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The Truth About Why Republican Candidates Oppose Medical Marijuana

McCain, Giuliani, and Romney have all attracted unwanted attention this week with their pledge to continue the federal government's unpopular war on medical marijuana patients and providers. The question is "why?" Everyone knows mainstream republican politicians are often a tough sell when it comes to drug policy reform, but given massive public support for medical marijuana, their callous position appears politically unwise and thus more difficult to explain.

First, it helps to clarify how narrow and simplistic their argument really is. The McCain/Giuliani/Romney consensus on medical marijuana is grounded in the claim that "other medications" are available and should be used instead. This one argument virtually encompasses the totality of their opposition to medical marijuana. It is their only talking point, which is why they move on quickly to the next topic after saying it.

Still, I don't believe this argument actually tells us very much about their true motivations. When Mitt Romney recommends "synthetic marijuana" to a wheelchair-bound patient, it becomes clear that he understands the medical efficacy of the drug. Indeed, these "other medications" are often derived from synthetic cannabinoids, so the debate is clearly not over whether marijuana has medical properties. We've moved beyond that, thankfully.

At this point, it becomes a question of how patients should be acquiring and administering their medicine. Giuliani and Romney both faltered when the patients they encountered explained that they were allergic to pharmaceutical alternatives to marijuana. If they take these patients at their word, they must then confront the insufficiency of these drugs and recognize the unique predicament in which certain patients find themselves. Perhaps this new information will sink in, but that is all beside the point.

Ultimately, McCain, Giuliani, and Romney have access to all the same facts about medical marijuana as everyone else. Their problem is not a misunderstanding of the issue. They've met and spoken with the patients. They know doctors are recommending it. Their real concerns have nothing whatsoever to do with the medical efficacy of marijuana. They are worried about something else entirely:
"But having legalized marijuana is in my view an effort by a very committed few to try to get marijuana out in the public and to ultimately legalize marijuana. It's the wrong way to go." – Mitt Romney

"I believe the effort to try and make marijuana available for medical uses is really a way to legalize it. There's no reason for it." – Rudy Giuliani

This tells us everything there is to know about opposition to medical marijuana from republican presidential candidates, and for that matter, the Drug Czar himself. The whole anti-medical marijuana machine is merely a conspiracy to prevent the outright legalization of marijuana. Its adherents are fearful that telling the truth about the drug's medical value will pave the way for a shift in public attitudes about marijuana in general. They dread the "marijuana lobby" and will concede nothing to it, even if doing so forces them to take unpopular and transparently flawed positions on medical use.

Cynically, they focus on the role of marijuana legalization advocates in promoting medical access, while ignoring the much larger constituency of medical marijuana supporters who don’t advocate recreational legalization. That is why support for medical marijuana from mainstream organizations such as the American Nurses Association and the American Public Health Association is ignored, while the pro-legalization Marijuana Policy Project's position is cited routinely.

Of course, when the truth about medical marijuana becomes a political hostage in the broader legalization debate, it is legitimate patients rather than marijuana activists who suffer the consequences. Fortunately, the rise of internet video has given voters a front row seat in this enduring and increasingly ugly debate. The next victims in the war on medical marijuana may be those candidates who would sacrifice the seriously ill to drug war politics.

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Great analysis, as always, Scott.

I also wonder just how much their cruel and unpopular positions on medical marijuana have to do with their campaign funding. I haven't taken the time to look into where the Three Stooges get their bucks from, but I'm sure a good amount is coming from the pharmaceutical and prison industries, both of which have a lot to lose (at least in the short term) if progress in marijuana policy reform is made.

Additionally, it's well known that George Soros and Peter Lewis fund organizations like DPA and MPP who work on medical marijuana, and these are the same funders that the Democratic candidates are pandering to this primary season. I'm sure the Republican heavyweight funders absolutely detest Soros and Lewis, and might not take kindly to Republican presidential candidates coming out in favor of medical marijuana for that very reason.

--Micah, SSDP

re: $$$

Thanks Micah,

Yesterday, Giordano posted this in response to the Romney video:

Decriminalization and proven medical applications lessen society’s perceived evil of marijuana. This effect is believed to threaten the continued existence of about 80-percent of all drug war jobs.

