McCain and Giuliani Say Terrible Things to a Medical Marijuana Patient

Via MPP, battle lines are being drawn on the campaign trail over medical marijuana. Linda Macia of Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana suffers from nerve damage, fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy and degenerative arthritis. She's allergic to other medications and has only found relief through medical marijuana.

You'd think that anyone hoping to become president would show some compassion for this unfortunate woman, but alas…

Notice how McCain turns his back to her the moment she utters the phrase "medical marijuana." Words could not better describe his position. McCain goes on to claim he's seen no documentation of medical marijuana's effectiveness, even though Granite Staters' Stuart Cooper had personally presented him with sound scientific evidence.

Will she have better luck with Rudy Giuliani? Let's see…

Ouch. Giuliani struggles when she explains that she's allergic to the "other medications" he recommends. He also claims not to have lobbied on behalf of OxyContin, which I guess depends on your definition of "lobbying."

Sometimes we don't get the answers we want. That's what happens when you look to the drug war for answers. But at least we're asking the right questions, and asking them often. Perhaps next time we should ask if they've seen the polling on medical marijuana. Maybe that will get their attention.

PS: Also watch McCain insult a New Hampshire student who asks him about medical marijuana, then apologize to him.
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Guliani and McCain

Both are from a generation that should have passed from power long ago. Anachronisms pandering to the vocal minority of nostalgic, narrow minded, religious right (who, unfortunately, actually turn out to vote..unlike the new "silent majority"---US ! )

medical marijuana

Well put. These guys do not have a new or original thought in their heads.

guiliani and mccain

here, here. let those with a real stake in the future call the shots.

Giuliani and FDA

The FDA has proven not to have scientific credibility. There have been many calls to restructure / overhaul the FDA. The FDA has approved a lot of drugs that have killed thousands of Americans. Additionally there have been a large number of drugs they have approved and then pulled these same drugs off the market do to side affects that have far outweighed any good they have done.

It is a disgusting state of affairs that Guliani does not know this or refuses to to seek the truth.

Keith Fagin

McCain is either out right

McCain is either out right lying or he is totally clueless in regards to the sick and dying being arrested. If either case is true then the man is no where near suitable for any position of any power in government.
There has been a lot of of documented fact that the feds have repeatedly arrested, persecuted and even allow sick people to die in prison. Many more have lost their families and suffered untold amounts of pain and suffering.

The outright lie there is no scientific evidence is like 1930 reefer madness nonsense!

Keith Fagin

statistics? facts? nah, let's go with hearsay

Ah well, if the FDA says, that's all the evidence we need!


The FDA will do anything necessary to limit the publics use of any substances that are not patentable and profitable for the pharmaceutical companies. The FDA has shown time and time again that it is a puppet for the giant pharmaceutical corporations. I do not believe for a moment that the FDA´s is working with our best interest in mind! At present, we are at great risk to have our freedoms taken away to take substances that assist our body to protect itself and prevent disease on a level that is extremely safe compared to the solutions offered by the medical or pharmaceutical industries. If we continue to let this happen, we will need prescriptions and a very deep pocket to be able to supplement our families diet with the most basic nutritional needs. We must educate ourselves on what is currently happening and threatening these very basic freedoms! If we don´t do something now, It may just be to late! As long as there is no profit is sight for the drug empires to prescribing marijuana it will be fought by the Federal Gov. I hope we can find a President that is not so entrenched with special interest that they have lost sight of the needs of the public. Is it possible?

Not exactly

The FDA has a hugely expensive process to get a medication approved. It's not in anyone's interest to do that for something that won't generate a return on investment. I'm sure there's plenty of corruption, but they really don't have to fight against anything that wouldn't turn a profit for someone.

Medical Marijuana

I just do not understand how these men that run our country and are supposed to be intelligent people can even think that a plant that can give someone a quality of life they didn't have before is a bad thing.
Do they have any clue how many people are strung out on pain medication. It's INSANE


Without the money donated by major corporations they would not get elected to public office. They sell their souls!

