Mitt Romney's Horrible Encounter With a Medical Marijuana Patient

I thought it couldn't get any worse than McCain and Giuliani, but I was so wrong. Republican front-runners are literally competing to see who cares the least about medical marijuana patients. And the winner is…Mitt Romney.

Romney may be toeing the party line, but I don't doubt his handlers have had a word or two with him about not insulting people in wheelchairs on CNN. I mean, really, could he have handled this any worse?

Let's set one thing straight here: if you oppose medical marijuana, you support arresting patients. It is just that simple. If you leave patients under the jurisdiction of the DEA, you know what's going to happen. Mitt Romney's unqualified, "I'm not in favor of medical marijuana," is an endorsement of every atrocity – past, present and future – that patients inevitably suffer at the hands of the heavily armed cavalry that so clumsily and callously insists on its right to police their private medical decisions.

Stay tuned, folks. Rumor has it Fred Thompson plans on drop-kicking a paraplegic down a flight of stairs.

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What a bastard

Just watched the video and can't believe that fucker is trying to get elected!


Just read several of the posts on this site and had to smile at the crude language, inarticulate argument (with one notable exception), and blatant bias against anyone who is not for legalizing Mary Jane.

The question was obviously an ambush and Romney's smile betrayed his conclusion that 1) the argument was convenient (taking a pill makes him sick but toking doesn't) and 2) the venue was not the place for a good faith dialog (as demonstrated by the obnoxious reporter).

There is room for genuine disagreement on the subject, but let's not kid ourselves that the wheelchair-bound questioner was the victim in this encounter.

ever heard the saying

You get what you pay for
in the case of politicians you get what they paid for
Mitt Romney has taken more money then than any other candidate from the the Pharmaceutical Industry as of late may he had taken over $150,000 in Campaign Contributions from them.( Anybody know how much he has gotten now?
He knows it is those companies that fill his pocket book not the guy in the wheelchair.

Romney promotes THC

Romney did ask him if he used Marinol (THC). Maybe the story should be that Romney promotes THC (Marinol) to a Medical Marijuana patient.

It is easier to titrate the therapeutic dosage of THC by inhaling vaporized THC (marijuana) rather than consuming a defined amount of a substance (pill). A person inhaling a vapor can adjust his level of dosage by inhaling or not inhaling. A person who has consumed a pill cannot alter the effects of the pill’s dosage. If a pill is too strong, the patient is stuck with the side effects.

Would Romney arrest him? I don’t know, but he obviously did NOT have compassion for his situation.

Marinol is not THC

it's a scam!

A Nurse friend clued me in. If you are sick, you much prefer the real deal. Not the RND brainchild of the Pham industry...

All free citizens, don't think marinol is an option AT ALL. It is a scam

Vaperize some dank bud if your lungs are comprimized..

Marinol is synthetic THC

The active ingredient in MARINOL is dronabinol

Dronabinol is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring compound known as
delta-9-THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)

Delta-9-THC is also one of many components in marijuana. In fact, delta-9-THC is the main ingredient responsible for most of marijuana’s effects

Delta-9-THC stimulates appetite and reduces nausea and vomiting by binding to special receptors found in your nervous system

Redirected Tax Dollars

Decriminalization and proven medical applications lessen society’s perceived evil of marijuana. This effect is believed to threaten the continued existence of about 80-percent of all drug war jobs.

Mitt Romney is batting for his own team’s job security when he cries foul on medical marijuana. Surveys indicate that only 1-in-10 Mormons approve of legalizing cannabis outright, compared to more than 4-in-10 Americans for society at large.

Mr. Romney and other Mormons are trained from childhood to pursue careers in civil service. Because of this, the Mormon Church furnishes many thousands of eager young candidates to the ranks of the judicial industrial complex. There they can be found in disproportionate numbers in the CIA, FBI, DEA and in state drug enforcement units across the Southwest. They also fill positions as prosecutors, probation, parole and prison staff.

