Franklin Pierce University Forced by Local Police to Help Bust its Own Students

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Drug war lunacy has taken hold in Rindge, NH and it isn't pretty. A new policy of notifying local police about suspected drug use on campus has disrupted the school's educational mission and provoked widespread alarm among students.

After discovering a marijuana grinder during a routine maintenance check, campus security called police to investigate. Police then locked students out of their residence for 26 hours while obtaining a search warrant. This video made by Franklin Pierce SSDP members shows how several students were denied access to all of their possessions, including their school work, for a full day so that one of them could be investigated for drug paraphernalia:

If this sounds like a typical college campus misconduct case, it's not. Sources familiar with the situation have informed me that Rindge Police threatened campus security themselves with arrest if they didn't start sacrificing students to the local drug war. It's like saying, "We know people smoke pot on campus. Help us bust them, or we'll bust you."

It's hard to understand what could motivate this type of law-enforcement. Small-town police departments with less to occupy their time are frequently prone to drug war excesses. College town culture clashes are nothing new either. But the sheer audacity of all this is stunning, and it raises important questions about whether this police department understands its proper role in the community.

Beyond that, it highlights how quickly the war on drugs can become a war on education itself. Throughout the nation, students bear the stigma of presumed drug involvement and are targeted, not just by law-enforcement, but by federal law that removes young people from school for petty offenses. The behavior of police at Franklin Pierce University is symptomatic of the corrupted drug war mentality that we must investigate and destroy our young people if necessary in order to discourage drug use.

This is not a war which seeks to protect and uplift America's youth. It is many things, but it is so clearly not that.

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Institution of higher tyranny

I'm wondering if the police found any empty beer bottles , or full ones, during the invasion. A grinder ...sheesh.


Beer was found, eventually. After the search warrant.

FPU's Celebrity Trustee

There seems to be an upward trend for some institutions of learning to help pave the way for a totalitarian state. Today’s news on another site included a story involving some schools that have banned students from hugging:

Then there is the classic example involving Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, which placed electronic eavesdropping devices in the men’s dormitories to detect homosexual or drug using activity.

As an up and coming college that has just attained university status, Franklin Pierce University (FPU) should be more concerned about attracting new students to its 3200 student alumni than with whacking its precious alumni with marijuana charges.

Reading their website, I found that FPU’s celebrity trustee is none other than Marlin Fitzwater, former President Reagan’s and George H. W. Bush’s press secretary. Fitzwater may be the source of the problem. At least his celebrity status might be useful for focusing more publicity on the issue. Perhaps FPU’s 3200 students could get a petition going to “Just Say No” to Fitzwater, or maybe they could demand that Fitzwater be jack-booted off campus. The turmoil would be fun to watch.



I should have added that, at least as far as this specific incident is concerned, it seems the administration is siding with the students.

They must still explain the cruel policy change of turning students over to the clearly bloodthirsty local police, but it's a start. I would have come down much harder on the FPU administration had I not been informed that they shared the students' dismay over this fiasco.

the new militarism ---our our personal police state...

the next thing you know they'll be threatening our children at school so that they kind find out and report what mommy and daddy are doing at home..

I won't be surprised to once again see the triangle patches of Nazi Germany. Maybe a green one for pot users.. I can't figure out what color to use for psychedelics..maybe rainbow paisley.

Were are already past that point...

Quote --- the next thing you know they'll be threatening our children at school so that they kind find out and report what mommy and daddy are doing at home.. ---

That's already happened through the DARE program...Particularly in California... Send Mom and Dad to Jail and throw the kids in a foster home.
Just another day at the office for the cops following directives from our draconian drug policies.


I am from a small town too and its at the point where the police will literally follow us on their bikes to see where we are walking to. They don' try to hide it they just ride right along side us down the street! We need to put an end to this!!!

You have rights!!

That is complete crap! How dare the police act in such a manor! Contact your state legislators, better yet just show up at their office and demand that you see them! I live in a more liberal state and I do get results when I go to the capitol building and just wait in their office until they come out, wait all day if you have to, they will come out. Don’t let them ignore you, demand that they intervene and don’t just ask. Remember the government works for you. Be the biggest pain in their rear as you can, it works, trust me.

WOW I could not even imagine what it would be like to live in such a crappy state where that is allowed to happen. You guys should move to the Pacific Northwest, we have Medical Marijuana laws on the books, liberal enforcement policies and way better smoke. I wish the best of luck to all of you!


I live in the town next to Rindge (where FPU is located), so I see this story in the local paper as well. Sadly, the student leading the protest has been arrested for possession of a tiny amount of pot, the infamous grinder and a pipe. They are also trying to charge his roommates with "controlling a premises where illegal drugs were kept" or some such nonsense. I am sure they are grateful to the university and police for setting him on the right track. Good job FPU. You are really looking out for your students' interests. Their lives will be so much better now. And I am sure the rest of the student body is relieved as well that these criminals are no loner in their midst.


This is a clear case of the law stepping over it's bounderies and invading your your civil rights. You said that you didn't conscent to a search but they still entered your home and basically seized it? Was there anything else in your home that would have justified these officers for doing this? Did they have a warrent?
What if one of you had a prescription for something unrelated to this and couldn't get to it? would they accept responsibility if one of you had severe complications or reactions due to not being able to get to your medicine. What about your schoolwork, computers, other personal property?
Your talking about a misdimenor for crying out loud----They are treating you guys like you are terrorists. I would call a good attorney and file a lawsuit.
Good luck,
Chris in Florida
Private Investigator


this is insanity! why didn't one of the students just break a window and climb in?

try calling the Rindge PD - no one is home - we'll get back to u


Just try calling the Rindge PD. They are never available. Does the safety officer at FPU have the secret inside number or the chiefs cell phone? I believe most of the good 'ol boy network in Rindge does.

Call - please leave a message!

"I've made no bones about it since I've been here, in the four years I've been here, that I'm going to control that campus one way or the other." Rindge Police Chief Michael Sielicki

Regarding a VT type incident...
"We have enough firepower now," said Sielicki. "With our new weapons that we've purchased over the last couple of years and we have trained with Jaffrey to understand how we work together. But not only would we call Jaffrey for assistance, but we would also call the state police and have them come down with their SWAT team."

Very Unhappy

My son attends FPU and I have had nothing but wonderful things to say- UNITL NOW. This is a total outrage-- I can not believe that FPU decided to knuckle under when it comes to THEIR students. Maybe its time to start looking around for a University who STANDS UP FOR THEIR STUDENTS??
Very Unhappy Mother...

Wake up People

This is cleary a case of unreasonable seizures of property.
The Rindge Police unreasonably seized these students home and property while they waited for a search warnt. This is clearly against the IV as stated in the Bill of Rights.

This school sounds like its

This school sounds like its going downhill...thanks to the local PD.

Class of 2001 alumni....

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