New Study: Marijuana Might Cure Brain Tumors

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One of the great ironies in the debate over marijuana's medical applications is that the drug may prove to be vastly more useful than many marijuana activists even realize. As the U.S. government continues to block medical marijuana research, scientists around the world are discovering new and exciting possibilities:
Investigators at Bar-Ilan University in Israel report that the administration of THC significantly affects the viability of GBM cells. Glioblastoma multiforme, the most aggressive form of glioma (brain cancer), strikes some 7,000 Americans annually, and generally results in death within one to two years following diagnosis.

"THC [is] an essential mediator of cannabinoid antitumoral action," investigators concluded. [NORML]
Or, in layman's terms, THC might stop tumors from killing people. Isn't that great? Now all we have to do is legalize it so people can cure their brains without fear of being raided by the DEA.

As evidence of marijuana's potential value in treating various cancers continues to grow, it becomes increasingly vital that we silence marijuana opponents who seek to prevent such discoveries from being made. The more helpful the drug turns out to be, the more deadly and foolish becomes the conspiracy to destroy its reputation and punish its users.

Is it really so difficult to conceive of the possibility that this plant, like so many others, exists for a good reason?
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More Good News

European medical research is bearing much fruit for venerable pot. Here is more good news from the frontlines of the war on marijuana ignorance:

The Utrecht University Medical Center has issued a (pre-publication?) press release announcing that their research indicates cannabis does not harm the growing brains of young people. But I think many of us probably knew that already.

Scientific confirmation comes from neuro-psychologist Dr. Gerry Jager, who gave a battery of memory and concentration tests, including MRI scans, to teenage students who were regular pot smokers and to non-smokers. The test results show no differences between the two groups.

Perhaps ONDCP Director Walters needs a new button to push to keep the prohibition empire alive. The button that reads “Protect Young People” looks as if it's just blown a fuse.


Spread the word

We all need to spread the word,..marijuana as a medicine is NO JOKE!
Its serious and not just for burnouts! Lets join forces and let as many people know as possible.


i agree it doesnt just work for a burn out or to get high it really does help you with your medical problems it helped me in so many ways

Cannabis Compound BSB facilitates TES

Old tokers like myself, 'smokin' 30+ yrs., have long known that among Marijuanas 400+ chemical compounds was a compound that Gov't & Religion hates more then THC!

BSB's (Bull-Shit Blockers)... NOT THC... is the real threat to unlawful institutions that wish to control society by means of mass delusion & unnaturalism.

Renewed fears of the 'Bull-shit blockers' amazing ability to facilitate TES (Third-Eye Syndrome) have forced prohibitionists to reach deep for a whole new level of delusion requiring mass global mental masterbation!

Fears that 'bull-shit blockers', which bind to the bodies BSB receptors for an unnaturally long period, have been realized when recent studies found that 9 out of 10 long term tokers have benefiicially high levels of TES.

Third-Eye Syndrome has been described as ... the unusual ability to see through a persons pretense, paranoia, and pomposity!

Medical Marijuana and the Brain

All I know is from personal experience. When I was 4, I am now 54, I was hit by a car. I flew 20 feet and hit headfirst on the cement curb, I was in a coma for 11 days. Two years after that I developed Petit Mal, a mild form of epilepsy. My EEG was very abnormal, not epilepsy but epilectic like. I finally grew out of Petit Mal but my EEG was still abnormal and I was seizure prone. So I had to be careful not to take certain meds like Ultram, and not to abrubptly stop any medicines for fear of having a grand mal seizure. I smoked marijuana for 27 years, in 2005 my last EEG, came back normal. I was told that my brainwave pattern would always be abnormal and that I would be seizure prone my whole life. Fact is after smoking marijuana for 27 years my EEG is now normal and I am no longer seizure prone. Other than marijuana I was not taking any other drug, how do we account for this? I know that research has shown that cannibus is healing to the synaptic brain response, even healing to the point of better, faster synaptic activity. I now use it legally to control extreme nausea that leads to violent vomiting sessions as a result of GastroParesis & GERDS both Diabetic Neuropathic Diseases. I am on a liquid diet so that fruits and vegetables can be consumed in the form of juice. I have no appetite, I am afraid to eat for fear that it will make me sick. Marijuana gives me an appetite so I won't reach that mathematical equation that equals "Wasting Syndrome." So let us all keep up the good fight for marijuana law reform. So what if by legalizing marijunana medically leads to total legalization. It could only help a vast majority of the American citizens and not harm the youth for they already know the risks in smoking, drinking, and useing marijuana better than most of our lawmakers. Peace~:)

The Pain

The DEA is busting doctors for prescribing pain killers to people that are in real pain. The entire "war on drugs" is a sick joke.


a cure for cancer? looks that way. Cannabis.