Ron Paul is Not For Sale

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who has promised to end the war on drugs, plus he believes in state's rights to write medical marijuana laws if they so choose. He's a Republican with libertarian leanings. Check him out at


Ron Paul may be the only Republican candidate that supports that, but Kucinich also supports an end to the war on drugs.

and Mike Gravel

Ron Paul, Kucinich, and Gravel are the only candidates that I'm aware of who support an end to the war on drugs. They are also the only ones constitutionally eligible to be president in the first place. The rest have subverted the constitution on far too many occasions to even be trusted in politics at all. Obviously when they swear on the bible to project and uphold the constitution, it means absolutely nothing to them. Get you friends and family to stop listening to the media's lies and deceit and start looking up the other candidates. Ron Paul already has my vote.


The ignorant demonization of Oxycontin by drug reformers hurts pain patients. It is a life saver for many Americans and should be given to many more that just suffer. Marijuana doesn't work for everyone


If you visit this site frequently, you know we agree strongly that OxyContin must be available for the patients that need it. We've been very critical of the DEA's war on pain management doctors.

The point here is that if Giuliani understands that issue, why doesn't he understand this one? Both are helpful drugs that have suffered from their association with recreational use.



For those of us who blog it would be helpful to provide the YouTube links so we can find the videos easier for posting.


doubleclicking a YouTube embed takes you to the source. This works on all sites.


The FDA like all government regulators has been taken over by the people it regulates.

Take the Interstate Commerce Commission. Established in 1887 to prevent "predatory" pricing in railroad tariffs, it became a price support mechanism for railroads. It was the first regulatory commission. Have we learned our lesson? Are you kidding me?

Every one thinks "This time will be different" - I always think "This time will be worse".


I remember when Clinton got elected. I thought "finally a pot smoking President, maybe he will do something about the drug war or at least marijuana".

He did something all right. The number of arrests under his administration doubled.

Mitt too Brutae

Just watched Mitt Romney do a smiling dis-off of a chairbound MedMari proponent on CNN. What a Ken doll this Mitt looks.He was forced to answer the callout by some press standbys. Had to say twice, he doe's not suppport MM. Say it is'nt so...

Magical Mittery Tour

Mitt happens. Rethugs and Repugs are way past their prime. Time to move on (dot org). The only solid about good ole Mitt is his hair.

Magical Mittery Tour

Mitt happens.

Mitt against MM?

Just another politician who knows more than doctors. Educated in medicine? Where? Scientific research? It is being blocked by the DEA!! Cops and politicians seem to be assuming too much responsiblity in the public's medical care!

Well, at least Ron Paul knows what doctors do!! But, most of the public would leave it to "would be" doctors, like Mitt and his chronies! Things need to change.

Politics has no place in the physician/patient relationship, as far as I see it!

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana, however way one choose's to ingest it, is the best medicine to treat nausea and vomiting. I have tried them all and everyone has the same side effect; which is after 6 months of using it it will cause nausea, the very thing it is prescribed to prevent. I can take 3-4 puffs on good (not excellant) marijuana and my nausea disappears and the cost of Marinol prevents most insurance companies from covering but the minimum amount and that sometimes is just not effective, besides by smoking or vaporizing the effect is almost instantaneous and actually easier titrated by the patient. Eating it is more the feeling you get with Marinol but without all the cannabinols in it, it's almost like the politicians, not the doctors, think you actually may go criminally insane by using it. That was Harry's medical diagnoses of the effects of smoking marijuana back in the 30's. I say let me try that weed! For we all know that smoking marijuana is not as harmful as our government tries to make us believe. There may be more effective ways of managing pain with opiates but they are 100% physically addictive, and there is no better drug at controlling nausea and vomiting than good ole dependable and safe marijuana, with no deaths caused by it ever or even a bad cough for when one stop's smoking the cough goes away. Marijuana smoke is not as harmful to the body as tobacco smoke. Really it's true, try it for yourself and see.. The most dangerous thing about marijuana is politics. Sounds like a good reason to lock up the ones who disagree, don't you agree...Schultz? We'll just tell the people were fighting the war on drugs and keep up the false image first created by the government in the latter 30's with Harry Anslinger and his DEA (Brand spankin' new, too) with all the Hearst publications printing the blantant lies said about marijuana and sensationalizing it on the public. If I can't live a free, healthy life here, screw it I am leaving. I can either go to Canada or Amsterdam, forced to stay in the USA without my medicine just is not worth it. America doesn't have a better quality of life than the Netherlands that's for sure.Peace~:)

Myth about pain care

MYTH...pain patients all get addicted!

