Fill the kids’ heads full of factoids

Fill the kids’ heads full of pills

Keep ‘em moving, keep ‘em busy

Never give ‘em time to breathe

Teach obedience from the get-go

Wonder why they go insane


The education situation

Based on games of domination

Cannot function honestly

The wheels turn round

The number crunches

Who pays the bill?

It’s you and me

Give the people easy answers

Tell ‘em what they want to hear

No need to change their way of living

The problem’s somewhere over there

Give ‘em freedom to make money

That’s the only kind they need

Chor. governmental situation

Line your pockets line your bankbooks

Take everything that ain’t nailed down

The poor deserve their poverty, yeah

God loves the rich this time around

The bottom line is all that’s holy

No need to care who hits the ground

Chor. Economic situation

You can buy all kinds of poison

Eat smoke and drink it every day

Grow the wrong herb in your garden

The cops’ll come, blow you away

Don't confuse 'em with the truth, no

Prohibition's here to stay

Chor: legalization situation

We don’t rise up and smash the system

It’s how we live and see our friends

We pledge allegiance to the Dark Lord

With every dollar that we spend

So round and round the spiral rumbles

Down and down until the end

The civilization situation

Based on games of domination

Cannot function honestly

The wheels turn round

The number crunches

Who makes the change?

It’s you and me!

listen to/download the short jam version:http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=739383

listen to/download the long jam version: http://brothermartin.dmusic.com/

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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