The Mormon Church gets a flat, 10-percent rake-off in the form of tithes from the gross income of each of its members, With no war on marijuana, and with so many Mormon drug warriors, the church anticipates a risk of losing millions of reliably steady, redirected drug-war tax dollars each year.


Redirected Tax Dollars by "Giordano"

Your right about one thing- My brother and I are Mormons; I'm a DEA agent and my brother is an NSA agent Mormons do work in industries which require integrity, moral courage, leadership, honesty, patriotism, family values, a rejection of political correctness, a deep understanding of truth and the lies propagated by liberals, a fear of God, and a duty to God, family, and country.

Giordano, it sounds like you're a liberal hippie cannabinoid- so I look forward to meeting you prone with your neck under my boot, my Smith and Wesson cuffs on your wrists, and my LAR-15 rifle probing your ear-hole......


The brave “anonymous” is truly a role model for those that have (or want to have) “integrity, moral courage, leadership, honesty, patriotism, family values, a rejection of political correctness, a deep understanding of truth and the lies propagated by liberals, a fear of God, and a duty to God, family, and country.” “Anonymous” must be a true religious saint that would look forward to meeting you “prone with your neck under (his) boot, (his) Smith and Wesson cuffs on your wrists, and (his) LAR-15 rifle probing your ear-hole......”

“Anonymous,” instead of making threatening comments to those with a different view, it might be more virtuous to not “personalize” Mr. Giordano’s opinions and allow everyone the opportunity to express themselves without undue intimidation.

As reasonable people we are entitled to the lively debate of issues without personal threats.

the anonymous reply to Giordano

Don't you think its more than a little ironic that after a declaration of your religiously based "values" you begin threatening to put a gun in someones ear...when in the one instance of violence by His followers during His recounted in the New Testament...Jesus actually heals the damage done by Peter to a man's EAR?!?

And as a footnote...Jesus also had a warning for Peter after He had healed the damage Peter had done:

" But Jesus said to him, 'Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.'"

Clearly He was not advocating physical violence on the part of his followers.

It is also very pertinent, in light of your commentary, to mention that Jesus was explicit about the fact that His followers would be known by their love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion (and notably NOT their patriotism, much less party affiliations or the rejection of various political stances - he very clearly distinguished the difference between the Kingdom of God and the political vagaries of this world). And that moral judgements (and associated epithets) were ultimately His domain alone, even going so far as to say that name calling endangers the immortal soul of the perpetrator. (I'd like to encourage you to just read Matthew, Chapter 5, at least once, the whole thing.) Your little tirade is entirely inappropriate for a follower of Jesus. And the only Christian thing for you to do at this point is to apologize.

Finally, it would be just super, if you and the other nominal Christians of the world could stop using Jesus, or the reputation of His religion(s), at quite literally every conceivable opportunity, in order to justify or camouflage your thirst for violence and your lust for power over others. It is truly blasphemous - above and beyond being an emotional distraction from the practical issues inherent in discussions of earthly national policy and the best ways to approach reforms needed in response to obvious failures.


You seem like a really nice person...very open to the opinions and views of your fellow humans.

Just kidding!


Best of luck with that little lady!

That's funny. I'm a 19 year

That's funny. I'm a 19 year old mormon who is about to serve a mission and I don't recall any of this "training". Oh, and I'm a libertarian, too. :) How does that work?

There is no contradiction in my faith to support the legalization of marijuana. In fact, since free will is so incredibly emphasized in our doctrine and teachings, it only makes sense to be for ending the drug war. Additionally, the LDS church has never made any official statements concerning the political drug war that I'm aware of... Yes, we are instructed to abstain from such substances, but the leaders of the church never talk about legislation.

Also, I think you're kind of confused as to the purpose of tithing. :)

P.S. I'm not the same

P.S. I'm not the same "anonymous" as that other cat.

drugs for Mormons?

I completely forgot the fact that Mormon believers are also (anti-caffeine) very anti-drug, as well! Nothing like having a religious zealot(?), from the Mormon camp, decide what is and is not capable of providing relief! Where did he get his medical training?

