IVDU >< Inner voice of drug users in chennai

This is how ivdu started :

I dropped out of school like most drug users would have done, how ever on seeing many professionals work on the drug using platform. I was inspired to continue my education and reached till my post graduation and still continuing education. I worked on the Drug rehabilitations, Injection Drug Users Projects in Chennai for several years, so I’ve seen, firsthand, a lot of the devastation, unnecessary violence and death that occurs when proper, accessible health services aren't in place for people addicted to drugs. I was also privy to much of the beauty that exists within this population - the creativity and generosity of people with hardly anything. I have seen the heartache of individuals who had lost jobs, homes and families because of their illness. I’ve seen the impact on these individuals and the neighborhood as a whole of people thinking they’re worthless – of their city and country not caring. I noted that only Professionals, Ex-drug users , Social workers , Law Enforcement agencies , Pharmaceutical companies and other stake holders do all the talking about people who are using drugs and form policies with out the current drug users presence. I thought it’s high time that a network of people who are all current drug users talk for them self and represent them selves makes sense, than discrimination the current drug users by keeping them out of the room and make policies and talk about them behind the wall. It all started when i found that there is a drug user network called INPUD. I got in touch with the members of INPUD and was inspired and motivated . I laid the foundation for ivdu to talk and represent for ourselves. Today ivdu is a diverse community- based Drug user activist group, policy reforming activists challenging the persistent stigma placed on people who use drugs and advocating for sensible policy reform. It consists of Home less Drug users who live on the streets, Slum dwellers , Unemployed youth , School drop outs , Rickshaw pullers , Daily wage workers , BPO employees , Software professionals , people who work for social service organizations , Doctors , lawyers , Oil rig workers , Psychotherapist etc. who are all drug users. Almost half of them are HIV positive and 90% are Hepatitis c positive. I see a clear vision of people who use drugs (current drug users) will one day stand and talk for them selves in a Discriminating environment & Stigmatized society like India.

Web :  www.ivdu.blogspot.com

Email : [email protected]

IVDU >< Voice of drug users.

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