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John McCain is Sick of Being Asked About Medical Marijuana

SSDP activist Jon Perri just nailed John McCain over his opposition to medical marijuana. McCain is noticably frustrated about being forced to repeatedly explain his lack of compassion for patients. He belittles Perri, only to subsequently apologize for doing so.

Note how McCain emphasizes his opposition to medical marijuana, but still claims he would not arrest patients. That's sort of the point of the question, Senator.

Cheers to Jon Perri for asking the question smartly and maintaining his composure despite McCain's interruptions. At this pace, one wonders if the Senator will have a complete meltdown the next time this question is asked of him.

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McCain Lies, Abuses Woman in Wheelchair

The encounter described above wasn't the only disturbing interaction with McCain over the weekend:{F447B6E4-9A26-4BB8-A833-C6B2FDE9F297}&notoc=1

Bruce Mirken
Director of Communications
Marijuana Policy Project

Thanks, Bruce

I just blogged this here. You guys are doing a great job in NH.

McCain was right

Oh, so it seems McCain is right. You guys are sending people all over to the townhall meetings to ask the same question over and over. I'm wondering if you do this because you realize not many others hold the same view on this issue as yourselves?

Look at the polls

Just look at this. You are the minority, my friend. Very much so. And you'll never find data to the contrary. Public support for medical marijuana is overwhelming, and it is the politicians that are out of touch, not the people. Are you shocked?

The reason we ask them these questions is because the pro-medical marijuana voting public is inevitably disgusted with their response.


I'm really sick of that man ,i'm sorry he was a pow during the Vietnam war,really am,I spent 26 mon. and 14 days in that war ,thankfully was never caught,but over the years since,I didnt change into an asshole like he did,and he really has,ever since schrub beat the big man down in the primaries for the 2000 election,what a namby-pamby wooos!,he's tired of people asking about med mj,then I say get outa politics!,I really wish those that really count that we all talk about would read these comments ,you have any idea how many sites like this exist out there in the netherworld???.......they're reading how well their stocks are doing!!!......don

McCain on Medical Marijuana

McCain and every one with this attitude towards medical marijuana are personal enemies of mine and everyone who suffers from a dibilitating disease like myself who benefit from the theraputic effects of marijuana. I have Adult Type 2 Diabetes from which I acquired 2 neuropathic diseases GastroEsophagealAcidReflux disease or GERDS for short along with GastroParesis. Which in short means paralyzed stomach, resulting in delayed stomach emptying resulting in constant nausea worse than any chemo nausea for it is constant and life long, resulting in nutrition loss leading to wasting syndrome. Which is an open door for many other diseases to grow. I have no idea what the future will bring but right now there is nothing on the medicinal market that even comes close to controlling my nausea & vomiting with such a wide safety margin than marijuana, so you can believe I will use it. I have tried them all. So if smoking marijuana gives me an appetite and takes the nausea away allowing me to have a natural appetite and not let this grow into wasting syndrome disease it only makes sense to use this medicine. We know damn good and well that even the smoking of marijuana is not as harmful as the federal government would have us believe. Since 1937, "Reefer Madness," Harry Anslinger and his newly formed DEA with the Hearst Corp. printing sensationalism on marijuana, like once a 17 year old boy killed his parents and the local papers, owned by Hearst would print that the reson the boy did this is because of a one time use of marijuana which leads to criminal insanity. Why have our federal government been brainwashing the American public on the effects of marijuana? Many reasons just Google medical Marijuana and you'll get a wealth of info on both sides including a timeline of cannabis it's uses and legalities and illegalities. So in this state of uncertainty on part of the Federal Government to deny 2000 years of successful medically recorded uses of cannabis, and records dating back to 6000 BC to the use of cannabis. Such as Queen Victoria who found that a tincture of cannabis and alcohol was very effective in controlling her menstruel cramps. The AMA even tried to keep the feds from putting cannibis in a schedule 1 category for they knew marijuana was not harmful and had some very theraputic healthful effects. But prejudice, ignorance, fear and denial overcame the american public from the misinformation put out about marijuana and it's medical use and value. But take heart remember we have been fighting marijuana prejudice for only 70 years. It took over one hundred years of fighting just for women to get the right to vote not to mention rights denied to the black man which they have been fighting for over 200 years. With these facts in mind it is easy to see how our lawmakers are controlled by our Federal Government. I am sure the founding fathers of the USA did not expect our lawmakers to act so inhumanely when it comes to human rights including medical rights and states rights. So it is only a matter of time before the non-cannabis believers will be replaced or just die off then they will be replaced by sane intellegent people and we will have a better congress and marijuana will be legal on the federal level, and states rights will not be denied by the federal government or any of it's agencies ie the beloved DEA and FDA. My senator say's he will not back up medical marijuana until it has been approved by the FDA, yet he votes for legislation that lets the DEA prevent the FDA from doing research on medical marijuana? Where is the sanity in that. Your right there is none, it is called prejedice. Peace One Love.


