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It would seem that while the world is trying to arrest every drug user and end drug use the medical establishment is giving drugs to children as young as two years old.These are powerful and often untried drugs that are given almost without thought and certainly without the proper research.Kids that describe "symptoms" that sound very much like being a kid are put on regimens of as many as eight different drugs and it would seem that one drug leads to the necessity for another.In the same school that kids are being told the evils of marijuana ,nurses dispense ritalin to children.I've seen some people that have been so fucked up on ritalin that they never eat,brush their teeth or bathe.It's not a pretty sight.It's further proof that what is a good thing for one person is a disaster for another.When I think back over the years to all the drugs I've been prescribed that have wound up banned for any number of reasons it's not hard to see that there's something very wrong here.The sight of a 10 year old boy that was doing nothing more than "being a boy",with permanent tics is frightening.What is really tragic is the parents,most of whom are as anti-drug as they come,aquiesing to doctors experimenting with their children with the most powerful drugs on the planet.It seems if a major drug company sells it it's a good thing but if it springs up from the ground and gives you a buzz.It's the most evil thing on the face of the earth and has to be crushed out and any that possess it must be jailed and their lives turned upside down.Kids have died,committed suicide and lost all will to live on these drugs.People that enjoy smoking a plant for a little relaxation are criminals.It's a very sick world and there are some very sick people in it.Too bad they seem to be in charge.
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