Mitt Romney is batting for his own team’s job security when he cries foul on medical marijuana. Surveys indicate that only 1-in-10 Mormons approve of legalizing cannabis outright, compared to more than 4-in-10 Americans for society at large.

Mr. Romney and other Mormons are trained from childhood to pursue careers in civil service. Because of this, the Mormon Church furnishes many thousands of eager young candidates to the ranks of the judicial industrial complex. There they can be found in disproportionate numbers in the CIA, FBI, DEA and in state drug enforcement units across the Southwest. They also fill positions as prosecutors, probation, parole and prison staff.

The Mormon Church gets a flat, 10-percent rake-off in the form of tithes from the gross income of each of its members, With no war on marijuana, and with so many Mormon drug warriors, the church anticipates a risk of losing millions of reliably steady, redirected drug-war tax dollars each year.


Following the money is always worth something, but it's difficult to quantify the profit motive explanation. In one sense, I'm just reluctant to accept that drug war supporters think that far ahead. If they do, they are vastly more evil than even I have been giving them credit for. Yikes.

Medical Marijuana, McCain and the Mormans

You know I must confess my ignorance to the fact that the Morman church is grooming it's chosen for political life in order to have our country's laws be the laws they are for. In my first semester of seminary, by the way I am a medical marijuana patient to contol severe nausea and avoid violent vomiting sessions. The only way my body can absorb nutrition is by having my food liquefied. I am in a 24/7 state of nausea and marijuana is the best medication in controlling nausea and vomiting known to man with the widest safety margin known to man. So it (Marijuana) is a necessity for me, but I digress. Bact to the Mormans. In my first semester of seminary school we read a book called "The Story of Christianity" by Justo L. Gonzalez Vol I and II. In it there is a man named Joseph Smith who lived in the farming country of New Jersy and New York State as a child. He was a lazy boy more prone to adventure then farming. Long story short, Joseph found an Egyptian Hieroglyphics tablet and two seer stones, in Joisy no less. The only way Joseph Smith could interpret the tablet was if he was on a stage behind a black curtain. He would then interpret the tablet via the seer stones and would then tell another man who was standing outside of the black curtain and he would then tell the audience, sounds like the Wizard of Oz to me. Thus the Morman Religion was born. I coud not believe this foolishness was true but it is. So it seems to me the Morman Church might be a false church trying to gain a political foothold. Let see what does it say about the first Beast in the Great Tribulation Period? Oh yeah it is a political beast...hmmm...makes ya wonder doesn't it. Now I am NOT saying the mormon church is really a or the false church but it sure sounds like it grew out of a circus side show. Plus in their early years in Ohio they were ran out of state for they (the mormans) had there own armed militia. Do we want this in store for the USA in the future? I think just the fact that Romney is against medical marijuana he is out of the politcal picture. So lets try this, as they say in german, Mitt out Romney.

Mormon History

The finer details of the origins of the Mormon or LDS Church and the subculture it created are even more bizarre than you’ve described. Jon Krakauer does an excellent job of exposing the sordid aspects of LDS history in his bestselling book Under the Banner of Heaven where he artfully weaves the true story of a gruesome double murder of a young wife and her baby daughter, committed by several Mormon extremists, into an historical narrative of Mormonism.

In a footnote, Krakauer reveals how Utah became the first state to prohibit marijuana. Prior to 1914, it seems a polygamist Mormon splinter group living in Mexico learned to enjoy the herb and brought it back to Utah when they fled Mexico due to some armed insurrections taking place there. The LDS Church subsequently banned marijuana use as part of the same church policy that discouraged tobacco. In 1914, the Utah state legislature incorporated all LDS church policies into the State of Utah’s legal code, placing marijuana on the books for the first time.

Krakauer also wrote Into Thin Air, which has just been released as a movie.


This Is Not Going to Win Over Mormons Or Republicans

Stop it.

You have to sell your product in a way that Mormons will buy it.

How about marijuana is one of nature's anti-depressants as is tobacco.

Thinking Ahead

In the example I made about the Mormons, thinking ahead is probably not how social catastrophes such as the drug war come about.

