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Awesome: Marijuana Compound Might Cure Breast Cancer

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While police and cement-skulled Washington bureaucrats are busy trying to eradicate this infinitely useful plant, scientists around the world are constantly uncovering new evidence of marijuana's medical potential. The latest news is that the marijuana-derived compound CBD may stop the spread of breast cancer:
A compound found in cannabis may stop breast cancer from spreading throughout the body, according to a new study by scientists at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute. The researchers are hopeful that the compound called CBD, which is found in cannabis sativa, could be a non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy.

"Right now we have a limited range of options in treating aggressive forms of cancer," said lead researcher Dr. Sean D. McAllister, a cancer researcher at CPMCRI, in a news release. "Those treatments, such as chemotherapy, can be effective but they can also be extremely toxic and difficult for patients. This compound offers the hope of a non-toxic therapy that could achieve the same results without any of the painful side effects." [FOX News]
Ok, how cool is that? Breast cancer is one of the most loathsome diseases known to humankind, and the cure just might be contained within the world's easiest-to-grow plant.

It is just delightfully ironic that while the drug war political machine continues to turn out anti-pot propaganda at alarming rates, scientists are touting it as a potential "non-toxic" alternative to various common medical procedures. I really can't think of anything more ridiculous than the fact that we are still debating the relative toxicity of marijuana in a nation that prescribes adderall to 8-year-olds and imports GHB laced children's toys from China.

I have a feeling that marijuana could cure every disease on earth and there would still be idiots passionately demanding that we banish it from the planet:
Drug Czar: Marijuana is more dangerous than ever.

Marijuana: I can cure cancer.

Drug Czar: I'd like to see some conclusive research on that.

Marijuana: I doubt that you really would.

Drug Czar: This is just propaganda from the well-funded pro-drug lobby.

Marijuana: FOX News?

Drug Czar (exasperated): Oh, yeah? Well today's marijuana is worse than cancer.

Marijuana (gazing upwards): Forgive him, Father…

It was put here for a reason. Several reasons, it seems. Let's start figuring out what they are and stop looking for evil where there is none.
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Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report

Among other things in its 3,281 pages of data, the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report (c. 1893-1894), noted 113 years ago that people in India who smoked cannabis outlived those who did not by about five years.

I’d always suspected the extended lifespan for these hash smokers might be a consequence of the stress reducing properties of cannabis.  After all, stress kills.  And in Alan Harrington’s book, The Immortalist, he postulated that since marijuana smoking reduces a person’s body temperature by about 2-degrees Fahrenheit, an extended lifespan might result.  Lower body temperatures mean slower biochemical reactions, which translate into longer living organisms.

With new research declaring stupendous medical victories for marijuana chemistry now emerging every other month for the last several years, it should be clear to anyone missing a robotic switch in their head that dozens of health benefits lie hidden in this ubiquitous weed that ultimately accrue to produce more ticks in the old biological clock.  Thanks to the drug warriors, valuable research time has been lost that will have to be made up.

What this means for marijuana smokers is that not only will smokers outlive the prohibitionists, they will be healthier, more active, and have a better time doing it. 

They who laugh last, laugh best.


medical MJ?

As in most aspects of medicine, politics just makes it worse for the patients! The scientists and doctors don't have any say, because most lawyers, cops and politicians know that "drugs are evil"! Add to that, ignorant physicians and there is quite an uphill battle to over-coming the opposition. But, don't ever ask them for research! Drugs are evil! Especially MJ!!


The FEDS want people to think that "marijuana" is only THC. The approved, legal synthetic,"Marinol" is only THC. Which is the reason that it is almost useless. There are at least 60 other cannabinoids available within the plant.All of which are ,no doubt, beneficial. The FED fixation only on the "high" aspect is puzzleing and stupid. To deliberately overlook the myriad of potential health benefits ,now being examined around the world, is criminal. What are they(FEDS) so in fear of? Loss of the jobs pogrom(sic) no doubt. The false "morals" issue is also at play. Cannabis/hemp will prevail. That is, if the notion of good means what it is supposed to. I am now laughing and will continue to do so until the war on people is over. Then I will smile. REDGREEN

drugs are bad

drugs are bad




what the hell are you talking about man,

i hate idiots who make themselves look more foolish & dumb by claiming shit they cant substantiate.

what research have you made or reviewed that have made you reach this fucked up conclusion?

dumb ass...


it grows in the ground and i think that god wouldn't have put it on earth if he didn't want us to smoke it or whatever!!!

