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Garrett's Law needs revised

I don't completely disagree with this new law. But it does need to be revised. The testing should be done at different intervals in the pregnancy, not after the baby is born. What good does that do, the damage is already done by then. My baby was taken from me 24 hours after she was born. She was perfect, not addicted to anything, a good healthy weight, and no problems. Yet I was still robbed of hospital photo's, the braclet, all the certificates, and everthing that should go into her baby book, all because I smoked a little pot while I was pregnant. So now I will have to explain to her why her picture doesn't match the rest of the kids' and why she has blank pages in her book. I still don't have custody of her even though she is in my care, partially, I'm not allowed to be left alone with her. I have never done anything to hurt any of my children, and I've had 3 others, not to mention the ones that I misscarried, or buried. As I've said, Garrett's law needs refined, I understand that there are many women out there that put harmfull drugs in her body while pregnant, but if they are caught early, and told about the law, most of them would quit what they are doing, for fear of loosing thier babies, and if they don't quit, then do something about it, before the baby is harmed. You can't wait untill after the baby is born, then punish the baby, mother, and thier families.
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Is there any scientific proof that the THC harms babies? Considering it is much less lethal and toxic than alcohol, it does not make a lot of sense. Any other drugs can clear the body, yet even a touch of MJ can stay with you for months! They will force women to choose more toxic drugs, like cocaine, crystal meth, heroin, etc., because these can clear from the body within 48 hours! The drug war is counter-productive. We are attacking our fellow citizens! And it is endangering the fetus, even more!

Just like "its for the kids". Dealers don't card, so your kids have free access to most drugs found in the illegal market, at school! Dealers and the present drug laws,expose them to more (and more toxic) drugs, as well!

I'm not sure from where you

I'm not sure from where you gleaned your information but to say "even a touch of MJ can stay with you for months" is deceptive. Although some of the chemicals in MJ can stay in your body for a long period of time, if you are just smoking one joint you will only test positive on a urine test for up to 10 days. However, if you are a regular or frequent user, you can test positive for a month after stopping use.

THC is like any other drug. It can affect your body in a negative way. Studies have shown that babies subjected to THC are smaller, cry more and have vision problems. I think it is irresponsible for any parent to subject their child to any illegal drug for any period of time.

You do make a good point that alcohol is a big problem. I agree wholeheartedly that the problems with FAS are horrible and need monitoring as well.

However, to say that this will cause moms to choose other drugs is incorrect andn alarmist. You can be tested for illegal drugs for up to 90 days with hair follicle tests.

Government out of citizens lives

This is incredible and I am sure those who signed off on the Constitution would want armed revolt against such police state tactics.
The government doesn't really care about your family, they just like to satisfy knee-jerk people.
THC has never been shown to effect a fetus.
Coming soon ...if you feed your kid junk food you go to jail.
I am curious if poor nutrition, no prenatal care, letting a kid ride a bike with no helmet etc... will soon be federal offenses.
These laws stink!!!! they set a very Soviet, red China type of precedent.
I would avoid all hospitals if I were pregnant...and I am sure many expecting mothers will as well. At least find a state that is still semi-Free.
These kinds of laws help no one.

I am truly and deeply saddened at your plight.

Re: Garrett's Law needs revised

To the lady who "only smoked a little pot" while she was pregnant, Grow Up!!! You lost your child because of the selfish choice you made. Was that high really worth trading your child for?

Garrett's Law needs revised

I agree with you about they need to grow up. A little pot is still wrong and the mothers need to be punshied. But those babies have grandparents and when DHS takes them at Christmas and dose not let the family have them or see them or let them know they are o.k, Is very wrong.We even called the social worker her to ask her how my 5 day old gradson was and her response was that she did not know where he was. In my 40 years of life I have never exprinced anything so sad and curel. May God bless these people and hope they do something to changing to this law,

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