This Man Receives 300 Marijuana Joints a Month From the Federal Government

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Everyone knows the U.S. government hates medical marijuana. Still, most people understand that, illegal or not, marijuana is a very beneficial treatment for patients with certain conditions. But few people are aware that the federal government actually supplies marijuana to a small group of patients, while still claiming that it isn't medicine. These patients receive 300 joints every 25 days and cannot be arrested for possession anywhere in the country.

This video from last week's NORML Conference features Irv Rosenfeld explaining why the government grows marijuana for him:

Needless to say, words can scarcely describe the hypocrisy of growing marijuana for a select few, while arresting patients and caregivers for the same behavior. I've explained previously how the government knows perfectly well that marijuana is medicine, but if there's one single argument that illustrates this fact, it is that the government actually grows and distributes medical marijuana.

And while we're on this topic, it might interest some folks to know that the government's marijuana is terribly bad. Contrary to the popular urban myth, government pot has very low potency and it's full of seeds and stems. So don't be jealous of Irv Rosenfeld. He may receive huge amounts of free government-grown marijuana that he can smoke wherever he wants. But he also has painful bone tumors, and his free weed sucks.
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I'm glad they clarified that the pot isn't that good.

Your retarded

Pot is not bad for you. Cigarrettes and Alcohol are ban those things and legalize pot. There has not been ONE case of lung cancer linked to pot, pot has NO addictive properties what so ever, and to die from smoking have to smoke...YOUR BODY WEIGHT in marijuana...and before you die from the actually THC you die from so much smoke inhilation. So all you tightwads that believe what the media tells you about how pot is so some actual research

You misunderstand

I think our friend meant that the government's pot isn't any good. I don't think they were arguing that pot in general is bad.

"Your retarded"

I think you misunderstand, he meant that the pot was not of high quality.

nice subject, by the way.

If you are going to tell

If you are going to tell someone they are retarded, at least use the right you're...

Pot is not bad for you

Dude, something is wrong with you. You say that is isn't addictive, but it is. I know someone who smoked. They couldn't do their school work, they didn't care about anything and all they wanted to do is smoke. At fist it was a couple times a week, then 6 months later it was 3 times a day. If that isn't addictive then i would like to know what is.

There is a difference

There is a difference between psychological addiction and physical can get psychologically addicted to pretty much anything, but physically addicted to only some things, and weed is not physically addictive.

re: pot is not bad for you

That doesn't necessarily mean it was the pot. Could've been something else going on in your friend's life at the moment. Knowing someone who smoked it hardly makes you an expert. I, for 1, think that we all have a right to do what we want with our own bodies. The government, whether federal or state has no right to make our decisions for us. Period. Why should you or anyone else be able to tell me I can't smoke, drink, etc. The fact is, it's no different than telling someone they can't get breast implants because some studies show it to be "possibly detrimental" to one's health. Try that one and see how far you get with women who want breast implants.


drugs are for adults

24 year old cancer patient...

I am a medical cannabis user. Marijuana is the only drug that relieves almost all of my symptoms! If I were not using I would be on 8 medications and Khemo therapy, most of these to counter side effects and would probably shut down my kidneys! I am a huge advocate and am about to make some noise in the FL judicial system.

re:what is?

Ever try to take a candybar or hamburger from a fat person? Addiction is....Chocolate,cheeseburgers,cigarettes, alcohol, tv,internet,sex,gov't corruption and power,breathing. Just because you know one person whom is fucked up you want to continue swat raids on american homes? How broad minded of you. I know a guy that picks his nose and wipes boogers on public toilet mirrors and I have absolutely no desire to ban mirrors,restrooms or index fingers.

It IS bad for you

Umm yeah it is. It still doesnt burn completly so you still get carbon monoxide in your blood because of it, and that stuff doesnt leave. It also doubles your chances of going mad, actually trippling it in the case of scitzophrenia

No, That's Wrong.

The study you're referring to cited a 40% increase in risk of psychosis. That's hardly "doubling your chances." But it's wrong anyway. The fact that people with mental problems have a history of marijuana use doesn't mean it caused those problems. They're simply more likely to seek it out in the first place.

Who told you that it doesn't

Who told you that it doesn't burn completely, causing carbon monoxide in your blood that doesn't leave? Thats an absurd leap to make- its based on nothing.

