Pain contracts

I have recently been transferred to a pain clinic to get my opioids. In order to relieve the pain I suffer with daily, I have had to give up the one pain reliever that works. I now can only use the pills they give me, not the plant that grows naturally & does far less to damage my body than the pills do. Why is it in our current society, doctors are forced to protect themselves as opposed to helping the patients. Every doctor I discuss my issues with agrees that if it wasn't for the government, I would be allowed to treat myself with marijuana rather than harmful & potentially deadly pills. I want to know where the justification is in the minds of these 'men', who decide what we can & can not do to our own bodies. Why is it that in one state you can do things, yet in another you'll be arrested? What has happened to the country that I was taught to believe in? I just want to raise my children in a world where freedoms are allowed, and given freely, not just for those in power or with money.
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Pain clinics

You are not alone. When I last spoke with Rob Kampie of MPP, even he was appalled to hear my story of being "forced" to sign 3-4 page contracts just to access treatment for pain. All patients at the clinics I have been to, (In DC and TX) were required to sign those contracts, drug tested regularly, and removed from treatment if they used marijuana for ANY reason. I am drug tested to make sure that all of the opiates I am prescribed are in my body, to prevent diversion I guess, and that nothing else is. As a prior opiate addict, this is a dangerous requirement, but without agreeing to it, I am left with no treatment available for RSD/CRPS, and that will leave me unable to walk for the rest of my life.


these contracts are just a scam to uphold a pharms monoply on pain relief .time to fix these crooks

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