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Blogging is More Addictive Than Marijuana

Submitted by smorgan on
A commenter on my last post has conducted some amateur research and has troubling news for us about marijuana addiction:
Dude, something is wrong with you. You say that is isn't addictive, but it is. I know someone who smoked. They couldn't do their school work, they didn't care about anything and all they wanted to do is smoke. At fist it was a couple times a week, then 6 months later it was 3 times a day. If that isn't addictive then i would like to know what is.
Well, I'll tell you: blogging.

When I first started blogging and reading blogs, it was just a casual thing. Maybe I'd read DrugWarRant or The Agitator during lunch. I'd do a 4th Amendment post from time to time on the Flex Your Rights blog.

The next thing I knew, I was posting every night. I helped launch The Speakeasy and became its editor, just so I could blog more. I was scanning 6-10 other blogs a day for ideas. My craving for new material was so insatiable I set up Google News alerts to get the jump on the latest drug war atrocities and blog them.

Then came the traffic. It began with a trickle, but as more readers started to arrive, I was overcome with a voracious compulsion to spread my infectious bloglust to the masses. Now it takes a massive Digg hit to get me off.

I could go on like this, but anyone who doesn't yet get my point probably never will. I am so very tired of hearing that marijuana must be addictive because some people really like it. The only difference between marijuana use and scores of other activities is that the government will mess up your life for doing it and then claim they were helping you avoid having your life messed up.

And as for the blogging, I can quit anytime I want. I just choose to continue.

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