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good "germans"

Dear M Simon,

As I read your blogs, I was first, offended by, what appeared to be "racist" remarks about Germans. I think it would be better described as "good Nazis". That is my thought because only those Germans who were cooperative with the Nazis were seen as "good Germans". As a result, I saw the error in my interperetation and felt that the German remark was more a social statement than a racist one. People, willing to try to enforce morality, when it is clear it cannot be, are being the good (Germans) citizens. And I am Irish and Dutch and ....., well, I am not of German descent. (But, I am "saved" ... TRUE evangelical Christains, love Jews!!)

But, it is not the "Germans" that are the problem. It is the "good citizens" who would allow such a failure as the "drug war" continue, with trillions of dollars spent! Kids get drugs easier, now , than in any other time in our history! And they avoid MJ because of drug testing. We are "forcing " them into using more dangerous, shorter acting drugs! The good citizens are too brainwashed to see they are just making it easier for kids to get drugs, than it is for them to get cigarettes and alcohol. Hey, citizens! Dealers DON"T CARD, !!

And when it come to the "controlled drugs" the correct name of heroin is acetyl-morphine! Heroin was also coined by Bayer, when it was first marketed and used, without disgretion, in this country. So , when the legal eagles figure out that the drug is addictive (highly addictive gets my goat, too) they determine it has no medical uses! (Definition of class one controlled drug) (1930's?) Who? The cops, that is who!!! It is one of the cheapest forms of pain medication to produce (as are codiene and morphine) because the plants (poppies) produce an easily refinable form of the drug (opium)! It would be a heck of a lot cheaper than "Oxycontin" is, right, now.

I support Ron Paul for several reasons. One of them is the fact that he is calling for an end to the drug war and the war against pain management doctors!

And, I also agree with you on another point. Self medication! I had several ex- patients (pain) that are now going to a methadone clinic, because it is the only way they can get any pain medicine! In that same venue, using heroin for chronic pain would be the next, reasonable, step. That is, if you are in so much pain, that you want to die, anyway! (It is just as safe as oxycontin or any other opiod, when given in a proper way) And the MJ has a lot better side effect profile than many of the drugs that are being forced on mental patients, now-a-days!! But, be a good German, or citizen, or whatever you want to call it. As long as you punish the poor and the helpless, you will be safe!

Forcibly, retired pain doctor!

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Rickety Ice Cream Truck


That is fucking hilarious because that is what ACTUALLY happens NOW, under prohibition. There is an "ice-cream" truck that rolls through my neighborhood rather frequently. A guy I know who enjoys his uppers way more than the average person, aka a crackhead, confirmed that he buys his crack and coke from that ice cream truck. That battle you are having with people is THE battle right now. The person who made the icecream truck comment would probably shit themselves if they realized how easy it is for children to acquire illicit drugs these days. My little sister is in High School and she has a harder time getting booze for the weekend than she does getting weed or coke. That's a problem, but i'm confident people are coming around to that conclusion, albeit slowly.

Matt Potter
North Carolina State University
Chair, Student Senate Campus Community Committee
President, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

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