B.C.colledge of physicians and surgeons in conflict of interest

In B.C.,the methadone program is the sole domain of the colledge of physicians and surgeons.They recruit the doctors,train them and give them a very narrow path on which to walk.Doctors that might otherwise take a harm reduction approach are forced to treat everyone,regardless of age,length of user history,health problems or criminal past,the same way.There is no leeway given for personal difficulties,other health needs,life changes etc.Doctors are audited on a regular basis and pressure is constantly being applied to allow no thinking outside their well defined box.I have a copy of a symposium that was held in 2000,in which they lay out their vision and the way doctors should respond to questions from clients.This document is full of lies,half truths and out and out fraud that they perpetrate on an unsuspecting collection of ill informed clients.As an older long time heroin addict,who's health is in the toilet,I've been trying to find a doctor to treat me for chronic back pain due to a strep infection that destroyed my spine.So far,I've been put through 11 days of withdrawl and three months of lies,misdirection,treated like a stupid child and am now looking for yet another doctor.It seems that addicts arn't allowed to feel pain.I can only hope that I find a doctor who's not so affraid of the colledge that his writing arm freezes up,like the rest of them.
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Doctors do not care about the people

I had to go to a return to work doc interview...I had to tell them how I was sexually assaulted by my stepfather and I wonder why when I kept this private for years in my life why that had to go to my employer, Union, and the insurance company gave it to the government so everyone in this f.. world knows how I was assaulted and I ask why they needed to know this detail except to humiliate me.
We as people have to take our power back.

When I had really bad pain the doc decided that I was a drug addict. I was in so much pain all I could do was scream, Becasue I went to sleep and I had not slept for 48 hours at home teh doc decided I was fine. As soon as I got up I was not only in pain but tourcher with pain. I went on the internet and found a site - Mayo Clinic adn followed thier treatment- walker as I am tall took the pressure off my lower back., raised toilet seat as the lower position was nto good alignment and sent me into spasm,, drugs well my gp ordered tehm for me. I followed teh exerdie from the mayo site but I was still in so much pain. A frriend of mine came over with a few joints and I smoked a few puffs an hour before weach exersice or getting up adn I think tha tis how I began to moblize. The first 24 hours after teh last er visit I overdsosed my drugs and I do nto recommend that to anyone but my pain was horrific. I also tappered my meds as suggested by the Mayo site within 48 hours.
The hospital staff can insult us; threaten us; treat us like dirt; bagger us and we have to be submissive adn I think that is so hypocritical. Our health is a plan from each of us to improve our health to the best we can. Speak up and one quickly finds oneself out. Some of them are not at all right. Scarry.
The doctors use to have the time to make an assessment but now tehy are forced no differant then er to not go by case time required but pt per hour. Er has three misdiagnosed me for very serious situations and the first time when I was 21.
Being called an addict and having that on file as well as teh sexual assault in detail makes me think that when they look at me are they seeing me or my abuse. That it was given to the governmemt I hope that it will nto appear as a public document ..Hey everyone N...... was assaulted buy her stepfather .. teh police maintain better privacy and from now on that is the only person I will talk to for legal matters and I refuse to follow the triage bs of beign lawyers and pretending that they need this assesment for thier evasluation. Pretty soon we wil lneed lawyers when we go in to see medical people jsut so that we get appropriate xcare adn that our privacy,dignity charter of rights and the right to have a lwayer be upheld as they are taking a legal view and not medical.

If I wuld not have smoked up for those four days I swear I would still be in my bed. Not happy but who cares.

clown doctors

i feel exactly as you do but what can we do to stopthem?

Vancouver gang bloodshed continues

[email protected] Vancouver,B.C. Canada:I'd just posted my last blog on the "new" drug legislation when The news of the latest shooting hit the airwaves.It seems to be an almost daily ocurance now.The police have formed a new gang interdiction squad.There was an article in the paper explaining how they had made some significant weapons seizures.A close inspection of the article revealed that the seizures were ,in fact,a single seizure that was the result of a traffic stop a few weeks back.Here they were,Showing the same weapons but claiming they were the result of good work by the new squad.Like everything else in the drug war,it was a fraud.The police here have no clue what's going on.Most of the recent killings have been well planned and professionally carried out.The killers were probably on a plane before the cops were aware of the deaths.What is crystal clear is;drug prohibition is every bit as deadly as the prohibition of alcohol.Our government is politicizing the issue trying to garner votes instead of taking a real serious look at the problem.What else's new?

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