments for different forms of the same drug is bad policy, and yet here we are repeating the mistakes of the past just as quickly as we correct them.

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The Plan

It's more of the same kind of tactics that have always worked. A new enemy to fight in the never ending drug war. This should keep the big bucks coming in and maybe even save the Byrne Grant.

Candy Flavored Meth

On the All Positive Options site, they really put things into perspective on this ridiculous flavored meth issue. That's because they asked, "With a pound of meth selling for between $ 20,000 and $ 160,000, would we really expect drug dealers to be targeting some kid's weekly allowance as a viable new market?"

They also point to their page, "The Other Faces Of Meth," (
which includes judges, doctors, lawyers, sheriffs deputies, teachers, daycare workers, etc. etc. It clearly shows that meth dealers have no shortage of customers, and some of those customers have big bucks to spend.

drug laws

drugs are drugs hillary will find this out. i am a democrat but not really i am nothing i cannot see jailing non violent offenders for many years putting hardships on so many people. it is my responsibility to teach my children not to indulge in drugs. but on the other hand how many abuse b`eer and liquer and drive and have accidents. its all bad but when liquer came off the prohibit law it seems it was not as much problem. the big bucks stopped and the use and sale took a tumble. we are a victim of ourself we make everything illegal then everyone wants it. no price too big.
stop the drug wars now we have had enough our tax dollars are being wasted on this while our people are in need of help. stop the foolishness get real hillary everyone is not obliged to another sour pickle on our plate. not everyone wants a president who will give all and any power to a dead duck drug wars are afailure and we all know it. no more tax dollars to fund a lame duck

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Hemp for...

Hempsters are letting the politicians off the hook too easy.

The question that all hempsters should be asking the candidates is:

"What's your position on legalizing hemp for foods, fuels, fibers, medicines, recreation and jobs?"

Hempsters are not weighing in on the renewable and sustainable energy sources; they're not weighing in on the world food crisis; they're not weighing in on energy independence.

The medical marijuana people are pushing their cause the best. Recreational hempsters are doing so-so.

All industrial hempsters seem bent on saying is that you can't get high smoking industrial hemp.

Do they really think that smoking is the only way to get THC? Buds from industrial hemp that has about 1 or 2% THC, could make a nice tincture.

Why don't hempsters talk about jobs? Green collar jobs, as Hillary calls them. Wouldn't hemp be a good source for creating green collar jobs?

Drugs should be left to the states and local communities to decide how they're going to regulate and control them.

In Wednesday's debate (4/16/08), on the subject of gun control, both Hillary and Obama favored leaving those issues up to the local and state governments to decide how best to deal with their situation. Shouldn't they be willing to apply the same standards to drugs?

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.

— Thomas Jefferson

Luckily,we won't have Hillary to kick around much longer

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada There's no doubt that she's the type to pass a law in the morning and laugh about it over a bong full with Bubba in the PM.The hypocrisy and complicity that people like this that know better is disgusting.I can understand it from a John McCain.He just doesn't get it and never will.He won't even attempt a reasonable discussion because he's still fighting the VietNam war and the whole drinkers against smokers thing that had the army at each others throats at home and abroad.Somebody should give the old boy a poke and tell him it's the 21st century.I think were all painfully aware that this issue isn't going to solve itself any time soon.The best we can do is keep spreading the word and any where someone makes a dumb remark or trots out one of those old debunked myths,be there to tell the truth.It should set us free.One day.


Let's crack down on the drug dealers Not the users. Our legal system cuts deals with the dealers to get less time or no time if they turn over other dealer or producer names. While the users have no names to turn over to get time cut or no time. So, we have the users behind bars and the dealers still out there selling more drugs and making lots of money. The dealers are much more dangerous then most any users. When you try to get help for a friend or family member on drugs no one is there to help. The police say it is not illegal to have it in your system, it is illigal to sell it, have it in your possession or produce it. Whether your addicted to street or prescription drugs you need help. Ther are usually underlying reasons
you turn to drugs and just one use for some drugs and for some people, you could be addicted just that fast! The dealers know what they are doing and they are doing it to many people. The system says it takes three times more to put someone in prison then through drug rehab. Giving people with no felonies 5 years or more for drug charges is over crowding our prisons for murderers, rapists and many dangerous people. I feel if you have no felonies you should be given 1 year away in a drug rehab process. The year gives them time to clear their head be away from the people they were doing drugs with and relize they need the help and to start the rehab program. It is all a process and there are steps to be successful in staying off the drugs. This would be much better than throwing every user in prison.

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