I have had patients who never became "addicted" to anything. Including very strong doses of opiods. The scientific research reveals that true pain patients get addicted rarely, when taking the meds. But, the ignorance about the situation is what keeps the myth going. Yes, you can have physical dependence, where you have withdrawal with immediate cessation of the meds. But, that same pain patient will suffer through it, go back for refills, and start again! It is not addiction. The public has been fed so much crap about addiction that it is being used in instances where it does not apply! Addiction is a psychosocial abnormality with craving for a substance, activity (sex, eating) or anything else that will negatively affect your life, socially and your physical well being. People, who are dependent on opiods, for pain relief, have an improved quality of life. The only social problem is when all of the relatives want to play doctor an/or tell them the pain is all in their heads!

Pain doctors try to keep addicts out of the practice. We are not there to supply them their needs. But, to look at all of the prosecutions by big shot federal prosecutors, one would think that there are a lot of "bad doctors" out there. They look bad after the DEA and federal prosecutors slam their reputation all over the newspapers, confiscate all of their assets, and charge them with a crime that is, at the most , malpractice, not murder!

I am all for anything that would help the chronic pain patient, including a weed, if it will give them relief. It is sad to say that many chronic pain patients are needing to go to the illegal drug market to get their pain treated because politicians and the public, who are not trained in medicine, at all, keep telling doctors how to practice medicine.

And, I watch my wife suffer,almost daily, from one of her many untreated chronic pain problems! Anybody got a cure for endometriosis, IBS, migraine?!?!? The doctors lie and say they do! Like one of my past lady friends, who said she need to have a baby because that would stop the pain. She had a hysterectomy a couple of months after the birth of her daughter, because she was not "cured" by her pregnancy! Sorry, gotta get off my soap box now!

Medicine is already socialized! Just get more educated about addiction and the treatment of chronic intractable pain. What you said is as far from fact, as it can be! But, I did not, really, expect you to know that . Many doctors, also, are not educated enough to understand the situation with the torture of pain patients in our country. and it is directly related to their ignorance in the use and safety of opiods!

You are right on about MM and nausea!! I think it might be useful in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), myself! But, my wife will have to do something illegal to get it!


guess who isnt an ass an supports medicinal marijuana and a stop to the war on drugs... OH! its Ron Paul! YAY lets all go vote.

Ron Paul

This is not RP spam.

He has called for the War On Drugs.

Ron Paul for Medical Marijuana

You mean for the end of the

You mean for the end of the war? Anyways, he's a great guy, will probably be voting for him this election.

Two yellow cowards - hiding behind their bullshit.

I think the word we're all searching for here is:




Now tell us what you really mean!! LOL!!! I love it!!

She's a Shill for the Cause...Nothing More

You act as if their responses were unreasonable. Both were respectful and reasonably gentle in their responses.

When you deal with someone who is not their to learn or dialogue, but is there to deliver a message and nothing more...there IS no other reasonable response.

Spend a little less time being pissed off and hating people, and instead learn mutual respect and how to reasonably dialogue with others. When you understand that you hold a minority position...when you understand that reasonable people can agreeably disagree...when you understand that those who disagree with you are neither evil or incapable of holding leadership positions....THEN, maybe you'll get somewhere with your arguments.

Find a candidate you like and support them. That's how our system works. But you don't have to demonize those with whom you differ.

How Naive

That is an incredibly naive thing to say.

