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Here we go again

Well,the news is out and it's every bit as depressing as I expected.Under the headline:"Ottawa cracks down on illegal drugs",our government announced THIS:1.a one year mandatory minimum sentence for dealing drugs while using a weapon,or for dealing drugs in support of organized crime.2.a two year mandatory term for dealing cocaine,heroin or methamphetamines to young people,or for dealing them near a school or anyplace young people congregate.3.a mandatory six month sentence(and this is my personal favorite)for growing as little as one marijuana plant for the purposes of trafficking.4.a two year mandatory minimum sentence for running a grow op of at least 500 plants.5.doubling the maximum prison term for cannabis production from seven to fourteen years.Now,this is Canada,so the gun thing will include long guns that a person may have for legal purposes.God help you if you didn't go hunting the year you get popped.Just having a gun in the house will qualify.I know this from personal experience.Saying a school OR ANY PLACE WHERE YOUNG PEOPLE CONGREGATE ,MEANS EVERY WHERE.Since when is one plant enough to merit a charge of trafficking?When the Conservatives are in power,thats when.Guess who decides?Same with organized crime.You'd be amazed how little proof they need to assert a claim of crime being organized.Like if the crime includes two people,that's organized.There was an announcement that exceptions could be made if the person agreed to go into treatment.We all know how successful forced treatment is.This is a classic example of pandering to the masses.There's already an out cry that this will just be an opening for organized crime when the mom and pop grows fold out of fear.Organized crime knows no fear.I've got the inside on that one too.If this bill passes,we lose thirty years of grinding out small bits of progress in the fight over drug prohibition.These basta88s are trying to garner votes on the backs of doppers.What else's new?
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"pandering to the masses"

The new laws would not be as draconian as in the USA. By "masses" comment, does it mean that the so called masses are naturaly stupid? Or does it mean that the masses are just cruel? We all know that fear rules.

the masses

[email protected] Vancouver,B.C. Canada I'd say uninformed.Most people don'tknow the issues and don't care to either.

5 major parties in Canada

The ruling minority Cons and the 4 opposition parties, all to the left of the cons on just about everything including drug policies. If Canada was governed by proportional representation it would be a very different story. Maybe if the majority get tired enough of the minority ruling, they'll figure out some way to not cancel each other out.
Harper is a Bush style polarizer. Those clowns in Poland got sent packing, Howard appears to be toast in Australia (got my fingers crossed), it would be lovely to see Stephen Harper making tons of money in the private sector soon.


[email protected] Vancouver,B.C. Canada Good news,Howard got smacked down good.Thanks for the comment.It's not often I hear from anyone so up on Canadian politics and it's relevance to the drug war.Mr.Harper is a pet peeve but he's no Stockwell Day.Small blessing.

Major drug bust

The Leap video came to life a few days back.I'd just viewed the snippets from the main site and when I turned on my television,there it was.The table,the money,the weapons and of course a whole sh88load of drugs.The cops were beaming and telling us that they'd dealt a major blow to organized crime.The snake head was in jail and every one else was released on bail.I'm just waiting for the mandatory war for control of the remnants of the organization to begin.Of course to be followed by another three year investigation etc.etc.

New Orleans,Sam Sullivan and CAST

I was delighted to see our Mayor was at the drug conference in N.O.It's some times difficult to fathom whether or not he's serious about drug reform or just saying what will get him accolades.The CAST program has so much potential but the way Sam's talking about it it sounds like a joke.The real shame of it is,the money for his pet project will be yanked unceremoniously out of the budget for the safe injection site.When asked about it ,Sam gave a brief response claiming that he tried to save the site but couldn't.Knowing Sam,he probably never brought it up till after he sold his own program.He was supposed to be lobbying to save the site on the trip.Sullivan has been a terrible Mayor.He had one good idea and he patented it for himself.He looks harmless but he's a vicious infighter and is the most self involved individual I've ever seen.He stole the election by helping to run a candidate with the same name as his opponent.In a city that's more than 50% immigrants,it worked beautifully.A complete unknown got a few thousand votes and it cost the better man the election.Don't under estimate the duplicitous nature of Mr.Sullivan.

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