Record Marijuana Seizures Mean There's More Pot, Not Less

The Drug Czar's blog once again demonstrates a remarkable misunderstanding of how drug enforcement works. Or they're just pretending not to understand:

Pot Seizures Way Up in Oregon

More bad news for Mexican drug cartels:

"Harvest season this year has law enforcement scrambling to deal with the largest crop of marijuana in Oregon history.

From counties long known for illegal foliage to those where marijuana is rare, narcotics agents say they are tracking and hacking an unprecedented number of plants in remote and rugged rural areas.

By mid-September, they had seized about 220,000 plants statewide, nearly a 100 percent jump from last year's haul of about 120,000 plants. Almost all of the crops, DEA officials say, are grown by Mexican drug cartels expanding their California operations." [Oregonian]

Government anti-drug officials, of all people, should understand that high seizures mean there's just lots of marijuana to be found. The article even says it's "the largest crop of marijuana in Oregon history." This isn't bad news for Mexican drug cartels, it's bad news for the 20-year-old federally-funded marijuana eradication effort that hasn't accomplished anything. The problem is just getting worse.

What could be more dishonest than pretending that a record crop is good news for marijuana eradication? That is just like saying that record forest fires are good news because we're putting out more fires than ever before.

As usual, the DEA eagerly claims that "almost all of the crops" are grown by Mexican drug cartels, as though white people in Oregon want nothing to do with marijuana cultivation. Um, have you seen those people? Seriously, I've met lots of white people from Oregon, and I swear half of them were just waiting for me to stop talking so they could go water their pot plants in the woods.

And, as I've explained previously, no one ever gets caught planting pot in the woods anyway, so how could police possibly know who's doing it? They have no clue, and it's precisely because no one ever gets caught growing pot in the woods that more and more people are planting more and more pot in the woods. How long must all of this go on before the Drug Czar's office stops citing it as evidence of the effectiveness of marijuana eradication?

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HAH! Mexican Drug Cartels...

They want us to believe it's Mexican Drug Cartels so they don't look bad when they steal patients' medicine.

Things that make you go hmmmmm......

This just goes to show that the US government is not shy when it comes to creating misinformation so that they can "build a bigger fence" and impose more "anti-terrorism" laws (which, by the way, is its own form of psychological terrorism) that violate and impose upon the rights of being a human being.

Hmmm.. Why is it that we cannot vote for the Vice President? He is always chosen by the President. We should be able to have a democrat VP and a republican pres or vice versa or neither. Its sad to see that only the weathy can win an election. Has anyone cited the Bush administration for vandilism? How many pro Bush stickers have you seen on walls, signs, street posts.. I can get a ticket for putting up too many yard sale signs.

The worlds human population needs to start realizing that we are all one family that lives together in one big home under the sun and moon and start treating each other with the same respect we feel we deserve and celebrate and respect each others differences.

Oregon Pot

" its bad news for the 20 yr old federally funded marijuana erradication programme that hasn;t accomplished anything"

Duh.. do the math-- the feds have uprooted millions of pot plants from the most remote corners of Amerca..ut accomplished all it set out to do- and thats dent the black market and drive up prices beyond the reach of kids.. and preventing many hundreds of tons of domestic pot from reaching all American asshole tokers.. whom are stupid enough, thank you, without requiring further cerebral clouding from hybrid drug strains..

So rave on leftie dope fiends, the feds are unravelling your Carter era self serving drug liberation fantasy. afterall the whole world wants pot shut down so it doesn't mess up even more people- the cops do not want your scrawny little asses, you are of no use to anyone in jail, at least free range stoners might do the dishes at home..rake up the yard, you know simple things..

so the Federal mandate to destroy pot plants is actually working out just fine, Too bad myoptic pothead writer person nissed it,, missed it again

Good luck toxic skulls of America.. you are gonna need it

10:37 rant

Go have another drink, you hate-filled alcohol supremacist bigot. How many people does alcohol kill? And marijuana? Which one is illegal?

Re: Oregon Pot

If we are able to increase the price and/or decrease the availability, we can expect a rise in the use of other, smaller, cheaper, more powerful and ultimately more destructive substances.

Just one of the many horrible side effects of these short sighted actions.