The fact of the matter is that we have greedy, power-hungry people in our government who will sell us out for their own interests and are not concerned with the people of this country. We can't ignore that, especially not for an upcoming election. I mean, look at the current administration. Lets not have a repeat of that, and lets call these types of candidates out for what their motivations really are.

No Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is the right idea.
Mike Gravel is the correct answer.

Gravel 08.

Except Gravel and Kucinich are DOA

Ron Paul has raised 5 000 000$ in the last quarter while Kucinich is begging for government money in his campaign.

There's a revolution brewing, and it's not on the Democrat side.

Shill? No , but they are...for their cau$e

McCain, Giuliani, Romney..etc, are the ones who are shills . Shills for big corporations that have a big interest in keeping the drug war continuum intrenched.There is nothing "reasonable 'about denying medication for the sick. There is nothing "reasonable'"about 2.3 million prisoners in the USA.Searching for forbidden plants , over private property ,with low flying helicopters ,is not "reasonable" by 4th amendment standards. These politicians are going around "delivering their message",which is not substantiated by the evidence available. Legalization is not a minority position.If a popular vote were held, the pro-pot ideology would prevail in the polls... by a 60% majority. It's not that we" hate" them. It's more like , we have just had enough of them , and their "message".

"All I can go by is what the

"All I can go by is what the FDA tells me."

That's right, don't believe anything that experienced people tell you. Instead of forming your own opinion, let a pointless govt. agency make them for you.

I'm currently looking for a story of a med. marijuana patient from Maine who was raided and died not long after. I'll send it right to McCain.


Just some ideas to increase enjoyment in this election process. Find a candidate you like and support them. Leave your dislikes of other candidates behind. Spread your enthusiasm about the candidate you like; what they support; their character; their strengths. Research, be curious, and gently educate your friends and people you meet, as the opportunity arises. Sleep will come much easier each night.

Thanks for McCain for

Thanks for McCain for telling it like it is. MM is a sick joke and a political stunt for folks like this site to use for legalizing drugs.

wow are you really that

wow are you really that stupid and hatefull . and or do you work for the police?

work for police?

Don't you know, that the drug war is job security for many police, lawyers, and prison guards?! The end of the drug war would mean they would have to find something else to provide them with a meaningful service to society (or a real job). And it is not surprising to see cops busted every week for transporting drugs into the prison system. If drugs can be bought in prison, how do you propose they be stopped on the street? Drug dealers don't card, either. So, that makes it EASIER for your kids to get drugs than it is for alcohol or cigarettes! The system makes your kids less safe, so far! I say, keep up the drug war. You make it easier for the dealers to meet your kids! Then, they can spend more time with them too. New source of babysitters?!

Pharmaceuticals are the sick joke

So laugh it up funny man. I'll stick to the medicine that does work for me not the pharm companies pockets. Spare me the side effects of your synthetics, short or long term. So why are you on this sick joke site? Get a life!

Not only do I think

Not only do I think substances like Marijuana open the mind, but I think they promote Peace as well. This does not work well with a warmongering nation like ours.

They are cutting us off from health benefits AND information.


Regardless of your pro or anti drug leanings, the simple fact is that there are some patients for whom no alternative exists. The federal government even admits this, giving mmj to patients every year - cans of pre-rolled mj cigs. from a pharmacy.
How the government can do this and not acknowledge the necessity for other patients boggles the mind.


If you are in NH and want to vote for Ron Paul, you MUST register as republican or independent by Oct 12!!!!!!

If you votes in the democratic primary last time round, they automagicly make you a democrat. [unless you filled your I'M STILL GODAMM INDEPENDANT form out before you left the polls]

I hope they know how many voters they alienated...

Guiliani we knew you were no good. But McCain, one might have expected better from. What these septuagenarian dunces failed to understand is that marijuana is a less potent and incapicitating medication to use on a daily basis compared with most narcotic/pharmaceutically-available options. I mean these guys are old and I'm sure they have taken a ton of prescription medications, do they not realize the long lists of potential side-effects and contra-indicated medicines speak to how modern day pharmaceutical medicine provides costly cures to our ailments. Similarly, Marinol (synthetic THC) is not only not as effective as smoked or eaten cannabis, but it is also has been much more expensive, on the level of $10+ a pill.

