Mike Gravel Talks Drug Legalization on "The Young Turks"

Presidential candidate and former US Senator from Alaska Mike Gravel has continued his calls for legalization of drugs, last week on the Air America Radio and Internet web cast program The Young Turks, which published the story under the title Democratic Presidential Candidate Calls for Legalizing Cocaine. Read the full transcript here, and watch the YouTube video version here below. P.S. If anyone reading this isn't already aware of where we stand on the issue, we think Gravel is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. P.P.S. Ron Paul supporters, I know I'm going to hear from you, so I'll just say right now, let us know when your guy talks about this stuff and we'll post that too.
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Thanks for posting this. It will be on my blog, A Left Independent, tonight.


Ron Paul on drugs

Ok, here's the list.

And oh yeah, Ron Paul has been against the WoD long before being against the WoD was cool. %^)

interview on NORMAL (part 1)

interview on NORMAL (part 2)

about the WoD

and here's one from 1988

from the "Values Voter debate" (nice contrast with Keyes)

A cool video (clips from Ron Paul set to chemical brother's music) not just about drugs.

Ron Paul

He has already talked about it quite a bit. At the Values Voter Debate, he mentioned that he would leave medical marijuana up to the states and get the federal government out of it.

He also said that the whole drug war hasn't worked. Here is the Audio:


He ties prohibition together with the FDA and its attempt to control the holistic/supplement industry as well, as well as calling prohibition "Total Failure".

Good stuff. Remember that this was in front of the religious right, a crowd that Scoop and Dump, Romney, McCain, and Thompson, were too afraid to confront. He held his ground and stuck to his principles, even while being asked uber biased questions like "what would do about the gay agenda/islamofascism/etc", all the buzzwords. He even defended the rights of pornographers, said he wouldn't impeach "activist" judges, and was the only one to say he wouldn't support a Terri Schaivo bill, even when Shiavo's brother was the one asking the question.

[email protected] PAUL!!!!!!!!11 ::reads

[email protected] PAUL!!!!!!!!11

::reads PPS::

Oh, whoops.

Er, nevermind.

USC speech

Here's a great speech at USC from last week. Dr. Paul slams the war on drugs before a huge audience of students. It's a little over 10 minutes into the talk.



He has the right idea!!! Problem is, too many doctors, like me, have been put out of practice because the opiods we use are "illegal" if used in any way not backed by the DEA! (our scientific studies don't matter to them) COPS determining what patient needs are! It is really screwed up badly! Let the doctors decide how to take care of the medical problems. And stop trying to legislate morality. It won't work!

May I say here,
Thank God for the decision to pardon Richard Paey. He, like my wife, got in trouble because they wanted their chronic pain treated with compassion! When it was not available, the patients are going to take things into their own hands. It certainly does not need to be cops and other legal eagles, making the medical decisions.

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