Get the politicians and the cops out of the doctors' offices!! They have not had the training to make those types of decisions! And get us the proper research to determine if the MJ has any valid use. If it worked on 30% of pain patients, that would be a relief for a good many of them, who cannot get their chronic pain, properly treated, in the current environment. I use the 30% number because that is the percentage of therapeutic injections that help chronic pain patients. No one would dream of telling doctors to stop the steroid injections,even, with all of their side effects! Politics can really mess up medical care!

Got/Had Mormons?

Nixon was a Mormon, and a heavy drinker.Nuff said.

Nixon Was NOT a Mormon. LOL

Nuff said.

Nixon was a Quaker and not a Mormon.

Richard M. Nixon of Yorba Linda, California, grew up in the Friends (or Quaker) Church. His parents were firm believers, and his mother, Hannah, was saddened when her son Richard joined the U.S. Navy.

He drank heavily as well.

Scott Tudehope
Nixon scholar


But, in the end, we are ALL hypocrits!! I worked with an anesthetist who was Mormon, but he drank caffeine! That is legalism, in religion, at its best!! None of it means one thing to anyone's salvation!

What BS!

Boy with guys like him and the others running the party ticket for the neocons the Dems are a shoe in for sure. He was so rude to that young man, I hope he can sleep at night. By the way Mormons belive in natural healing and use herbs quite a bit, so I am suprised by his lack of interest. One would think that mormons would be all over this one as a cure for many things but they are not, very curious dont you think? Cound it be because they own tobacco and beer companys. MJ is the compition, think about it people. As for Marinol is has side affects and costs so much more but the company that produces it makes a killing off it so that is why it is out there. MJ is so much better for you then any of the synthetics that are curantly out there not to mention the fact that there are other compoents of MJ that are only avalable by smoking or ingesting the herb. So be paticent people very soon we will have a good person in the white house because of the neocons, they are there own worst enemy. Over 70% of Americans support MJ not to mention leagization of cannabis in general, that number is even higher. We the people can and will pervale, never forget that.

Nixon was not a Mormon

He was a Quaker. Very different ideologies.

yes, we will PREVAIL!

please, get it right, it makes us look more credible...
and yes, he's a MORON...


Well, that's close! Mormon---moron!! HA

Yo 'Smiles' be a nice fellow ...

and explain why you can use killer alcohol but the many good people who prefer MJ are 'criminals'? To cut to the chase, how many people does alcohol kill and maim? How about marijuana? Even after adjusting for the much greater number of people using alcohol, it is by far the champion over weed in dealing death and destruction. So what's up? Sure doesn't sound like liberty and justice for all to me.

I wonder...

if that boy were his son, or his nephew, or one of his loved ones, and they were sitting there with the same disease, how he would feel.

It's very easy to pass judgement when it doesn't directly effect you.

Like others have said, our government has no place in telling doctors how to practice or what to prescribe. Unfortunately, they are loosing "their" drug war, so they go after pain doctors, shut them down, leave pain patients in crisis, and give themselves high-fives for "saving us from those drug-pushing MD's." Give me a break!


We all must unite and become one to fight this scurge on medical marijuana patients. Please contact news media outlets when candedates come to your area. Remind them that we are sick and with many illnesses that only MMj will releive the suffering. Follow the candidates in whatever is needed. Let them see us for what we are. Sick and Begging them to help protect us from federal charges.

Please stop the war on Medical Marijuana..we want to live in peace.


hello outside world, all this talk of "maryjane" is making me want to smoke one, but sadly to say that i am Out at the moment... shame we just can not go to the store and pick up a pack when we need 1...:)

So why does Romney grow marijuana?

That's right, Romney's tax dollars grow marijuana at Ole Miss, courtesy of the U.S. Government. The feds even distribute it to patients. My best friend is one of the federal patients, and he is grateful to Romney for his generous assistance.

If Romney won't support the 80% of Americans who DON'T think patients should be arrested for marijuana use, then feed him to the dogs. He just lost my vote.

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