Also, how stupid are these guys pretending like they'll wait to hear the evidence that marijuana is beneficial? The AMA and other medical societies have come out in support of cannabis...

Mongrel Behaviour

When so-called humans act in an unreasonable manner, it’s more than bias. People become crooked and bent because they have an agenda which is based on power and accumulation of power. Those with power, be it financial, political, physical and more, seldom have the truth whereas those with truth, seldom have the power. People are unbalanced in this manner because truth is the potential whereas power is the kinetic and to have both in unison belongs to the realm of absolutes. As such, the way people act and react are revelations for us to see who can handle the power and who can handle the truth. We cannot persuade others to change their character though we can coerce them. In this case, at the elections. People who perceived themselves as topdogs are always incapable of handling power although they can hide this weakness for a long time. So long as humans are not aware of what or why they are born for, they’ll strive to accumulate power and power without truth is a loose cannon. Vote wisely for the other side is also the same. It’s only that rare individual who will make ALL the difference and this country had not seen one for a very long time. Vote for the one who strives not to achieve but strives to be truthful for in the end, when it comes and it will come for all, that is all that matters. Do not let sadistic human behaviour destabilise you for that is their true aim. Let others weaknesses strengthens you and strength is not so much about knowing the truth, for that is only the potential, strength is being satisfied, another word for joy-in-progress. That is the power that’s missing, not the power to destroy others which some mongrels are constantly barking on about, except that you don’t see them howling when it’s dark. This is NOT some religious mumbo-jumbo finger-pointing hallelujah nonsense. This is about morality, another word for being absolute.

Guys. . .

A lot of you have good points, but you're going to sit on this board and trash candidates or ideas, at least spell somewhat correctly so you don't look like an ass... Every one of you who bashes a candidate participates in the very thing those "vile" individuals did to get themselves into office, they take the focus off of themselves and put it on someone else in a negative light, that's pathetic.

Message boards are not the best way to get your message out, why don't you stop hiding behind your monitor and go do something, join NORML, or even better, SSDP, and actually make a difference. There's an SSDP conference in New Orleans this December, check it out, or at least some group that makes a real difference.

Oh ya

The other thing I'd like to point out, whoever wrote "MM is a sick joke and a political stunt for folks like this site to use for legalizing drugs" is that you use the word drug too freely. For starters, alcohol, a very legal DRUG, is far more dangerous and addictive than many illegal drugs (LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin to name a few) and kills 80,000 people every year. You should also know that every single day your brain produces many DRUGS, one of which is the most potent psychedelic known to man, DMT, it causes you to hallucinate every night while you sleep, but most people prefer the word dream, it just has such a nicer childish ring to it.

Caffeine is another of America's favorite drugs that thousands are addicted to.


Bang on!! I am in my mid forties. When I was in my twenties cocaine was my choice. Then I found find my pocket book failing me, having constant colds and feeling shitty whenever I did not have it. So I quit with no problem. Compared to caffiene it was childs play. In May of this year I quit coffee. 5 months later I still struggle with it. It screwed my sleep patterns, my digestive tract and headaches were rampant. Gram for gram it is a far more powerful drug than cocaine that can be bought 24 hours a day at your local convienience store, coffee shop and everywhere else you look.

In all my experimenting with drugs in my twenties, I never found a drug that ever got me as high as alcohol. Being another 24 hour available drug that kills thousands every year, the hypocracy of it makes me puke.

By the way I am a proffesional of twenty years now and use marijuana as my pain medicine of choice. A highly functional "pot head" if you wish, I'm used to it all.

To them it is business as usual on a soft target.....marijuana users. Two words for them...greedy pussies. Go after the real criminals losers.....oh yea I forgot, they carry guns!!!!!!!

Pilfer people out of millions and get a fine and probation, grow some pot for yourself and go to jail. What a wonderful world we live in!!

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