First, we breath carbon monoxide every day- the leading cause of it being the burning of hydrocarbons when diatomic oxygen is the limiting reactant in the combustion reaction.

Second, burning cannabis doesn't produce carbon monoxide the way a tobacco cigarette.

Third, I've been smoking for years and I am probably better then you in every conceivable way.

The study your referring to about schizophrenia found a 40% increase in psychosis (not schizophrenia) in people who used cannabis.

Saying that cannabis causes psychosis is like saying that because a rapist drank a glass of milk, the milk compelled him to rape. That makes no sense, because correlation does not equal causation.

The propaganda you just spewed out shows that your a simple person, so I'll put it in dumber terms for you. Just because two things are related does not mean that one thing caused the other.

In fact, the scientist who conducted that study even admitted that using cannabis ONLY caused psychosis in people who were already prone to it through a genetic predisposition to the disorder.

Marijuana is not bad.

thank you

glad to meet another informed smoker.
check out


People read and learn this person is right.


You are so misinformed. Keep believing what D.A.R.E. and NIDA tell you. The only reason that pot is illegal right now is because big pharm companies cannot make money of it. You can grow it yourself and they would not make a dime.


thats not th only reason...hemp could replace so many other things...we could almost literally live off of just hemp lol

Lies: "only reason that pot is illegal right now is..."

The reality of why pot isn't legal right now has virtually nothing to do with the pharmacuetical companies, but rather with the money the government makes from policing it in it's illegal form. Nixon's "war on drugs" ramped up our "on duty"police forces in all of the states to at least a 33% more law officers on duty, and actively in pursuit of these newly invented "criminals." If pot were to become legal, or EVEN De-criminalized... Those officers would all lose their jobs, and the police departments where they work would lose quite a bit of equipment and funding. Also, when a person is busted with a large quantity of pot, they usually use the RICO Act against those people and others that they consider to be conspirators.(That means they taped you talking to em on the phone. You would not believe how easy it is to lose your freedom under a charge of conspiracy!!!) That means that everything they were using for it's growth, storage, transportation and sale is forfeited and goes to a public auction. Even if you're proven innocent, if you sat in jail past the auction date your stuff is still gone. AND... the money from selling all those boats, cars, airplanes, warehouses, homes??? It all goes back to the police for upgrades in equipment surveilance equipment etc. Things like well trained drug sniffing dogs,virtually work for free, but profit the government more and more every year.(No, No, NO!!! NOT "We The People" but the really sneaky and underhanded government we asked to take care of us + keep us safe from ourselves.) ANYWAY... If you check your local arrest record on a regular basis and do the math, you'll see that MORE than 33% of the arrests made on a given day are drug-related, THAT IS WHY pot is illegal today.


People kill people take our guns killers will use knifes poison sticks stones spears and arrows. The most killing by Gangs over drug turf . The war on drugs pushes the profit margin through the roof and users of hardcore drugs are often sleep deprived and in a self induced mentaly ill state of mind and they are out and about on our streets paranoid and often armed for this very reason. The math says this person is tired , irrational and a dangerous threat to you and I the cops our children you get the picture. I like everyones oppinion and express my own I do not like the thought of this failed drug war WHICH ONE OF US CAN HONESTLY SAY I CANNOT GO OUTSIDE AND LOCATE CRYSTAL METH RIGHT NOW ? Honestly I HATE KNOWING THESE GUYS STEAL OUR STUFF TO PAY THE HIGH PRICE COMMANDED BY DRUG DEALERS. WHEN MY CAR STEREO OR TELIVISION GETS JACKED JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE I BUY A NEW ONE AND PAY A SALES TAX!!!!!!!! I own a few guns and do not want to loose them I paid for mine these drug addicted burglars stole theres from an adult who most likely was irresponsible and did not have them locked away. Do'nt get me wrong I have quick access to a loaded firearm but I lock it up when I leave . I BELEIVE THE WAR ON DRUGS IS A WAR ON THE HARD WORKING AMERICAN AND AN INCREASED RISK ON THE LAW OFFICERS LIVES END IT LEGALIZE IT BECAUSE THE IDIOT WILL DO DRUGS ANYWAY NO PROBLEM AT ALL GETTING DRUGS EXCEPT FOR THE HIGH PRICE HERE IS WERE WE ALL FIT IN THEY STEAL AND KILL FOR THE FUNDS TO BUY THEM. Legalize it watch the dealers be forced to get jobs sell it with a very VERY stearn warning of the dangers on the package put some backbone back in America make it affordable no huge profit no huge reason to kill over turf. As a bonus THE GOVERNMENT WONT DUMP THE CHEMICALS INTO THE GROUND THE RIVERS , SEWERS, AND POLLUTE THE AIR IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. THESE LABS ARE PROBABLY ONE IN TWENTY FIVE HOMES BY NOW DUE TO THE SKYROCKETING PROFIT MARGINS. Americans fight for your Rights keep your Guns.