Ms. Boreagon

Who are you Bush?? Or his wife?
Whoever you are, you certainly are NOT someone who who takes very much pride in establishing the rights or freedoms of this country's people. Wether or not they posses' toxics skulls or not I believe is none of your god damn business. I feel It should be a crime in this country to allow nebulous individuals such as yourself to walk around with a I love hitler attitude. In fact maybe just maybe that attitude will get you imprisoned...hey ya never know how the government will respond to individuals who are stuck in what they belive. As for the marijuana situation. First I can probably diagnose your problem easily. Have You ever smoked marijuana? Have you ever just kicked back alone, or with a few friends after a long day at work, and actually smoked bud? Maybe cooked a little dinner, watched a good movie (or for you cspan) and just relaxed? Or are you the type that enjoys hitting the local pub after working just to get shit faced and start a fight with someone because you attempted to get in your vehicle and drive home with double the legal limit B.A.C. and they tried stopping you. Either way which sounds more enjoyable? But we can go back to the topic of U.S. law enforcement agencies "protecting the people of our country" And they oh so fabulous job they preform. I also think that you need to take your plagued ideas and join a anti pot-smokers website and stop posting any comments that may have to do with the website creator's ideas, or any author on this page since us "pot-heads" are hard to communicate with as is.

" Oregon Pot " responds to the 4:20s Cranks

Typical stoners apologists..- some liberal saints you turned out to be , basement apartment Drama Queens calling me in turn ( not missing any of your nightmare people ) Hitler, Bush " and" his wife,, toss in alcohol as your final memorable elevator fart ,, tsk tsk..falling so low and desperate to self justify your afinity for vegetable companions attacking my person and not even addressing the ideas being presented. Stay on point cranky dope fiends, if you can,, no wonder nobody takes you seriously,

So you illustrated my point better than I could have.. thanks.. and that is: pot has made you and others like you every bit the asshole that Harry Anslinger warned us about,howbeit in terse language, two generations ago, And that the Feds snipping a few hundred thousand plants befire you could smoke them and further discount yourself was, is and will remain a good idea. Amen to helicopters and machettes...

Dry out and revisit your higher mind.That is if you developed one before pot powerwashed your rational brain away years ago. That you even dare consider arresting me, or banning me from yopur airwaves because i may have experiences and views " alternative " to grid locked stoner views..
why how coarse and Un American that all is..No wonder the Feds seek out your weed stash with such certainty..

They Feds are winning and frankly, the stoner backwashers are not winning and have not won anything significant in 70 years.

RE: "Oregon Pot " responds to the 4:20s Cranks

Let's see... you opened with:

"American asshole tokers"
"cerebral clouding"
"dope fiends"
"self serving"
"scrawny little asses"
"free range stoners"
"myoptic pothead writer"
"toxic skulls of America"

Tempting of course, but you are right. Those who defend conservative notions such as the decriminalization of pot need to keep their eyes on the prize.

Gone With the Wind

OK lets really see, the origional article opened with

"Drug Czar"
"remarkable mis understanding"
"pretending not to understand"
"What could be more dishonest"

and then the fine stoner community began to drift into drugged jingoism

" Go have another drink you hate filled alcohol supremist bigot"
"Who are you Bush or his wife? "

This sort of off point flare up is why nobody takes stoners seriously, and why your movement, in spite of having millions of dedicated users spending billions of drugdollars each year has accomplished nothing in 70 years. Nothing at all.. stop and think about that sort of score-- NOTHING AT ALL

and why any vague notion of decrim is unattainable as long as the stoners themselves demonstrate that cannabis materially contributes to the irreversable process of making normal people stupid, and then making stupid people mean . Why the laws forbidding Cannabis are on the same social wavelength as laws forbidding asbestos and radioactive materials, because deluded people don't realize they have beern damaged until its too late. Read the ads above on this page for de tox information..ya ha ha this page is brought to you by companies that detoxify cannabis users,,, and they aren't govt stooges, they provide a service for a malady called cannabis addiction.. and now look freshly at why the Feds cut down pot plants wherever they find them.. and then re read the origional article above.. the one about " pretending not to understand "

welcome to the Pot ghetto-- where your best friend is a dead vegetable

RE: Gone With The Wind

Twelve states have elected to try to reign in their police and perhaps another 2 or 3 will do so by the end of the decade. The war mentality is entrenched and the status quo is extremely profitable, but we've made strides.

I think whether we succeed or not will be based on our collective understanding of The State as parent, and the fall-out from 80+ years of demonization.

We live in interesting times.

We Live in Interesting Times

12 states out of 50 is not very much,
not a majority'
not even close to a majority

and the key words here
are TRYING to reign in their state police,, so restated these figures would be 1 fourth of the US states have some sort of proposed legislation to reign in their police and make it easier to be a drug user, These are police who are mandated by both Federal and International law to seek and destroy drug use. Don't you remember any of this?
Another 2 or 3 states floating over to drug use tollerance during the next t ten years is not very promising-: At that rate it will be mid century before the US can get a half vote of attempting to reign in their state police. By then, any stepped up prohibition measures will have captured every stoner in America. You know its coming like your birthday...

