Update on Pain Physician Dr. William Mangino

In July and September I wrote here about the plight of Bill Mangino, a Pennsylvania physician who was decent enough to treat patients with the pain medications (opiates) that they needed, and was punished for these good deeds with a prosecution and now imprisonment -- all over a crime that never happened and for which no evidence exists happened. Yesterday I heard from Dr. James Stacks, a Mangino supporter and board member of the Pain Relief Network, with the news that Dr. Mangino had asked we post correspondence he sent to a judge prior to a hearing today that he hopes will get him a new trial and freedom in the meantime. The briefs were put together by Mangino himself, written by hand, but has been scanned for our edification online as well. Interested parties can read some commentary on it by Alex DeLuca here, or go straight to the briefs online here or here. A cutting quote that Dr. Mangino used as his signature line in the documents:
Statutes must mean what they say... and say what they mean.
United States
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Jailing Doctors

[email protected] Vancouver,B.C. Canada I have some experience in this area as I've been looking for a doctor to manage the pain I experience from my L-1,2,and 3 vertebrae disintegrating from an infection.One of those nasty anti biotic resistant things.In the late 1970's the B.C. government went after the doctors that were known for having any sympathy for the cities drug addicts.They lost their careers and their license to practice medicine.At least the Crown didn't go for jail time.I've seen this issue from both sides as my wife died from over prescribed medication the other hand,the police were using her state as a means of information gathering.Who was the most evil in the equation?Your choice.I have written every politician in Canada trying to find help for my situation.NO-ONE KNEW!I wasted three years of my life looking for relief from the most unmanageable pain.Doctors in B.C. WILL NOT PRESCRIBE OPIATES.The B.C.College of P&S is in charge of the local methadone beurocracy.Like any drug lord,they rule with an iron fist and are always looking for new buisness.My brother was given methadone as a painkiller???The one thing all the doctors agreed on in my quest was that methadone is NOT a good pain killer.Why are methadone patients being told the most outrageous lies upon admission?Who is in charge of these decisions?Why,the college,of course.I do not oppose the use of methadone for it's intended purpose.The treatment of heroin addicts.Is it a good trade off?It certainly was never meant for the uses the college is utilizing.Doctors in this province are afraid to treat chronic pain.It's not worth the immense hassle it is to treat a few patients when it puts your practice under virtual surveilance.I was foolish enough to think pain free existence was a right.I was tortured,twisted and my health put in jeopardy for trying to extend this right.I was finally told of a clinic where I just may receive the treatment I require.Why was this clinic such a secret?It is that whose name must never be spoken,I suppose.I have the utmost respect and sympathy for the imprisoned doctor.I guess he knows what the truth is about freedom.A word for nothing left to lose.I wish I could remember that Gandhi thing right now.Stay strong doc.Jail is a very ugly and violent place but I know in my soul that this man has nothing to fear from his fellow inmates.If the rest of your brotherhood remembered the oath that is at the very base of the profession,you'll be out soon.

Dr. William Mangino

I am a former paitientof Dr. Mangino's, and I feel compelled to tell my story. I suffer from two herniated disks, two thinning vertebrae (one extreme), nerve damage that goes all the way down my left leg, degenerative disk disease, carpaltunnel (with surgeries) on both arms, ruptured diverticulum, colitis, bleeding ulsers, and I only have one ball & socket joint in my jaw as a result of being shot in the face at point blank range in a violent unprovoked assault from a sociopath which let to surgery which was a tympanoplasty and removal of bone and bullet fragments. Dr. Mangino was the most caring and compassionate physician that I have ever encountered during the nine years I have needed opioides just to function.The good Dr. was always kind, friendly and extremely competent. In fact, he is the only doctor who cared enough to prescribe accurately enough for me to function with minimal pain. Now, just to be realistic, I would venture a guess that there were probably one or two people there faking or exaggerating their injuries to exploit Dr. Mangino, but very few if any. What our elected officials have done to this poor man makes me want to vomit. Dr. M has commited no crime of any kind, and it is a damn shame. Just thinking about it again now has fired me up. Through trying to support a friend in his time of need, the Dr. and I have become close friends and not a day goes by that he is not in my thoughts. We have the responsiblilty as a society to protest the convition af a highly trained physician by lawyers and polititians who will stop at nothing to persecute anybody who they can get good press from. Which raises another point; where are our reporters who should have been asking the tough questions? Where are the other physicians who should have flooded the courtroom in his support? Where are our elected officials making public statemets at this outrage and perversion of justice??!! What a sick sad culture we live in when a wonderful Dr. and human being can be violated in this way. Since Dr. Mangino was benched for the political gain of Lawrence county's DA, I have been unable to find a suitable doctor. I am getting enough medication at this point that allows me to function and work, but I still have spasms that literally knock me to the floor and make me scream in pain. I still wake uip several times a night and am scared to take an extra dose because I know that if I do I will only suffer more at the end of the month when my pills are getting low. Several times a month my jaw pain wakes me out of a deep sleep and the only thing I can do to escape the agonyis hyper-ventilate until I pass out. Please, people, we have an obligation as Americans and patriots to speak out agains atrocities of justice, and what has been done to Dr. Mangino is the greatest injustice that I have ever personally witnessed, so let's educate our friends, co-workers, and anybody else who listen about how corrupt our government is becoming.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story,

