Top Drug War Advocate Publicly Humiliates Himself

On Nov. 1, Congressman Mark Souder (R-Ind.) sent a letter to his colleagues in Congress accusing hundreds of mainstream public health and education organizations of supporting "drug legalization." Now 16 of these organizations are calling on Souder to retract his statement and agree to a sit-down meeting so they can explain what they are actually trying to do. Is Mark Souder insane? Why would he attack mainstream public charities? I'll explain.

In 1998, Mark Souder authored the Aid Elimination Penalty of the Higher Education Act, a law that denies financial aid to students with drug convictions. Since then, a massive coalition of public health, education, legal, and policy organizations has formed to oppose the law. Their arguments include:
1. College education is proven to reduce drug use. Therefore, forcing students out of college obviously and undeniably increases drug use overall.
2. The penalty only affects good students. If you’re getting bad grades you can’t get aid anyway.
3. Students arrested for drugs get punished in court. It’s not like they’re getting away with anything.
4. Taking away opportunities from students sends a message that we don't want them to succeed in life. Students must be encouraged, not pushed down.
5. The penalty disproportionately affects minorities due to disparities in drug arrests and convictions.
6. The penalty only targets low-income students. These are the very people the HEA is supposed to help.
7. Judges already have the authority to revoke financial aid if they think that's a good idea.
Rather than attempting to understand these persuasive arguments, Mark Souder simply attacked and disparaged his critics, calling them a "small but determined coalition of drug-legalization groups." He attempted to mislead his colleagues in Congress about the agenda of his opponents. And he did it because he's embarrassed that so many reputable organizations have condemned his terrible ideas.

It is no surprise that drug reform groups oppose the HEA Aid Elimination Penalty. is one of them. But to attribute drug legalization sympathies to groups like the National Education Association and the United Methodist Church just makes Souder look like an idiot. His bizarre attacks have now earned him some unfavorable media attention at The Hill and The Politico. Beyond that, he's alienated all of the top organizations working on education and addiction issues; groups he'll have to work with so long as he continues to saunter around ignorantly fighting the drug problem.

It just tells you everything you need to know about Mark Souder to see him spit on organizations that work to educate America's youth and help people recovering from addiction. And it tells you everything you need to know about the drug war's political leaders that Mark Souder is highly regarded among them.
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What a Tool

How does Souder '08 sound?

Or perhaps the next drug Czar?

"Is Mark Souder insane?"


Matt_Potter's picture

I'll never forget...

the scene from "In Pot we Trust" when Aaron Houston confronted Souder and he basically ran down the hall, yelling like a child, "there's no such thing as medical marijuana, there's no such thing as medical marijuana, there's no such thing as medical marijuana." The confrontation ended w/ Souder shutting a door in Aaron's face. So not only is he insane, but he is has the mentality of a five year old.

Matt Potter
North Carolina State University
Chair, Student Senate Campus Community Committee
President, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

One Trick Pony

So what sort of congressional representative obstructs people’s access to a good education when all these people want is a better life for themselves and their families?

Why, the Republicans, of course.  Congressman Souder may be the point-man for denying student loans to people with a drug conviction, but in general the Republicans have always hated student loan programs.  The last thing the lazy, financially-advantaged want is to compete against the smart, ambitious, but financially-challenged students for the best educations and the best jobs. 

Imagine the problem if you happen to be George H. W. Bush and you need to get your brain-damaged kid into the Texas Air National Guard, Yale and Harvard.  A level playing field, featuring real scholastic competition, is going to make such favoritism much more difficult.

Other than the drug war and the Aid Elimination Penalty, Souder’s political leadership is virtually non-existent.  He goes through the motions of appearing to be an active and useful public servant, and then he votes a straight, pro-lifer, Republican Party line mostly favoring big business.  His intolerance of the “other” is evident in his stance on immigration reform.  On Souder’s website, regarding immigration, he stubbornly maintains:

“…I fully support the construction of a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. While we will have to address the millions of illegal aliens already in the United States, I strongly believe that the border must be secured before anything else is done. I want to see real progress made before I’ll even consider discussing other immigration reforms.”

Obviously, Souder is not the man you want in charge if you need to get something done on immigration reform or anything else.  Anyone who creates imaginary and arbitrary obstacles to a goal is not really interested in attaining that goal. 

And now Souder faces the open rejection of his magnum opus, the Aid Elimination Penalty; his only real claim to fame.  Souder’s fraudulent political cover is being blown.  It’s no wonder he’s flaking out and sending psycho letters to reputable organizations that oppose his idiocy.  Hopefully, the voters of Indiana’s Third District will take note of this pathetic episode and rid themselves of their Souder embarrassment.


ATTENTION: Indiana’s Third District

Out this man

Talking trick

Souder reps the large pharma industry of Indiana. He is following orders and likes it. When confronted with LEAP's stance, in the movie, he responds that he'll never change his mind..".it's a moral issue". I think that pretty well sums up his position. Legislation of's working for all of us. Even Tucker Carlson thought Souder a boob, and said Souder was "wrong" on the TV. He's finished,and knows it. But there's still plenty of damage to accomplish if he can help it.His concept of a drug free America.... desperate and DESPICABLE.

Is Mark souder insane?


Really bad law

There's no question this is a really bad law.Period

He may not be insane, but he is definitely stupid and talentless

... which makes for a successful career in politics.

I suggest Americans read "The System" by Georgi Arbatov. It is the memoirs of a high-level insider in Soviet politics, and I think it provides good insight into the subject of career politicians, regardless of what system they are working in.

a moral issue?

A congressman perpetuating a fraud and an act of treason which has led to trillions of American dollars thrown down the toilet and millions of Americans enslaved has the gall to defend his treason by stating it is "a moral issue?" I hope this traitor gets one of the most painful forms of cancer and slowly dies in excruciating pain while his family members continuously kick him in the nuts for his betrayal of his country and of his species. Talk about evil in this world.

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