That is so hilarious.

I've gone mad! Look out! I smoked a doobie and I wanna kill someone.

No, you don't go crazy from pot. Alcohol, yeah maybe. But! I know tons of people...professional people I might add (doctors, lawyers, teachers) who smoke and they are not kooks.

And no, it is not addictive. I smoked for almost 12 years and then divorced. I gave it up easily. No chills, no tremors, no withdraws. Nothing!


Nothing but boredom! Yes when i gave it up for 6 months it was probably the dullest 6 months ever nothing interesting happened I went out less and missed the hell out of the ridiculous adventures I would go on to obtain good grass. You sir should light up :D


The cannabis clubs, cafes etc are not having to break up fights THATS ALCOHOL AND BARS , maybe Alcohol causes trouble I would rather see a person drive a car slant eyed and smiling than a drunk fighting to hold his head up driving a car thats a crazy thought.


Of course if you inhale smoke you're going to be inhaling carbon monoxide as well. Different substances will produce it in different amounts. Pot produces significantly less than tobacco. It's important to note that you don't have to smoke it. You can eat it or you can inhale it in vapor form. It's heated to the point where the THC vaporizes and you inhale the vapor. Highly effective and since there is no carbon. I prefer to smoke it though. It's my sacrament. I like the ritual and I'll do what I please with my body. In fact, I'll smoke a freaking car tire if I want to!


Nobody can tell another what to do, well said.

carbon monoxide

When you go outside you get carbon monoxide espoecialy in traffic or if you cook with a gas stove I am not out to slam anyone I do not beleive anything inhaled is safe as I work in grain commodities and that stuff gets in the lung and can cause cancer and all kinds of trouble. We should not try to tell people how to use therapeutic herbs or anything else that benefits their quality of life, for the record I prefer edible use but worrie whats in it and any risk just the same mother nature gives no free rides we all get whats comming to us as far as destiny goes opiates are not safe and the other compounds slowly destroy your liver and kidneys please have a look at americans for safe access research links cannabis is one of the safest medicinal herbs and different strains cover so many ailments. Take care everyone.

you cant

say you're retarded and use the wrong "your". it totally defeats your following words.

"Your Retarded"

One would have to consume 1500lbs of marijuana within 15 minutes to die from it. Not your body weight. They're not retarded, they're trying to stop the drug war. You're a retard.

Is pot bad

I dont think soooo,I have had 3 open heart valve replacements,the last one 20 years ago(besides a stroke in 1977 a bad one).and I smoke POT every-night,so up yours Government telling every-body that pot is bad for you..just look at what is Legal and that kills you,cigs and booze.......
Just set back and smoke a joint

Thumbs Up

Weed Is Not Bad.



Just wondering to people black out while driving under cannabis infuence ? I do not want anyone driving while intoxicated from any substance. I read about drivers being drunk and blacking out all the time it is interesting anyone have any information please post it.

sry dude.

ur wrong about one thing there has actually been one case of lung cancer by pot that the patient/victum died. But only one case and this was because of his/her prevous medical conditions too

For the love of all that is holy, check your grammar

You're Retarded, not "your retarded". Grammar such as this makes pot heads look like morons. Stop making me look stupid.

Government Cannabiss grown Missisippi University

I knew a man who ran a Janitorial buisness who cleaned a buisness of a man who use to give him Gov herb on occasion. I did not use it at that time the flowers I seen him given were the size of pickles like vlassic whole ones not the massive 7-11 style and he let me smell one up close as I once commented I could smell it over the cleaning supplies in the van it had a wonderfull pine smell , the smell made me want to try it but I did not they would cough and turn red and I remmember thinking they will blow or collapse a lung they never did and that work sucked yet they would go around buffing floors and cleaning with smiles on the face I quit that job shortley after that but still to this day remember the smell of that cannabis and the suited man who probably worked for the government . The buisness was probably one of many he owned that we cleaned as he was an important looking man and seemed very well off.

