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Marijuana Evolves Faster Than Human Beings

Explaining the failure of marijuana prohibition is easy. Sociology, economics, history, and psychology can all help to explain why a safe and popular drug cannot be removed from the market by force. Still, there is another important reason why marijuana is here to stay: it evolves at an incredibly rapid pace, becoming stronger and more profitable every day.

The vigorous growth and adaptability of the marijuana plant has long frustrated efforts by law-enforcement to thwart its production. Specific strains are easily cross-bred, producing offspring that emphasize certain qualities, thus growers in Oregon can develop a strain that grows well in Oregon's climate with minimal effort. Hybridization not only improves potency, but can also shorten flowering time and increase yield, thereby enabling growers to produce more in less time.

We're witnessing a situation in which the biological vigor of the plant itself has far outpaced law-enforcement efforts that were never effective to begin with. Indoor-grown strains can advance through 3-4 generations in a year's time, with the best specimens from each batch selected for cloning or crossbreeding. Each successive generation carries on the best traits of the former, which explains why growers can now accomplish in a basement what used to require an acre or more in the woods.

The great irony of all this is that drug warriors still think increased marijuana potency is an argument for their side. In reality, nothing could better illustrate the failure of their efforts to reduce the drug's production. Harsh marijuana laws have incentivized growers to produce a stronger product, which carries the same penalties by weight, while commanding higher prices on the street.

As the bitter debate over marijuana legalization rages on, the plants will grow ever faster, bigger, and stronger. Marijuana is one of nature's most remarkable creations, and it is unbelievable that so many people still haven't figured out that this plant is here to help us. From healthy foods to a promising cancer cure, we should be grateful that cannabis sativa grows and evolves as vigorously as it does.

With every forward step in marijuana's evolution, the war against this resilient plant becomes less and less effective.

Note: Thanks to court-qualified cannabis expert Chris Conrad for answering growing questions, and to pot-paparazzi Steve Bloom for turning me on to the government's awesome 2008 cultivation assessment, which got me thinking about this.
United States
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well written argument

MJ/The Opposition

The following letter appeared in the ,24hrs.daily paper 11/14/07:Underworld profit?Oh my god,does Cynthia Van Ginkel know what will happen if marijuana is legalized?The drug users will increase rapidly,(sic)and the drug dealers will stop shooting each other but will be free to sell their poison every-where they want,including schools.Cynthia,legalizing drugs is a catastrophic solution. What more is there to say?These are the people we're trying to reach?This letter appeared in Vansterdam.It only goes to prove there's no room for feeling pleased about what's been accomplished so far.We've come a long way but the light can be dimmed if we relax for a second.These people don't know a thing about the issue but they still feel comfortable spreading this kind of crap.I don't know who Cynthia is or what she said but I sure see what she dredged up.

Invincible Marijuana Biology

Human beings are just marijuana's way of producing more marijuana.

well written!! totally against the abuse of laws!

Marijuana (dro) has sprung business from north to south. Its so funny how everything is moving from North USA, Canada and finalizing its destination down south, even to MEXICO! I have heard that dro is becoming very popular in the metro Mexico areas! I think its growth is becoming more and more connected! As it is a blessing to have access and the many uses it provides!


We are as bees....

another reason why..

often overlooked, is the traditional ways that Marijuana is used. Sure the generally ignorant populace thinks its just for getting stoned, or acting stupid. BUT, Marijuana enhances every aspect of a human. Mental, emotional, physical and yes spiritual.

Physical you say? ever smoked and made love to your partner?

Mental you say? Ever tried to read a book, but was having difficulties understanding an aspect? Smoke up and try again ;)

Emotional you say? having problems with your lover? Smoke up with him/her, and see what happens...LOL

We tend to dismiss the unknown: spiritual.

If you took at least an hour to investigate, you will find that yes, it was used by priests, and monks, to help on the path to enlightenment. And the debate is still on, as to wither or not its part of the sacred anointment that God gave to moses....A large amount of "new agers", which, stats indicate are growing into the millions and climbing, use Marijuana to help with their meditation, and their focus within.

its quite interesting, when you ask a pot head, why he's so passionate about Marijuana, he comes and tells you its the embodiment of "fighting the system".

I can´t agree...

Safe drug?

In many countries marijuana is one of the profit makers for an entire network of crimes, including murder, theft, ilegal weapon trade, prostitution and many others. I guess all countries.

If you buy ilegal drugs you are having an indirect participation on many crimes that these criminals are engaged.

Do you want to finance a bullet that will kill someone?

Two things finance the most of world problems: Drugs and Oil.

oh ok

sure i agree that marijuana is one of the profit makers for an entire network of crimes..... if i was getting it from a back alley in NYC but the truth is at least in america that marijuana is usually bought from friends that grow at least the good stuff is

The Drug is Safe. The Policy is Not.


You are describing the dangers of marijuana policy, not marijuana itself. If anyone is killed in the marijuana trade, all blame rests with the fools who banned this drug and turned its distribution over to criminals.

That is just a fact.

No it´s pure

No it´s pure speculation.

What I´ve stated is a fact. It rappened, rappens and can be proved by any reasonable evaluation.

I enjoy how you you try to

I enjoy how you you try to pin point responsibility on a specific action. How far back do you want to go? Drugs and war are the faults of men.

P.S. When is speculation not pure?

I agree that discussion over

I agree that discussion over here will lead to a totally different issue after few posts...

I just don´t agree that the answer to all the problems seen is just legalizing.

Maybe you people in US are just pissed over cops busting you for posetion... but in most of the countries of America people are suferring the real burden of this habit.

But I respect your opinion.

I must say that RIO de Janeiro is a real statement of what drugmarket leads to... but well, it´s another discussion...


once it's legal. that will end.

