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Marinol prescribing protocol

According to my psychiatrist, the DEA is coercing doctors into changing the way they prescribe Marinol. The change is in the number of refills granted to patients. Within the last six months doctors began issuing prescriptions with one refill. Before that they issued ones with up to three. I generally try to avoid figuring out the rationale of DEA actions, but as a user of Marinol for the last three years this one really has me stumped. This drug has virtually zero diversion potential as it needs to be kept refrigerated to be effective and the price makes it nearly impossible to profit from. I hope those with knowledge about the prescribing protocols for drugs like Oxycontin, codeine and the like will comment about the number of refills typically granted for those substances.
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fucking insane

fucking insane

Chronic Back Pain

I suffer from two bulging discs. One in my neck, C5/C6 and one in my lower back L5/S1. I have been prescribed all sorts of pain killers. Oxycodone(not oxycontin), hydrocodone and kadian which is a nice name for time-release morphine, just to name a few. I am currently trying to get on marinol as I am a registered Montana MMJ patient. I only smoke for my pain these days and believe that marinol would be a helpful if used in conjunction with my mmj. However, doctors here are rather closed minded and not up on all of marinol's current uses. It's a frustrating battle.

Here in montana, if my GP prescribes me vicodin/hydrocodone 5-10mg(90/month) she will generally issue me a one month refill and she can fill my prescription over the phone without an office visit. If percocet/oxycodone 5-10mg(90/month) is what is required then she is required by the DEA to see me once a month and ONLY give me a one month, hand written prescription from her. The kadian/time-release morphine requires the same process as the percocet/oxycodone. Based on these personal experiences and quite a bit of research, I believe that anything stronger than vicodin/hydrocodone requires a monthly office visit to your GP.

Hope That Helps

The war on drugs is costing me a lot of money...

I am very happy with my current pain doctor but I don't think I need to see him once a month for a condition that can not be fixed and will only get worse...  My neck was broken in a car accident 25 yrs ago and cervical fusion c1-c2 failed causing c2-c3 to grow together.  OUCH.  Well I've had to take these stupid pills for over 15 years now.  I know what works and what doesn't.  My stomach is ruined from all the years of aspirin and ibuprofen and whatever new anti-inflam (vioxx, celebrex) those other doctors over the years could prescribe to me.

I live in a state where marijuana is illegal.  I decided to quit drinking along with the pain medicine and try marijuana instead.  I've reduced my pain medication dosage by more than half and no alcohol at all.  Yet I risk being handcuffed and thrown in jail.  So I had my doctor prescribe me some Marinol.  I paid $230 for 10-10mg pills!!!  I'm disabled and can no longer work.  I can not get insurance on this pre-existing condition.  I am forced to apply for Disability to get some medical help.  If they would end the war on drugs (the war on pain doctors and pain patients mostly), I might be able to afford this on my own.  I did save for retirement, it just got forced on me 10 yrs early is all.


What state do you live in? Can you give the name of the doctor that prescribed the Marinol? Thanks

Find a Doctor that will prescribe Marinol

I'd like to know where I can find a Doctor that will prescribe me Marinol.  I live in the state of Oregon.  I have my Card for MJ and am legal to smoke it but am on probation and since it is not legal in the eyes of the probation department, I'm not able to smoke it..  The probation department told me that I could use Marinol and this would be ok.  I have been been to my GP and he will not prescribe it for me. (A non believer) and my MJ Doctor only prescribes the MJ as a natural form.  Could you please help me out with a Doctor that will prescribe me the Marinol so that I can remain pain free and legal in the eyes of the law. 



Painful in Oregon


I've been told that it's only given to ease chemo pain and nausea and help with appetite. This is as of 2014


i want to stop smokimg, so does anyone have a doctor in the colorado springs area that would prescrib marinol thx

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