That didnt clarify

That didnt clarify jus shows that the govermnt suxs at growin marijuana!!!

I'm Not Suprised...

I have to admit that I am not surprised by the fact that the government grows crappy weed. If they had helpful employees, short lines at the DMV, and efficient security systems in airports, I'd be singing a different tune. Last time I checked, almost all of the government organizations are ungodly slow, inefficient, and wasteful. Furthermore their products and services are almost always just above standard at best (and bare minimum to unfathomably sub-par at worst). I don't mean to totally bag on the government, but they lack the motivation to excel in many things they do, from licensing, to inspection, to standardization, and apparently, even growing pot.


Perhaps they grow good weed and smoked all that themselves.

One thing government is good at...

War and taking away your rights.

...and one more thing...

They're extraordinarily good at extortion...oops...sorry...I meant collecting the income tax.

Income tax law

This is kind of off the subject but....Evidently, there is no law that says you have to pay income tax. Don't know this to be fact but I heard testimonials from a couple former IRS employees who have not payed income tax for over 10 years. However, good luck to you if you decide not to pay!


We are the government.
We give the government its powers, not the other way around. Check your Constitution and roll for Health ;)

The only reason marijuana is still illegal is that it is still taboo, so most qualified people are not willing to speak up.
There is so much scientific evidence that this drug is far more effective with less side effects than corporate pharmaceuticals will ever be that Big Pharma's bribery is probably the main reason we cannot get our Congress to react to our pursuits.

Another patient, Elvy, went on to breed her own strain.

We're the government, huh?

Yeah that's the way it's supposed to work but do you really feel that you are in control of your government these days. Just because it's written in an archaic document doesn't mean it's still true. The people's control over the government is an illusion. However, I feel confident that the people can regain control if only the people were better informed. Oh yeah, and government would have to quit wiping their asses with the constitution and reconstruct it to be applicable to modern society. Things have changed a little since the days of powdered wigs and burning women at the stake for having hiccups!


This guy should be sent to Guantanamo.

They grow the best weed I've

They grow the best weed I've ever smoked, and I've been to Amsterdam and always bought the best. Nothing beats medical marijuana - I can't believe none of you guys have tried it.

No, they don't.

With the exception of the extremely unusual situation I've described in the post above, medical marijuana is NOT grown by the government. It is grown by patients and caregivers. The only government grown marijuana in the U.S. is absolutely terrible, as I already explained. The stuff you tried wasn't grown by the feds, trust me.


had it gave it away
thc pills are great though
they tell you take one pill
smoke one joint

How can one be best?

It can only get so good. Marijuana can only have so high of a THC content. It's not like one strain is going to be magic and have 120% THC!

well maybe he can sell what

well maybe he can sell what he has to some starter kids for cheap then with that money buy the real deals holyfields..

10 "joints a day"

In apparent homage or loyalty to their "sponsor" (all those tax revenues) the government supports the tobacco industry, in this case, by adopting and endorsing their hot-burning-overdose smoking format the cigaret. If they send this guy 10 "joints" a day that could be enough for 200 or more single tokes. He should cut up and empty the "joints" into a 1/16th inch mesh wire screen strainer and grind through everything he can, leaving only the "seeds and stems". (The seeds go in a flower pot and the stems go in a tea pot.) Then burn single tokes in a 1/4" i.d. screened crater toker with a long long extension tube. The even particle size assures smooth low temperature burning if he sucks slow enough. By eliminating the hot burning overdose he will get more THC and less carbon monoxide and have plenty of herb left over to give or sell to his friends.

Don't laugh. In less than five years there will be 8 billion miniature tokers on the planet and smoking any herb any other way will be forgotten. Meanwhile, consider making your first one out of a quarter-inch or 6-mm. socket wrench, a 23 inch tube, and a 40-mesh crater screen.

not quite

No one, I repeat no one, wants it legalized and regulated more than the tobacco industry. Philip Morris already maintains several cannabis farms in other countries just waiting for they day they can expand their business and escape the baggage of tobacco and emphysema.

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