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48 years imprisonment for heroin Trafficking in India

Submitted by David Borden on

An Indian court in Salem (south India) on Thursday sentenced three persons each to 48 years of imprisonment for smuggling heroin. The court also awarded 36 and 24 years of imprisonment respectively to other two. According to the prosecution, Narcotics Intelligence Bureau personnel arrested Narendra Kumar Sharma, a Truck driver and Abdul Salam Rashid, a Sri Lankan, when the former handed over 8.5 kg of heroin to the Islander in Kurubarapalli in Krishnagiri-Hosur Highways in January 2004. The personnel also arrested three, including two Sri Lankans, Mohammed Nizam, Mohammed Riyal, and Shah Nawas of Rajasthan.

The Judge Manickam, after hearing the arguments, sentenced the lorry driver, Mohammed Nizam and Abdul Salam Rashid to 48 years of imprisonment each. He awarded 36 years of imprisonment to Shah Nawas and 24 years to Mohammed Riyal. These are few individuals of the hundreds who are jailed in india. Is this draconian ????

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