Much of the drug war’s evolution coincided with the 3,000 Mormons who migrated from Utah to Virginia to obtain government jobs there during the 1930s Great Depression. They’ve valued civil service ever since.

In a perfect storm scenario, Harry Anslinger’s prohibition empire evolved in a country that harbors a religion that expects its best Mormon members to meekly accept the dictum that caffeine (and THC) are “dangerous chemicals.” As far as Anslinger’s prohibition business was concerned, Mormonism was like a key that fit a lock.

Winning the hearts and minds of most Mormons regarding the drug war seems unlikely given the fact that so many members let the Mormon Church hierarchy do their thinking for them. The prohibition against “hot drinks” and smokables comes directly from founder Joseph Smith. Also, the Church is run by a president and a quorum of 12 elderly men in their 70s and 80s. Unless these old-timers get all excited over marijuana’s ability to reduce urinary incontinence, I don’t expect their support.

On the other hand, there are only a little over 5-million Mormons in the United States, compared to 100-million strong who’ve experienced or continue to smoke marijuana. Other than the influence of professional Mormon drug warriors, the Mormons' overall impact is minimal.


Mormons and Hemp

Mormons love to hear about their own history.One little known fact is that Brigham Young started the first hemp paper mill in Utah,using the donated scraps of clothes made from hemp fabric.As far as the hemp issue,I think mormons could be educated by using this as an example.
I live in Salt Lake City and deal with mormons all the time.It should be noted that SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson ,who was raised mormon ,is very reasonable and outspoken.I think he could be an asset for swaying mormon attitudes about med mj in the name of compassion.

Hemp Paper Mill

Interesting. Brigham Young’s hemp paper mill is valuable information. Mormon history and much of its culture is still agriculturally based. A documentary or historical piece on Mormon hemp paper would allow Mormons to identify with a valuable renewable resource. Miniscule hemp THC percentages and hemp cross-pollination hazards to medical-grade pot could be explained at the same time. Excellent.

Mayor Rocky Anderson would probably admit his support for hemp production and medical marijuana if anyone asked him, and I think someone or some journalist has already.

The Mayor is actually an ex-Mormon who’s made some prickly statements calling Mormonism a “culture of obedience.” He gets re-elected mayor of Salt Lake City because there are more non-Mormon voters than Mormon voters who reside in SLC, and because Mayor Anderson promotes a secular city government in opposition to the theocratic city government sometimes preferred by Mormons. I’m not certain how he would help if he could. He appears besieged.

One approach to the Mormon pro-drug war stance recognizes that the Mormon or LDS Church, as well as its members, are hyper-sensitive about presenting a positive public image of themselves to the outside world. Past public relations mistakes have cost them dearly. Any more would be catastrophic.

For example, I would advise the LDS Church that it finally recognize the futility of the drug war and (for public relations reasons, if nothing else) immediately divest itself of any and all further involvement and support for said war. I would remind the Mormon hierarchy that the drug war is steadily losing its credibility and popularity; that the drug war’s destiny will soon frame it as an infamous crime against humanity; that anyone found enabling the drug war will be held legally and historically accountable for their conspiratorial role in aiding and abetting a monstrous, victim-strewn fraud.

Then, if they can’t take the hint, well…I tried.


Left Right


Calling Republican candidates stooges is not going to win over their supporters.

We are going to need 70% to 80% support to change policies.

You are not helping. You are turning anti-prohibitionism into a partisan ghetto.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Continuation of the War on Drugs (Marijuana)

So, Guiliani, Romney and McCain are going to continue the badly failed War On Drugs (Marijuana). This idiocy has to stop already. One quick solution to the HEARTLESS Republican majority stance against ANY decriminalization of marijuana, including that which is physician "recommended" for use to help alleviate symptoms associated with accepted medical conditions, is simply to vote for anyone EXCEPT a Republican, or anyone else that feels the same way, as elections are one way for people to get their message across. Most Republicans also want to deport tens of millions of illegal aliens. So, the answer is to continue to penalize medical and recreational marijuana users with fines, prison, or confiscation of property, and throw all the illegal aliens out. There ARE far better alternatives available, and any politician with an open mind would realize this. When will these politicians remember why they're supposed to be in office? Is their job to do what's right for America, or do what's in their own political interests? Speak up NOW, people, before it really is too late. We don't need 4 more years of oppression. What we DO need is a government that will finally wake up and listen to the needs and wishes of the people. What good is a democracy if politicians continue to act unilaterally against even valid scientific and medical fact?