Dumb Laws

I see the same old arguments spewed out like some unholy diarreha, like "Drugs are bad" and "Pot is a gateway drug!"
These folks are like parrots all repeating what they have been spoon fed for years by Papa Bear. Marijuana as it is defined legally now is on equal footing as a Schedule 1 drug along with cocaine, meth & heroin. We all know alcohol and tobacco are lethal in comparision to pot. Yet we go along like lemmings off the edge and agree. As I remember Alcohol Prohibition in the 1930's (which we all know as a complete failure) required that an amendment to the constitution be created to forbid Americans from consuming spirits. Seeing as the Goverment would be intruding on our basic free rights. Also an amendment was created to negate the prevoius unjust Drinking laws.
Now as for Weed, No change to the Constitution. We basically got screwed. Big Goverment creates a monoploy of recreational consumables by herding people towards more dangerous substances that in considers safer (Big LIE!) therfore legalizes for our consumption. (again cigs and booze)
Pot as a Gateway drug! What rubbish! 100 million people have smoked weed and I seriously doubt if we have a nation with 100 million drug addicts. Pot is no more addictive than any other pleasurable activity like sex! We all like that!

Also people please leave our kids out of this debate. We don't arrest responsible adults who drink liquor or engage in sexual intercourse just to send a message to minors that it's bad & unlawful for them. That is just fearmongering at it's worst to drag "Our Children" into a debate about what an adult has a right to ingest. What an outrage!!!
Each children's respective guardians are responsible for how their children grow and develop in a world with so many difficult choices.

Victimless crime! Not really beacause all of U.S. society pays substantial amounts of tax money to keep the drug war going. We are all victims. Money could be better spent. And just between you and me. Papa Bear would not really benefit from taxing Pot because I like many others would just grow my own. It's a damn weed folk's!!!!Hardy plant!

If you want the goverment to tell you what you can put in YOUR OWN LUNGS! Then just move to China!! or North Korea. (two options yeah!)

Peace out my beloved bros and sisters I have to smoke some weed. All this "Pro Legalize" blogging is stressing me out!

P.S. Pot in not a gateway drug but Pot laws are a gateway to TYRANNY! J. Velasco


I was told the #1 reason marijuana will not be legalized is because the police dont have a test like the breathalizer . so they can test that its in your system but not how recent . this made me think how long did it take mothers against drunk drivers to get the legal system to really prosecute the drunks behind the wheel . that whole gateway deal is pretty stupid when you consider kids are going to start with something that is readilly available like what is already in thier own house ciggarettes and or alcohol . so basically people in power feel were to stupid to use common sense . so right now its more acceptable to get drunk and smoke tobacco so you kill your liver and get cancer so they can kill you with thier idea of a cure . I just wonder what would the drug czar do if it was his mother or wife or daughter that contracted breast cancer what would he do to save thier lives .


^ He wouldnt do shit cus he's a dumb fuck who wants to force his beliefs on people and anything to do with cannabis is "The Devil" ...... Dumb Fucker! he should have been the one assasinated not kennedy......and i hope his wife does get breast cancer just to rub this shit in his face! ............................................ LEGALIZE IT!!!!

hell ya i think they should

hell ya i think they should legalize it. i smoke it every day and i feel that it will cure a lot of different cancers.

gateway drug

marijuana is a gateway drug ... but only in the sense that if you let it control your life. if you smoke weed and dont do any other drug and are content with the high you recevie then its not a gateway drug. but if you fell the need for a better or more intense high, then it is controling you. ive seen how marijuana can lead to more serious drugs. but it is up to the person using marijuana if they allow the marijuana to control the choices that they make. and i think that medical marijuana needs to be reasearched more in only 18 and i understand that weed can cause you to do other drugs if you allow it to.

if your lazy and dont like to

if your lazy and dont like to do shit, then you probably WONT, on or off treez.

dont blame the earth for your own shortcomings.

im a successful employee at one of the worlds biggest corporations, i go to the gym, and im an avid soccer player and fan. it also happens to be that iv been in luv with treez ever since i tried em back in highschool.

i never let it control me (unless its that Boobonic stuff :) )

anyways, im just fed up & disgusted by idiots who claim shit or talk about shit they have absolutely no clue about.


PEACE & ...... keep it lit

Its not a gateway drug

As you commented its up to the person using it . There for by your own words , its not a gateway drug , But a person with a weak mind that is letting a dealer talk them into a stronger drug . Marijuana is a very versatile plant that can be use for so much more then just getting high. I have seen cases where cannabis oil has taking ppl out of their death beds and giving them their lives back . Every study that has been done on MMJ has come back with the same results , The CBD in cannabis has shown time and time again to help protect and cure cancer . But it cant be patented so theres no money in it for the big business .
Think about this ppl , our whole life's we've been taught that poison and elec can kill us . But in the medical field their now telling use they can cure us with these same poison mixed with high voltage . Don't sound to appealing to me. I would much rather try my hand at a natural cure first .
Lets not forget the use of the bio-mass of this evil plant to make fuel for our cars and homes . 1 acre of hemp = 1000 gallons of fuel and the emissions from this bio-fuel is far less then the fuels we use today , so in that aspect its helping to fight global warming .
I could go on for hours about the benefits of Cannabis . But ppl really need to get more insight before forming an opinion on this plant . Not talking to your local government because their opion has been formed by big business and the kick backs they recieve from them .

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