The Mother of all Drugs

Richard The Mother of all Drugs

There is a drug epidemic at large that few people seem to be aware of. It has been silently raging for several thousand years and is responsible for many times more destruction than all of the other drugs combined. As a result of the abuse of this drug, millions of people around the world have been cast into such a state of despair and alienation that they have been driven to seek solace through the use of the other drugs and alcohol.
This is the same drug that corrupted the thinking of the first European immigrants to the Americas and helped them to rationalize the killing of over 100 million indigenous Americans. That horrendous campaign included the theft of everything from Hudson Bay to the southern tip of South America, and stands as the second worst act of genocide and religion sponsored terrorism ever committed on planet earth.
This is the same drug that corrupted the European colonizers of Africa and helped them to delude themselves into thinking that what they were doing was somehow, not only excusable, but Christian. The estimated death toll is around 400 million.
This is the same drug that corrupted the thinking of the leaders of the church and inspired them to operate something called the Inquisition for 350 years. The resulting reign of terror was responsible for the torture and murder of well over a hundred million people on five continents.
This is the same drug that the leaders of the church were on when they and various monarchies insinuated that they were infallible and omnipotent. The result was six centuries of forced ignorance now referred to as the “dark ages”.
This is the same drug that the followers of Islam were on in centuries past when they convinced themselves that God wanted them to force their religion onto the rest of the world at the end of a sword. No-one knows how many died as a result of that campaign of religious inspired insanity.
This is the same drug that twists the thinking of the current world leaders into continually devoting ever increasing proportions of our resources towards the development of weapons of mass destruction. Meanwhile tens of millions starve to death annually for lack of less than a dollars worth of food per day.
This is the same drug that the founders of this country were on when they said that they were founding a democracy but simultaneously declared that it was perfectly acceptable to deprive the vast majority of their constituents the right to vote and even buy and sell others like cattle. Had they not had their reasoning clouded by this drug they would have understood that a democracy differs from all other forms of government by the fact that they, the government, exist to serve all of its’ citizens, not just the rich and powerful.
Please take note of the irony of the present day situation. The very same people, i.e. the corporate, pseudo-Christian power brokers who have, throughout history, been responsible for the most horrible acts of genocide and theft that the world has ever seen are now telling us that it is necessary for them to implement total a right wing totalitarian state. The reason being that somehow it is our fault and they have been being too nice to us, so therefore it is now their duty to strip us of any last vestige of Democracy “for our own good”.
Unfortunately, this is just another example of the very twisted logic that our pseudo-democratic and pseudo-Christian governments are so well known for.
This is the drug that has perverted the thinking of most of our current world leaders and made them blind to the fact that the real culprit is now and has always been the abuse of power. The simple fact is that there is a very easy way to make most of the terrorism, crime and suffering in the world disappear, and that is to initiate an actual democracy and begin to serve all of the people instead of just the rich and powerful.
As you can see our government, church and corporate leaders are addicted to the “mother of all drugs’ and are in an ongoing state of denial. In many ways we, the worlds’ people, are like the country bumpkin who is met on the way to town every month and gets swindled by the same group of hustlers using a slightly different version of the same scam. We have allowed the people who are supposed to be protecting us from tyranny to become the criminal organization that have always been responsible for the worst acts of tyranny that the world has ever witnessed.
It is time for the citizens of planet earth to figure out who the addicts are and what the real drug is.