You Said it!

I was going to comment, but after reading what I had to say was already covered by Miccha (SSDP) I digress. Well put!

She has pegged precisely why this won't get support from a Conservative Congress. The Pharma Industry stands to lose Billions in the sales of anti-nausea, anti-spasm, anti-anxiety, Pain and Sleep Medication ALONE!!!! The Prison Industry is Traded on Wall St. so you can forget less Prisons, and sadly, largely due the money they provide to Elections. Plus for Republicans it gets potential voters labeled a Felon, who are unable to Vote, and everyone knows all pot users are "Liberals"...LOL

It is pleasing to hear the Evangelical Christian Pat Robertson come out in Favor of decriminalization recently. Gary Johnson and Ron Paul are advocates for Marijuana, and Running for President in the Republican Party.

The real problem is the Federal Govt (Dem and Rep) loses face by allowing something they have been at War with for irrational and disingenuous reasons. Too Many Billions of $'s have been wasted on Marijuana to say they were wrong.

I doubt this will ever become legal while I'm needing this, but a New Generation is coming to the Polls and 13 States prove informed People want this De-Criminalized; as was recommended when Nixon ignored his Advisor in 1972. I'd say around 2020, maybe it's at least Sched.II.

Well, one money trail will

Well, one money trail will lead you to Melvin Sembler, major Republican financier and one of Romney's head fundraisers. He not only ran what was arguably the most abusive chain of drug treatment programs in history, Straight, Inc., but he and his wife Betty still have an organization called the Drug Free America Foundation. DFAF is actually the same corporation that ran the treatment programs, with a name change. DFAF also filed an Amicus brief in the Raich case, and likes to use the term "Medical Excuse Marijuana".

Don't forget, people court ordered into treatment for marijuana are a major source of clients for the treatment industry. The idea that the herb might actually be accepted by society is a big threat to that business.

And yes, Scott, the people who hatch the prohibitionist strategies do think that far ahead. But I don't think most of their supporters and bought friends realize just how diabolical they are.

Republican Bashing Doesn't Help

Try rephrasing your message in a way that Republicans can accept it.

If this is all about left/right we will never win. We are going to need 70% to 80% of the public on our side. That means Rs as well as Ds.

I'm working on Fred. We will see if I get any results.

Your Republican friend,


Just a fact

If you're going to vote Republican, please don't vote for one who is owned by a known child torturer and key drug war propagandist. This is the same guy who got Bush's campaign paid for. Several drug czars also worked for Straight.

I wasn't bashing Republicans (I'm registered as one). I was pointing out a particular source of Republican money who has been selective in supporting certain candidates who are friendly to teen torture and accepting of carefully crafted drug war lies.

Many people on both the left and right have been very receptive to the facts about medical marijuana -- when they hear them. Politicians who's campaigns are financed by one of the main architects of the drug war have good reason not to be so open minded.

Perhaps if more Republicans realized the kinds of atrocities that certain politicians approve of, they'd be less likely to vote for those particular candidates, and elect the ones with a conscience.

Mitt Is Way Too Slimy For Me

No R candidate is good on the Drug War.

Worse is Hillary. I think she might say (or hint at) one thing and do another. Just like her husband Bill.

DW pot arrests doubled under his regime. All that from a man who "didn't inhale".

No R candidate is good on the Drug War?

Don't you mean, no R candidate, except Ron Paul?

Perhaps if we vote for the only one who truly holds conservative values, instead of saying "He doesn't have a chance", we might see an end to this insanity.


Since only legal products of any kind can be regulated, controlled and taxed by any
government, why do you want marijuana to remain completely unregulated, untaxed
and controlled by criminals?

Ron Paul

Ron Paul (Republican Candidate) has said multiple times on video stating he wants to end the drug war.

He was even interviewed by NORML.