Racism is the word I use. Illegal aleins are treated better. Thanks for a well written "peace"!


Weed smokers are not a race. Aside from that, I agree with everything said here. The police, DEA, and Federal Government are afraid of losing authority and power, and so they refuse to allow new information about marijuana to be produced and will adamantly block any attempts at decriminalization or legalization. Personally, I don't think legalization is a good idea, but I'm all for decriminalization of, maybe even up to 4 ounces or so.


I guess if you said that the weed smokers have some sort of chemical deficiency, that makes them that way, they could be considered a race of people. The relative lack of melanin, in my skin, is a relative deficency of a chemical that makes me different than those that have a lot more of it! Maybe there is a race of cannabinoid deficent people! (since we, all, have cannabinoid receptors in our bodies.)

The attitude is the same. Downgrade someone because they are different!


Why does McCain think hemp is the same thing as medical marijuana?


Simple answer, IGNORANCE! No knowledgeable grower, would try to grow illegal pot in a hemp field! They know more than Mr McCain (and the DEA) do about that situation, obviously! And, that is why the growers would never be so stupid! How many, more, ways are the politicians uninformed about the issues important to the constituency?

im a old vietnam vet and im

im a old vietnam vet and im ashamed of mcains stance .my question is what the hell is wrong with you sir


We will know that sanity has returned to our country when you can look across its plains and see fields of cannabis waving in the wind. It will be a sign that we care more for eachother than the greed for profits that is the major roadblock to its decriminalization/legalization of this simple god given plant.

how many of us can they jail?

if everyone who honestly believed in the medical uses of marijuana stood up for what they believed in and did whatever was required to get what they need, eventually they'd run out of places to put the people they arrest, until 1/2 the country consists of jails full of pot smokers, then maybe someone would open their eyes

I made that argument in the mid-1970s . . .

. . . and suggested that people stand in line at police statioins, while passing joints from the front to the back of the lines. I found not one person willing to do that with me.

McCain tired of hearing question

The reason candidates keep being asked their position on medical marijuana is there are millions of us who favor it and we are looking for a candidate who will represent our interests. Ron Paul has answered the question correctly. Guess who we will be voting for.

Medical Marijuana

I just came across this blog. I have to say I think the question about medical marijuana is a good one. The Federal Government/DEA should not be interfering with State legislation that allows for medical marijuana use. The war on drugs costs about 150 billion, despite the cost, its effectiveness is debatable. The War on Drugs is bad on so many levels, cost, policing personal choice, etc. However, I can understand the fears of people and that this fear could lead to excessive regulation and policing of drugs. But to support raiding the sick and terminally ill who are being prescribed medical marijuana by a doctor lacks all common sense.

medical mariquana

Pharmaceutical companies play a major role in running our government with money/power.And I think they fear if pot was legal people would not use so many prescription drugs, especially anti-depressents.Watch the evening news what commercials do you mainly see? And how dumb are we to take a legal drug that may have side effects far worse then the original ailment! I've even heard one that mentioned DEATH! HELLO! death is not a side effect it's Permanent?!

not funny at all this is the

not funny at all this is the shit they want to do here for real. Fuck them the day I respect them is never they dont respect our country or our culture. Wake up this is how they win by making us laugh and saying its satire. This is how they live thank god my toilet faces mecca so when I take a piss I can imagine if pissing on mecca.


Mccain is another douche bag who allows the facts about marijuana to be ignored simply for the fact that his campaign contributers stand to lose great sums of money if marijuana was legalized. 2nd fact decriminalized marijuana for patients doesn't hurt anyone so why do so many people want to stop them from feeling better?

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