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Doctors call in media,cocaine can kill you

The doctor did mention in an aside that this was only in certain cases.I'm willing to bet there is a better chance of being struck by lightening but the patient involved did have a cardiac arrest at 30 and needed a triple bypass.No word on whether or not the man's heart was bad before but then that would be responsible and this was an obvious attempt by an anti drug doctor to scare people away from cocaine.The doctor said he was concerned that this was happening more and more.Funny it wasn't epidemic in the 80's when every bill in US currency showed traces of cocaine.This was another example of a doctor pandering his personal bias against drug use by inviting the media to watch a surgery and to vent while doing so.
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As a doctor.....

Yes, it can. So, can surgeons and other doctors!

death by cocaine

sicntired I've seen people tie themselves to a post before injecting so much cocaine that they were out of it for minutes.It's pretty scary but even the people that have actually bled from some orifices that were not meant to spew blood didn't drop dead.I think it must take a tremendous over dose to actually kill a person.People with health problems could certainly do themselves some serious damage but I have seen a lot of people do a lot of cocaine and none of them died.I am not condoning this kind of insanity and I really hate the drug myself.I find it to be by far the most debilitating drug out there and for sure the most expensive habit around.Crack is just cocaine with baking soda and heat added.It used to be called free base.I don't know how it got to be called crack and sold as such a terrible concoction that it was more addictive than cocaine.It is cocaine,it's just smokable.We used to make it in a test tube on the stove.To sentence someone to triple the time just shows the ignorance that exists in the legal system and how inane our drug laws really are.I have no doubt that extended use could damage the heart.It's certainly put through it's paces every time a person gets high.

why does people uses cocaine

why does people uses cocaine so much

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