None of the above

None of these"candidates" will be elected US president in 2008. The only thing they can offer is a good look at how rigid the Repub's can be. They help make a case against their own party.Let em' talk. It works for the real issues of compassion.

A Perfect Example

None of these"candidates" will be elected US president in 2008. The only thing they can offer is a good look at how rigid the Repub's can be. They help make a case against their own party.Let em' talk. It works for the real issues of compassion.

The above is a perfect example of what is wrong with the movement.

If the issue does not become bi-partisan we will never win. Never.

Missing the real contributors of campaign money to fight marij..

Anheiser Busch is against Marijuana so they can sell more beer! The kerosene and oil industries are against Marijuana so they can sell more oil (cannabis oil could replace crude oil on many platforms), and the cotton industry is highly against the Cannabis/Hemp industry. The problem is, the marijuana with the highest potency of THC has also the highest quality of hemp fiber.

This is corruption, this all means that the victims of the war against a plant God created is all because of these corporations corrupt acts. It's time for them to be investigated and reperations made to all those who have been incarcerated due to Marijuana laws and sentencing.

The bottom line is, if you assist in anyway locking people up over a plant or a seed which is sacred and created by God, then You Will be condemned to Hell for this.


From Wyoming - The Last Free State

thc content

Just one question. Where did you get the information that high quality cannibis has the best quality fiber? That is the first time I have seen it posted, anywhere! It seems to be an unsubtantiated claim. Where can I find that information? (other than from a blogger?)

I'm A Republican

I think the War in Iraq is a good idea and will eventually bring a measure of Liberty to that country and eventually to the Whole Middle East. Just so you know where I'm coming from and if any one tries to argue that question here I will not respond.

I posted the Ron Paul snippet from the Debates and the Romney video at Classical Values (you can look it up - this is not about link whoring).

What I get in response is people so irrationally afraid of drugs that they border on insane. People who believe that prohibition means unavailable. You can't reason with these folks and they make the loudest noise in the Party. The only way I see of countering them is that every time they voice their opinion 5 people need to jump up on the other side to counter them. i.e. We need more Republicans in the movement. The anti-prohibitionists are seen as Democrats. You guys know it. How many times do righties counter opinions on unrelated subjects with "been at the bong again?" We need to turn that around.

The left has to stop making the right unwelcome where they agree.

"If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons." Winston Churchill.

We have the numbers. We do not yet have the passion (at least on the R side). Getting our sick people out on the campaign trail is a good start. Sadly.

Ron Paul vs. Drug War

Ron Paul is not only Republican, he is the ONLY presidential candidate who has called for an END to the drug war, not just legalization of medical marijuana. The way to build bipartisan support on this issue is to support the most enlightened candidates, regardless of party. Those of you who think any of the mainstream Democrats, if elected, will make any serious attempt to curtail the drug war should think long and hard about that. Bill "I never inhaled" Clinton didn't and I doubt seriously that his wife will. The top Democrats are part of the Establishment that works hand-in-glove with the massive federal bureaucracy to maintain the status quo.

High Hopes

I had high hopes for Bill Clinton, before that Bush's compassionate Conservatism got me interested - I thought it was code.

You are right. Without a broad based movement we are going no where.

You are also correct about candidates. Unless we can bring Fred Thompson aboard (States Rights) we are going to get no where. I don't think there is any hope with any of the other major candidates D or R.

Fred doesn't have a hard position yet.

Work him.

I Should Have Logged In First

I am:

This Is Not Going to Win Over Mormons Or Republicans
Left Right
Republican Bashing Doesn't Help
A Perfect Example
I'm A Republican

Why do you have to be Mainstream?

Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel are both calling for the War on Drugs to end.

Why Mainstream?

To win.

main-stream to win

The sad thing is, it means that the citizens of the US, no longer, have any say into who will be nominated and who will win the presidency. It has all been predetermined, among the news media, who the "leading" candidates" are!!! That is not a republic or democracy, if you asked me! It is a popularity contest!! It works with name recognition and is not a sound approach to the issues we face, as a nation!!

Fred Thompson supporter admitted he was popular to him, because he saw him on TV, as an actor!!! (popular you tube video)

Ron Paul IS going to win.