Bill Mangino

Bill Mangino is not a decent individual. he committed a crime and that's why he's in jail right now. he broke the law! and incase you were wondering selling and doing drugs illegally is against the law! he deserves exactly what he got plus more. i am glad he is behind bars. what he did to so many people was wrong. he was never a great doctor and everybody that thinks he was is insane. drugs are not good. they ruin families and break the best relationships. i will never forget what he did. bill mangino is a sick and twisted person and i hope he rots in that jail cell...

he fooled so many people into believing that he was a good person and manipulated so many inocent people.

i hate him so much it makes me sick just thinking about him and i never want to look at his discusting face ever again.

you know everyone has a

you know everyone has a right to say what they want but you are not 100% correct.doctors have a job to do wether its a dentist doing your teeth or a eye doctor doing your contacts.or what we have here treating PAIN.they take a oath and that is to treat within the law and these pain meds are leagal and within the law you get them from a pharmacy with a perscription.they dont give you somthing they made at home or grew in there garden.you didnt write anything about any harm that he caused you or a loved one but you rag on this man like you know him very well .i suffer from a back injury that was work related every day its sucks when a doctor cant take care of a patient because of fear of goverment the same people that make these meds or drugs leagal.ive sufferd since early 2002 and i still do today .the funny thing is they tell me i can no longer work but i still cant get the meds i need to help me live a normal life like playing with my children yes i have 7 children no job and make 25% of what i did when i still worked ..yes when i seen these doctors that you say are so bad and followed there instructions i still worked and had a life so talk what you know !!!!

It is very easy to shift

It is very easy to shift blame.


okay you dont even know who i am so dont tell me its easy to shift blame. k?

shifting blame

Why not tell who you are so that we can discuss what happened? I'm very curious to hear your story and why you hate Dr. Mangino so much. The man broke absolutely no laws and only helped people who had problems. It is not his fault that some people did not follow the physician's directions.


it's none of your business who i am. but trust me i know bill mangino a lot better than you would think and he did break the law

if he didn't break any laws then his sorry ass wouldn't be in jail right now genius.

so mind your own business!

you are 100% correct these

you are 100% correct these doctors were doing there jobs the only thing they did was have the balls to do the wright thing

Former Patient

I was also a former patient and I totally agree that he was a very caring and competent doctor, I have two discs that are herniated also, and he was very knowledgable on how to treat my pain so I could work and live a normail life. Now because of his conviction and being thrown in prison, I'm black listed and no other doctor will listen to me after they find out Dr. Mangino treated me. It really is unfair but this is what the country has come to. I do agree that a few rotton apples spoiled the whole thing. But you will have that anywhere, so why punish all of the other people who really do need pain medication???? Until more doctors stick together and support each other this is going to happen all over the country. I just can't wait til all of these people who are saying all these things, have a loved one in pain and they can't get relief because doctors are afraid to prescribe pain meds. Then they will think back and change their tune.

But I can say that I saw him for two years and he was always very caring and competent, and examined me everytime I went. I was more than happy with his care. Hope doctors start sticking together and supporting all other doctors soon.

