Man arrested for growing poppies

In an article in yesterday's paper I found an article from Alberta,in which a 63 year old man was arrested for cultivating poppy plants on his property.This is the most intrusive,cruel,unjust and out of control message that the drug war has ever sent.The judge in the case called the poor guy evil and stated that a very strong message needed to be sent to the community?This guy was an Indian immigrant who'd been growing poppies for tea for all of his life.What he was doing was for his own use and there was no question that this was the facts.This is the drug war gone mad.This guy posed zero threat to anyone,unless you're an anti-drug zealot with an axe to grind.How does this benefit society in any possible way?If it was anywhere but Alberta I would have thought it was a joke.The province is well known for it's racist and ultra conservative politicians and it's citizens that vote conservative to where elections are redundant.Funny thing is I was speaking to my significant other the other day about moving to the desert and doing just that.I've pretty much given up on the medical system ever giving me even marginal pain management my spinal collapse requires.I've been listening to the reports from the Texas mormon compound and the way they're talking about the brainwashing is amazing.The people speaking are the very same ones that go on and on about the dangers of the drug problem and never give a thought to the fact that every law against a drug is based on racism and hysteria driven into peoples heads for generations with never a thought to where these laws come from or why they persist.The drug war is the biggest societal brainwashing since Hitler did a number on the jews.Sometimes it's hard to find any humanity out there.For anyone that would like a really good look at the machinations of Surrey mayor Dianne Watts.There are new stats out on our homeless problem and the only jurisdiction with a tiny increase in homeless is Surrey.Just goes to prove that if you set up a fiefdom in the middle of a community and treat the homeless like dirt and chase them all over and destroy their property and tear down their shelters they'll go elsewhere.She is truly an evil and heartless bitch.
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