How about its unconstitutional

It violates a persons right to freedom of choice
It violates a persons right to unlimited contract
If you dont have power over what you put in your body that means you dont own it .If govt can tell us what we can do with our body .Obviously govt owns our person and it is slavery by definition. Along with the fact they take what they want from your wages for labor .If you refuse they put you in prison.If you dont pay taxes on land you own they take it .So again we dont own land but buy it then pay rent to the govt .All these things are clearly acts of slavery to the master.The real id makes us like cattle with ear tags at the stock yard .Or a master with to many slaves

All Too True

However, that argument has collected about as many people as it is going to get.

Even with Ron Paul in the race, Contitutionalism is a small percentage of the electorate.

We must find ways to appeal to the rest.

Republicrats all, for the cause

It never fails to amaze me that people can literally define themselves as "republican" or "democrat". Why would a person want to box themself into such a generalization? No candidate from either "party" will have all the right answers. Seems clear that both party's would rather the "drug" issue just go away. So my point is , why vote for either party when more appropriate candidates exists? Two party's do not make a system of democracy. I know, any other vote is a wasted vote. Who says that "they" will count your vote anyway. If Mr. Paul is truely a repub ,why is he so unlike the others in his party? If Mr. Kucinich is a demo, why is he so unlike the rest? Could it be that a candidate must be of a major party or expect failure. Vote? Why bother.True democracy has left the building. Welcome to the demockcrazy. Negative reality ( war as institution) is what we have.Yeah right...fight the good fight.


I think you hit the nail on the head! The two party system has been examined, and has been found to be wanting. Yet, when we have someone who would run as a third party candidate, they are seen as "spoilers". Ron Paul has claimed he will not run as a third party, as he well should not. It not only would waste a lot of resources (he has done that before), it would also take the votes away from the major candidates, leaving the people WITHOUT ANY choice into who the next president would be. (I think that is the definition of a spoiler)

The sad thing is that BOTH PARTIES are so badly out of touch with the populace, that the only people that seem to be offering a good alternative, are considered "black sheep" in, those same, political parties.
Maybe the ball will keep rolling and my candidate will be on the Republican ballot. I am not holding my breath. There are a lot of obstacles to over-come.

I am, also of the opinion, that if the Republican party does not recognize the fact that 70% of the people in this country, are said to opposed to being in Iraq, they will not be populating the oval office in the next presidential term. And we opposers are patriots! I wish for the harm to our young men and women in uniform to be reduced by bringing them home. We need to get them out of that country torn apart by centuries of religious fanatacism!

We Have To Deal With The System We Have

Ron Paul by working within our system has gotten the anti-drug war message out way better than he did when he was a Libertarian.

And when he was a Libertarian I voted for him.

A drug free America, the Mormon pipe dream.

'They' are skewing treatment plans to dangerous, ineffective drugs, rather then safe and effective marijuana.

Mental health is the worst example I have found. There is an explosion of diagnosis of bipolar disorder. The symptoms are exactly the same as anger/depression, so many angry housewives are frivolously being diagnosed as bipolar and are prescribed brain damaging "calming" drugs to treat anger. No one asks them if they are being abused or need social services.

Anger management would be more appropriate then drug treatment.

To, I am a Republican, with the concern about responding to critics.

I think it would be good for you to keep in mind the drug war is a religious war. They respond so strongly because they feel they are defending their religious beliefs, which everyone knows are not rationally defendable. It is considered really rude to challenge them so you hit hot buttons word one.

These are their feelings you are up against. No amount of logic will suffice. Emotions must be countered with emotions. Fortunately I have a rational, unemotional answer: Freedom of Religion. All you have to do is defend my first amendment right to practice my freedom of religion. I am for real, the THC Ministry. I comment in AlterNet - Lauren.

By putting your arguments into the third person you avoid a lot of the button pushing. By addressing the REAL reason no one ever talks about, you finally open the door for the dialogue that will make THE difference. It is all about religion.

religious war

What is a fool? The religious are, mostly, a sub-group of Christians (and maybe others), who want to be legalistic and force their way of life on others. The Constitution, so far, has prevented that! But anyone who has read the Bible and knows the tricks of "religions" soon can pick out the hypocrisy! The wine, used in the Bible was that that contained alcohol. Only a few Bible beating Baptists would argue that it is grape juice. But, in the Greek translation of the new testament, it is without a doubt, REAL WINE! In fact, it was supposed to have been the best! And, the people at the wedding, where the wine miracle was supposed to have taken place, asked why they saved the best for last! The thought was, use the good stuff first! Then, when the wedding goers were good and plastered, bring out the bad stuff!