COPY THIS AND PASS IT ARROUND, the future of this country and the world depend on everyone understanding a few simple things.
1) the difference between a democracy and a totalitarian state. In a democracy everyone understands that the people existed before the government did and we chose a few people that we call a government whose job it is to protect all of our rights, not just the rights of the rich and powerful.
2) The definition of violence. According to their false definition of violence it wasn't an act of violence when 54 white guys in a position of power and trust got together and passed a law depriving everyone that wasn't white, rich and male of the right to vote, thereby rendering everyone else a second class citizen. In other words, their acts of passive violence which render millions second class citizens instantaneously are not acts of violence ? Nonsense. It is time the citizens of this country understood that we have been living in a social, economic, and judicial pyramid scheme disguised as a democracy and that is the reason that the criminals we have elected have convinced a certain percentage of our population that their job is to conjure up reasons to throw poor people in jail for phony violations of "morality" while they and their friends fleece us and the rest of the world.


Your points are very well made. But, they have the same position as many of the drug warriors. The religions can be abused and overused to the point of addiction, like drugs! (reminds me of the guy sitting on the park bench saying he is waiting for God to send him a job! Is that not a form of addiction? It is a neuro-psychiatric condition that leads to the decrease in quality of life of the user in social and physical status, and mental condition) But, the proper use of such, in moderation, has been going on for thousands of years, too. I am not afraid to admit that I believe in the teachings of Christainity. But, I am not a participant in any "formal" religious group. After reading my Bible, all of the way through, I had to come to the conclusion that the religious were the ones making up many of the new rules, not addressed in the Bible (by adding a few like, alcohol prohibition, wearing certain type of clothing, not getting blood transfusions, refusing all medical care, and on and on and on) All, at the same time, failing to uphold the religious "laws" set by the ten commandemnts (or the eleventh "love thy neighbor as thyself)! I had two of my sitting pastors leave because of adulterous behavior. No, they were not perfect, either!

"Religions" seem to have forgotten "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God". That is why JUDGEMENT is left up to my deity, according to my beliefs! I have not enough mental capacity to do so. I am not omnipotent!

Until the misguided morality changes, we all will suffer at the hands of judgement of our fellow human beings, not God. But, there is a glimmer of hope. There are a few involved in the interfaith approach to the changes in our drug laws, that are destroying society more than they are helping. Is the opposite of theocracy "police state"? Or, can they be one in the same?


Nicotine is by far the worst drug because it's harmful, addictive and serves no medical benefits. At least heroin and cocaine are powerful pain killers but tobacco is worthless.

Bob Marley

It didn't help him unfortunately.

Actually you will find that

Actually you will find that he is one of the longest living cancer patients, to survive without having his tumor removed. The cannabis had reduced the growth of the tumors he had, which would have killed him many years earlier. Also please take note that if the cannabis was ingested and not smoked(which aided the tumors), the tumours would have starved and depleted themselves.


haha marijuana doesnt make you kill, those people back in the 1500's and so were brought up and didnt know what was right and wrong, marijuana had nothing to do with their choices. When was the last time you heard of someone ODing on marijuana or goin crazy and killing their familys then themselves?

mary j doesnt kill brain cells,

although it doesnt kill brain cells, it certainly keeps the average person from learning too much. the comment was not about mary j it was about religion. but maybe you knew that.

NEW Marijuana/Anti-Cancer Documentary - Run From the Cure

I authored this DVD called "RUN FROM THE CURE" and it is all about how marijuana (hemp) kills cancer cells.

This is the story of Rick Simpson, the man from Maccan, Nova Scotia, who is curing cancer with medicinal hemp oil, that is oil extracted from marijuana plants. Rick has cured terminal cancers of every kind with hemp oil, as well as chronic pain, diabetic ulcers, burns, diabetes, you name it! If you see one documentary this year... make it this one!



Why are we not legalizing this the goverment thanks to nixion and the drug war is a joke....if we did legalize it do you really think that the common day person would abuse this drug its a healing agent for gods sake it cures the uncureable and yet we make it illegal, and yet at the same time we legalize thing that freaking cause cancer ultamently they say marijuana is a gateway drug well...its not ive been smoking it for a while i mean alcolhol the most adictive drug in the world kill more people than all the drugs combine and yet pot is still not legal the goverment will soon realize that when the earth start heating even more we might reconsider legalizing it pot consumes more c02 than any other plant on the planet even when it is burned the funes still exsorb co2 witch will control green house gases and it will ultamently save earth our economy would grow because we can make biofuel from it we'd stop buying oil for outrageious prices and maybe work less hours and make more money! im not here to change any ones mind im just stateing the facts we need to come together and show the love and make this thing legal once and for all lets stop the drug war and bring down the goverment!

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