Finding Bill Mangino

I am an old friend of Bill's and would like to get in touch via e-mail. Is he in jail? Does anybody out there have an address for him? I wish him no ill will and would just like to give some emotional support.
Thank you,
[email protected]

where is bill mangino

Do a search for inmate locator pa.. he is in cresson prison but i don't know the address.

Writing Dr. Mangino

Yes, he is in Cresson, but I doubt that he will write back. He posted somewhere that he probably would not write back to anybody before they unjustly locked him up. I tried writing him a letter, but like he said, I received no letter back. If you want to try just write to the address below.

SCI Cresson
William Mangino
Inmate Number HF4499
Drawer A, Old Route 22
Cresson, PA 16699-0001

Good luck,

Dr Mangino

I don't know who this "anonymous " character is who claims to know Dr Mangino so well but, I knew him in Zaragoza 35 plus years ago and the Bill Mangino I knew was an honest ,caring , decent human being and I seriously doubt that he could have changed so drastically. Bill was and I believe still is a decent ,caring man who may have found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time but I refuse to believe he is a criminal. Anyone who truly knew or knows him would tell you that.

internet comments should have names

  I treated chronic pain conditions for a 41 day period of time as a "consultant only" to Doctors Wagman and Wilkins, in New Castle Pennsylvania from April until July of 2003-after which I changed office locations. I was never paid to write prescriptions, nor did I conspire with them. These were accusations not supported by testimony.

I am a pain-mechanism expert in anesthesiology, nerve blocks, and management of pain and residual injuries since 1980. I made less money during the three months I spent seeing Doctor Wagman-Wilkins' patients in summer of 2003 than I made before or after consulting for their practice. I was not hired or paid by them. Money was loaned to me.to make up for false promises that they would refer me patients with adequate insurance coverage. This never happened. None of that was ever charged as a crime; and accusations that I only prescribed for profit-motivation are false and my forensic accountant will back me up on that. I made good money in my medical practice...but not in New Castle when I was associated with WORKMED ( Wilkins and Wagman ).

 I supposedly told police agents that I prescribed opioids to five patients who did not need the pills. No patient came in and said they did not need the pills. One patient - John Lee - said he was a drug addict but let me inject him because he knew if he did not let me do injections I would not have continued to prescribe pain pills.

I never denied that some patients did not need pain pills...but I never treated them. There were plenty who did need pain medications. The fact that I treated them does not make me a bad person.

Because some persons think it is immoral or wrong to use opioids to treat pain was never an issue here. The issue is whether I applied accepted medical treatment principles in the course of my evaluating the patients.

 Police agents destroyed interview notes where I told them I would not prescribe if I knew patients did not need medications. My lawyer failed to fully explore that accusation on cross-examination-pertaing to why they would destroy notes that made me appear duilty? Fact is...those notes made me look innocent. That's why the notes were destroyed.

The state's only medical expert said I violated the law because I did not "document" according to Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine Guidelines for prescribing opioids for pain. He testified that had I documented the things the state board required...it would have been OK.  He was not looking at my charts when he rendered his opinions.

  When he saw "MY CHARTS" in 2013, he changed his mind...and sent a sworn affidavit to Judge Motto stating that I prescribed in a manner which was "accepted" by some doctors who treat pain. Thus under the statutory definition...I did not violate The Drug Act.

  In my past life I never pretended to be an angel...and I told the Parole Board that I felt responsible because I could have made the other doctors shut down that practice and bring in outside independent medical experts to advise them how to better run the practice. But I only prescribed to those persons "I believed" had pain that could not be successfully treated any other way; except for opioid pain medications.

Patients who took the pills under the exact directions I prescribed them to be taken did not die or report a single complication. Only patients who chose to abuse the pills had problems.

  I don't know who the person is here that hates me so much...but maybe I said or did something to hurt their feelings. There are lots of persons who probably do not like me.

  But it takes courage to put your name after a complaint...and takes away from its credibility. I wish that person well...but even if I have offended persons over many years...I assure you that for all the faults I had in my private life;  when I treated sick and suffering patients, I NEVER VIOLATED THE PUBLIC TRUST, and I loved and cared for all of my patients and tried to do the right thing for them.


Thanks for this opportunity to comment

William Mangino II M.D,



Dr. William Mangino

R.I.P. William Mangino. Truly dedicated, a true Doctor of Medicine. He has written a TON on how to deal with the persecution of doctors and pain patients at LinkedIn.

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