There are plenty of warnings about the use of alcohol and its many dangers (Proverbs). But, nowhere in the Bible is wine or strong drink expressly prohibited! In fact , it says strong drink is for those who are in mourning! Drugs should be no different! If you want to take the chance of playing Russian roulette with drugs, it is a free country, and not prohibited in religious writings.

But, people should be educated better than just getting a bunch of propaganda, that includes dis-information, from the government! I know plenty of reformed coke users who would tell you never to get near the stuff! And I never will. But, putting anyone, sick enough to do it, in jail,makes no sense at all! Except it does supply a good many prison jobs!

Medical Marijauna.

First of all we need Politicians with a backbone and that will not pander to big business, religion, and political parties money.
They need to listen to logic, compassion, and what would be good for the intire nation and the jobs it would create in the growing of it. Other nations in the world are dealing with it just fine and making America look silly.

The Biggest Business

Is the medical cartel.

Class War and Treatment vs Rcreation

Ron Paul

Ron paul is the clear choice regarding ending the drug war,...Pray for Ron Paul,..Lets give him a shot!
he has some really sensible/common sense ideas!

Ron Paul on Drugs


You guys who are not changing your party afiliation to Republican TODAY @ and telling ALL your friends to do the same so we can get RON PAUL elected are INSANE. This is a ONCE in a lifetime chance and it ENDS in a couple months when the primaries start. And the ONLY way it's going to happen is enough people like US GET OFF OUR DEFEATIST ASSES AND DO SOMETHING THAT COULD WORK.


He's winning in the straw polls but he needs US to win the primaries. HE CAN'T WIN IF WE DON'T COME OUT.

I have been putting signs out and trying to convince my friends. Most of them are on board.

This great man is our only hope.

War on Drugs has abused Bill of Rights .
Paul adopted the Republican Liberty Caucus Position Statement:
As adopted by the General Membership of the Republican Liberty Caucus at its Biannual Meeting held December 8, 2000.
• WHEREAS libertarian Republicans believe in limited government, individual freedom and personal responsibility;
• WHEREAS we believe that government has no money nor power not derived from the consent of the people;
• WHEREAS we believe that people have the right to keep the fruits of their labor; and
• WHEREAS we believe in upholding the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land;
BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Liberty Caucus endorses the following [among its] principles:
1. While recognizing the harm that drug abuse causes society, we also recognize that government drug policy has been ineffective and has led to frightening abuses of the Bill of Rights which could affect the personal freedom of any American. We, therefore, support alternatives to the War on Drugs.
2. Per the tenth amendment to the US Constitution, matters such as drugs should be handled at the state or personal level.
3. All laws which give license to violate the Bill of Rights should be repealed.
Source: Republican Liberty Caucus Position Statement 00-RLC13 on Dec 8, 2000

War On Terror?
It's As Bad As War on Drugs

Ron Paul Library - War on Drugs

YouTube search Ron Paul drugs for more

Dr Paul

I too, believe in Dr Paul, as I have ever since he became a champion of my cause too. He has several speeches on the "war on doctors" as collateral damage from the "war on drugs". I feel his freedom mesasge is ther right thing for our country, now. I have always been an independently minded voter. And, I don't give a damn whether he is republican or democrat. He is a LEADER!

medical marijuana

To recognize that the human central nervous system has cannibinoid receptors (which it does) and also that marijuana contains a component (delta-9 THC) that binds thereto, but to yet patently hold that marijuana has no medicinal use is tantamount to submitting one of two ideas: 1) that God is not omniscient, or 2) that God is capable of committing an oversight.

The God in whom we believe is both omniscient and incapable of committing an oversight. Therefore it is not possible that there is no proper use of marijuana.


Well, I guess this article should change its name to, truth about why democratic candidates oppose medical marijuana.

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