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DEA Director Resigns, Says She Had an Awesome Time

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DEA Administrator Karen Tandy announced her resignation today, marking her 4-year tenure with another trademark Tandyism:
"It just doesn't get any better than this," Tandy said in a statement about her time at DEA. [Washington Post]
Well, at least somebody had a good time. Now Tandy is moving into the telecom industry:
Tandy told employees she was leaving to take a job as a senior vice president of Motorola, DEA spokesman Garrison Courtney said. Motorola is a leading sponsor of a DEA traveling museum exhibit about global drug trafficking and terrorism…

Did you guys hear that? Motorola is a major private funder of insidious drug war propaganda and decorates its highest offices with exhausted anti-drug soldiers. Let's all make a mental note of how socially conscious this company is.

In the meantime, I would encourage the Bush administration to takes its sweet time finding exactly the right replacement for her. Formerly a DOJ prosecutor, Tandy rose to fame by successfully taking down menace-to-society Tommy Chong for selling water bongs. She was appointed to DEA's top office forthwith.

In light of the Bush administration's already notorious difficulties filling the vacant directorships of various federal agencies, let me offer a couple possible replacements:

Assistant U.S. Attorney George Bevan is a hardcore drug war legal genius who fought for 5 years to get Ed Rosenthal a one-day sentence for supplying marijuana to sick people. Bevan is so aggressive that U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer had to throw out some charges and accuse him of malicious prosecution.

Better yet, former Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty prosecuted the totally-innocent pain management doctor William Hurwitz and was subsequently forced to resign in the U.S. Attorney firings scandal. If you need the law mutilated for political ends, this guy is a total pro.

Ultimately, finding qualified applicants to head the DEA shouldn't be too hard considering how famously delightful it is to work there.

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Any way to find out more of these companies privately funding drug war propaganda? Your suggestion to mentally note Motorola as a proud patron of the war on drugs is a good one. If we knew more like-minded companies, we could spearhead a campaign to hit them where it hurts, their wallets.

Done buying Motorola phones as of tonight. (Not that I had, or planned on it.)

Boycott private sector drug war proponents!! We need new fronts in this war, put them on the defensive for a change.

I'm afraid to find out.

Truth is, major corporations fund all sorts of despicable crap. But the DEA museum is particularly bad. It is just pure drug war grandstanding.

Think about that next time

Think about that next time you use a Motorola phone to track down some weed.

Complete Motorolla Boycott- DONE DEAL. FOREVER

Complete Motorolla Boycott- DONE DEAL. FOREVER

Protect Privacy Rights

Protect Liberty

stop the creation of laws

there is no law which does not take away a freedom.

This site might be taken

This site might be taken more seriously if the articles were authentic and not so clearly agenda driven.

borden's picture

Okay, but...

Okay, but what have we published that you consider either factually incorrect or misrepresented? Usually when we get comments like this, it is from people who can't find anything specific to criticize. Without something actually wrong that we've published, what makes our articles not authentic? If you're looking for the kind of reporting that a newspaper would do, we get a little closer to that with the Drug War Chronicle, though not precisely (and I hope Phil isn't offended by the idea). This is a blog, and it's clearly intended to be an opinion forum. We're also an advocacy group that campaigns on legislation and other such things. So of course we have a viewpoint. But we state our viewpoint outright, right in our name -- Stop the Drug War. We're sticking with it.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

When the agenda is about following the Constitution....

When the agenda is about following the Constitution your going to bitch about that? Wow....people never cease to amaze me.

I can guarantee you that most if not all major corporations are all about the same thing as the people in governmental high places. They are about control....they are one in the same. ALL of them!!!

Anheuser-Busch does it worse

AB funded "Reefer Madness" along with Seagrams in the 1930's. Can't have any safer competition for their deadly drug product.

No freedom loving person ever drinks ANYTHING from AB (and you have to look close because they own a ton of stealth products like that crap Rolling Rock)

Plus, it is absolutely horrible beer.

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