Call your legally elected government Dad or Satan or whatever you want
_ but the fact remains the state is the orchestrated collective will of the people, its a numbers game and most people do _not approve of stonerism, nor wish to raise children in a climate of tollerance towards stonerism, in the US or elsewhere in the world..

Maybe get used to being a permanent fringe group and make running like stoned coyotes from the law just part of doing business in the 21st century. Interfacing with black market chemistry will always be an expensive way to live..

Thank you for not getting stoned and then becoming vicious

RE: we live in interesting times

Hey Scott,

Thanks for sharing your opinions about the record marijuana seizures.

I see it attracted opinions of a very abusive anti-stoner wacko, great comedy relief for those that see the abundance of their ignorance, while they insult millions of people with their myopic anti-stoner jingoisms.

No need to do the math, more weed being seized is more weed being grown.

It's doubtful the marijuana seizures have pot out of the hands out of kids determined to get some weed. Considering it's abundance and acceptance by the public, many kids say it's easier to get than alcohol. Many kids have also concluded that pot is not as harmful or toxic as alcohol, I'd have to agree.

American asshole tokers whom are stupid enough eh?

That shows how little you know about pot smokers.
Many are very successful people in life, engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, millions of hard working Americans and business owners are amongst us. Many have raised their children even in a almost zero tolerance environment, and they are just fine. Some are very brilliant, creative and good people despite your ignorant slanders.

Ample studies exist demonstrating that no long term permanent issues exist for pot smokers at many levels. Some even illustrate better abstract pattern recognition or enhanced skills with certain quantities of Marijuana use. Ample evidence shows it helps people with a long list of mental, physical issues and illnesses.

Thanking people for not getting stoned and becoming vicious is very funny...

Marijuana smokers typically get mellow not abusive when the get stoned. I think it would be difficult for anyone to reach The level of verbal abuse this anti-stoner poster so aptly demonstrates in their language compared to the rest of the respondents.

No doubt it will probably be some time if ever the majority of people will vote for legalization, perhaps the tyranny of the majority will cease some day.How many presidential election debates have you seen over the years that had candidates from all parties call for an end to the drug war and the legalization of drugs, as they do today?

As far as stepping up the prohibition measures...
We are already a militant narco facist power by many peoples measures. Firing on ships heading from one foreign country to another. Blowing planes out of the skies over central and southern America with no flight plan. Spraying herbicides over people and their crops polluting the land and water. Leaders calling for random testing of kids at school, workers and even the citizens as a whole. Warrant less video surveillance, E-mail, chats rooms and telephone calls, warrant less searches of people, vehicles, etc..

And our treatment of drug users and dealers and their families is as draconian as ever. No knock warrants, grenades tossed in the houses, shoot the family dog, guns to the head of non-violent
adults and young children are becoming the norm, swat teams called in for small time deals. Yet many drugs are more available and cheaper now than ever before, and claim the feds are winning?

The cops do not want your scrawny little asses?

Why are we arresting increasing numbers of Marijuana smokers every year? 2006 was another record year or arrests for marijuana smokers 829,625. Maybe it's to take their money or property.
You know simple things...
After all many police departments depend on seizures for 25% or so of their budget. With over 2 million people in Jail, it's also big business for Wackenhut and other corporations.

Zero tolerance and/or drug free America are Utopian and extreme
demands more unlikely to ever exist in a truly free society.

There is plenty more absurd claims and ignorance I could comment on, But I have more important things to do with my time than deal with a deluded anti-stoner.

Keep the posts coming Scott, most of us get and appreciate the points your talking about.

Cheerleaders for the Vague & Intoxicated

Wow .. this is all you come back with? I re read the last post and theres nothing much to disagree with, becuase there is not much content there at all.I no longer use the tem
War on Drugs" because war implies both sides struggling. I now refer to it as the Eradication of drugs, thius way your comatose side can lay there and mumble ( see above ) as the spray trucks finish your dope supplies off

this sort of drifting off point to self congratulate and tsk tsk other views will not get a passing grade in the school of life
nor turn around your fate as a self made underclass

Luckily all federal funding to erradicate drugs is aimed at youth- who really cares about a bunch of poisoned old hippies / dope addled aging punks / vague and disconnected tribal people.. go ahead and re read
Brave new World" especially the Sama doped nether society-- and read it carefully, because you are the people on the other side of the fence- the stoners looking through the grid at the functional straight who had enough of them and walled them off. Just like the US government is doing right now, walling you off in Downtown Inebria..and taking you out, one at a time.

Fine me and millions more are not looking for support from the terminally clouded Americans who read this internet board..., its too late for you now, and the rest of us have a wall to put up.. Be brave in the new world..that book was written as a warniong, not a tour guide to synapse misfirings
. Bye Y'all and don't say nobody warned you..

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