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Bush and the Drug Czar Want You to Pay For the Mexican Drug War

President Bush and Drug Czar John Walters want Congress to give Mexico $1.4 billion of our money to waste on the drug war. Mexico can't afford a massive drug war like ours, so we're supposed to just go ahead and buy them one. It's a terrible plan.

Just listen to all the stuff the Drug Czar wants to buy for them. It's like building decades of drug war infrastructure overnight. The very fact that you need all this stuff ought to provide a clue that drug prohibition is a raging disaster of an idea:
*Non-intrusive inspection equipment, ion scanners, canine units for Mexican customs, for the new federal police and for the military to interdict trafficked drugs, arms, cash and persons.
*Technologies to improve and secure communications systems to support collecting information as well as ensuring that vital information is accessible for criminal law enforcement.
*Technical advice and training to strengthen the institutions of justice – vetting for the new police force, case management software to track investigations through the system to trial, new offices of citizen complaints and professional responsibility, and establishing witness protection programs.
*Helicopters and surveillance aircraft to support interdiction activities and rapid operational response of law enforcement agencies in Mexico.
*Initial funding for security cooperation with Central America that responds directly to Central American leaders’ concerns over gangs, drugs, and arms articulated during July SICA meetings and the SICA Security Strategy.
*Includes equipment and assets to support counterpart security agencies inspecting and interdicting drugs, trafficked goods, people and other contraband as well as equipment, training and community action programs in Central American countries to implement anti-gang measures and expand the reach of these measures in the region.
Of course, the fact that we're even talking about this just shows the pathetic state of affairs we've achieved after decades of drug war demolition tactics. With nothing to show for the untold billions we've already poured down the drug war drain, our tough drug generals just want more money and more time.

The drug cartels are already funded by U.S. drug dollars. If we buy Mexico an entire anti-drug army to fight them, we'll be funding both sides of a brutal war in a foreign nation all because we can't come to terms with our own drug use.

The violence and chaos has to stop and it won't stop if we spend $1.4 billion to continue it. The mess in Mexico is our responsibility, but only because we've been so stupid about drugs for so long. This war can only end one way and that is to bring home the soldiers and send in the tax collectors.
United States
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"The drug cartels are

"The drug cartels are already funded by U.S. drug dollars. If we buy Mexico an entire anti-drug army to fight them, we'll be funding both sides of a brutal war in a foreign nation all because we can't come to terms with our own drug use."

Exactly! Well stated.

It's absurd

Law enforcement in mexico will use everything they can get, but as we all know, they can be bought. Does anyone really believe this will help the drug war .

This idea will only make the cartels stronger and eleminate their competion.

Americans are brainwashed !

Why do us americans try to lie to ourselves and say we are funding anything to fix it, when u know us greedy fuckers only put money where we can make money(economics 101), why else would we spend 80 million a year in columbia to burn crops? Im sorry but if u are that dumb then so be it, but i could burn that whole country side for 80 million dollars:) In just one year not 14 that we been spending that money down there. And 1.4 billion is being spent to counter attack our homeland security shit that is pounding them mexican fuckers as we speak.Long story short is stop accepting that pay check Congress and we will not have no fucking problem.


It seems to me that this sort of action will only embolden the cartels, anyway. The more we spend to fight them, the more legitimate their position seems to those willing to help them. Imagine if all drugs were legal and regulated. The black market that these cartels thrive on will dry up and they will have to find some other illicit product to profit from. Put the drugs back into the drug stores and end this absurdity. Pull their purpose right out from under them and watch their support disappear!

Classic Rip-Off

Note that most of the $1.4 billion for equipment & materials for the upcoming Mexican Drug War will be purchased from U.S. corporations.

It’s great to know that the robber barons in Congress care so deeply for the armaments industry. And it’s great to know that the almighty lords of greed can still stick a gun barrel up America’s ass and tell the American taxpayer to bend over. Our glorious leaders are doing what they were born to do.

So what does Mexico get in return? Blood, death and destruction—and a prison population guaranteed to suck money from Mexico’s economy like some kind of giant leach.

Lucky you, Mexico!


more fascism

The nazi nation is alive and well.

It won't be long before the

It won't be long before the three of us are just one big happy North American Union.

Bilion to Mexico

Mexico will only get better at getting drugs to the U.S.
The last Highly skilled paramilitary army set up in Mexico eventually sold out to the Drug cartels. This will always happend in a economically disadvantaged Country. Now these ex-soldiers (Zetas as they are known) run muscle for Major Drug lords and the result has been war like conditions in Northern Mexico over control of Drug turf. They will most certainly use the drug sniffing dogs to make sure they have packaged thier drugs properly. (Thus avoiding detection on the U.S. side). Cartels have always sought to obtain these Sniffers and now thay are a few steps closer. Any technology training they get will eventally be sold as inside info to the Cartels. The laws of demand will always prevail. Mexico's President is viewed as tough on drugs when in fact everytime a new President comes into power one group of drug dealers is pushed back to allow Cartels that supported his Presidency to take a bigger piece of the pie. This is common knowlwdge among Mexico's populance. The Drug war is misguided and has only eroded our economic strenght and our valued personal freedoms as Americans. J. Velasco Brownsville Texas

Say What????

What's this about "the new federal police?" Here in Mexico I'm still trying to get used to the old ones!

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