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Chris Dodd Advocates Marijuana Decriminalization

Nothing to see here. Just another presidential candidate appealing to voters by observing the absurdity of the way marijuana users are treated in America.

Dodd also pledges to protect medical marijuana and reform the crack/powder sentencing disparity. Notice how he lumps these issues together. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the democratic drug policy platform.

United States
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I raise my bong to Senator Dodd !!

god bless him...

I don't trust any of them

Replicrats... They just say what they think will get them elected (if it is'nt all rigged to begin with) then do whatever the special intrest groups that fund their campaigns want of them. Fuck the Government! On the other hand I keep trying. I'm wondering if Unity '08 will cause any sort of change or if it is all too far gone. It's hard for me to trust any of them any more. I just want to vomit.

Millionaire Farm

Our useless Senators work about 100 days a year, and when they do get together, they don't accomplish much of anything. Our Senators are completely out of touch. If they had to work 40 hour work weeks with only one or two weeks of vacation per year, maybe I'd have some respect for them. I don't give two squirts of piss what any of them say because they don't understand what it's like to work hard for a living. Senator Dodd will say anything to grab votes. I agree weed should be legal for adults. But these clowns are not the way to get it done. When it comes down to brass tacks, they don't give a shit about anything but getting elected.

When it comes down to it...

i won't disagree with the general consensus that all politicians say what they say to get elected, just about everyone with half a brain is aware of this. however, if you examine their political and personal backgrounds you can get a decent grasp on who just tells the american population what they want to hear, and those who give them what they want in return for office (or whatever position it is that your politician of choice is running for). take a quick look at Sen. Dodd's background and you'll see that he has stood by the same thing for years. now whether this is truly how he feels or just foresight into the popular vote is out of my perspective, but it does seem like a bit of a rash act on his part to back a certain view for so many years and then not carry it to completion once in office. so whether or not you think Sen. Dodd is being genuine is a tad superfluous. one can't expect politicians to be genuine all the time, or ever for that matter, because they're in a dispute for power and that brings about dishonesty. one the same hand, politicians know that if they just tell us what we want to hear and then don't show a glimmer of backing on the matter they'll have a very angry majority on their hands. If Dodd wants to earn my vote by starting us down the path to the decriminalization of marijuana, encourage community service, assist in our youth's education and help bring a little respect back to america by reinstating "habeus corpus" then he has my vote, and if in the end he was a liar and a fake then i learned my lesson. as far as skepticism goes, you're welcome to your opinions (obviously) but i think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone in the political world that you feel you can put your faith in.

u guys are gay

fuck u lol



Mary Jane

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fuck the police.

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