Do you live in a cave in Rio? Does it occur to you that, once it's legal, we won't need it to be provided by those people? Are are you using this fake argument to help protect the income of those criminals? Are you one of them? Do you commit the murders? If you're against legalizing, it means you support the murderers, so you're probably one of them.

your ignorance is kind of

your ignorance is kind of ridiculous, this article appears on and is put up in an attempt to win support for legalization and if it were legal it would not fund crime it would be available from legitimate companies who dont have to do shady things to either smuggle, sell or grow their product. we want it legal and if it were the drug dealing culture would not be nearly as profitable

I'm pretty sure if you

I'm pretty sure if you legalized you would put a HUGE dint in organized crimes funding.

your retarted. DRUGS like

your retarted. DRUGS like herion, cocaine, ecstasy and meth are the problem. Marijuana is not a drug. It is LESS harmful then alcohol in every way. I'll keep buying my pot from my friends who don't kill each other. ohhh and did you forget about the medical benifits? right. shove it fucktard

If you live in America, the

If you live in America, the easiest way to finance a bullet is to pay your taxes.

Hahaha! I second that

Hahaha! I second that

You should agree

You did not deny the fact that "Hemp"(marijuana is a Mexican slang word for a plat that was used for 100000 years prior to being made illegal). By creating this harmless plant illegal the government has created the black market which in turn creates the murder, theft ect dont forget the over populated prisons....Its been fine for 10,0000 years leave it alone. The government needed something to fall back on since prohibition ended, they needed another thing to focus on. If at the time of prohibition you drank you were feeding into all these things too. Making a substance illegal is what creates the problems. READ A BOOK AND LEARN HISTORY! DONT JUST DO WHAT PEOPLE TELL YOU. QUESTION IT. LEARN WHY IT BECAME ILLEGAL.

safe drug

Drug dealers wouldn't exist and shouldn't exist for marijuana period. No one has ever overdosed on it. Stop believing government propaganda. They're wrong .

the people vs. the state..... uhmmmm

Murder, theft, weapon trade, prostitution - in my opinion - are all side-effects of anti-humanitarian solutions. When we begin studying what it means to be humanitarian we will understand how we can accept what today is unacceptable.

Drugs, sex, privacy, and many more concepts have to be understood from a new point of view where you accept your present without blaming nothing and then you've taken the first step. I think it's so misleading to blame.

I believe in a concrete and realistic social science. That is how you figure out solutions.

You said "Do you want to finance a bullet that will kill someone?" - so do you mean the bullet that killed someone is more of the public's fault who simply fulfill the purpose of buyers in a free market than the state or federal government's fault? You're taking the weight out of the government's shoulder and putting it on the publics. Uhm - I think this strategy would actually work if the government was a reasonable democracy, which if it was, none of this would be happening in the first place.

How about accepting that authorities never promoted the correct policies in the first place. To say that blaming them would be to panic.

marijuana is safe

buying marijuana supports crime because it is illegal.
if it was legal, crime would be down.

now get this...

if you're paying income tax then you're helping build bombs.

what do you have to say about that?

do you want to finance the bombs that have killed countless iraqi's?

Comment posted by Anonymous on Wed, 11/14/2007 - 5:45pm


no wonder you posted under anonymous, you didnt want stupidity connected with your name... :)


Yeah so if people were allowed to grow their own drugs they wouldn't have to support out of 'country' gangs.

Why does the government try to be a daddy to everyone, dont they know it doesnt work, spending billions a year fighting something that makes trillions of dollars a year for the bad guys is an endless battle.
The common person is to scared to grow their own stuff, meh, no mater i will never work or support a government that wages wars for oil. and uses our dollars to fight a useless drug war.


this is a ridiculously false statement. your ignorance sickens me to the deepest pit of my being... may that bullet have your name on it.

In many countries marijuana

In many countries marijuana is one of the profit makers for an entire network of crimes, including murder, theft, ilegal weapon trade, prostitution and many others. I guess all countries.

Hey shitforbrains, that's because it is illegal! Legalise it and your problem disappears instantly.


Let me answer.... Nothing dissapears, it has to go somewhere... the crime will quikly shift from one activity to another... there will always be something better that the traffic will be able to get to you.

Crime is faster than lawmaking.

Here in brazil i´m sure that legalizing would be insane.

And it isn´t true to say that in Us most people get pot from friends who plant it, as someone here stated... no way.

Think big dude! Pot isn´t only a ´´harmless upgrade of state of mind´´. People are being killed while some are playing cool.

Give me a break

This is absurd. We all know what happened when alcohol prohibition was repealed. Massive black-market violence flat-lined overnight. This is not speculation. This is what happened, and it makes sense that this is what happened.

If, as you say, "the crime will shift from one activity to another," then we're not talking about marijuana, are we? With that line you've accidentally revealed your own desperate attempt to blame marijuana users for criminal activity that is beyond their control; activity that you yourself have described as inevitable.

Beer merchants don't have shoot-outs in the street. In a regulated market, marijuana merchants wouldn't either. This is not complicated.

Don't Speak About What You Dont Know

You are from Brazil, how can you say it isn't gotten from friends here in the states? Most of the pot I have smoked in my life was grown either by someone I know or a friend of a friend who knows what he is doing. The good weed at least. The lower quality shit mostly comes from Mexico, and sure if you are buying that you may be giving money to true criminals...but if it were legal there would be no problem. I smoke every day and I am studying to be a Chemical Engineer. I have insomnia and without marijuana I would have to rely on addictive medications with much worse side effects to get me to sleep.

Now I'm sorry if drugs are a big problem in your country, but you obviously don't know much about how it works here in the states. Now, if we were talking about cocaine, meth, PCP, or whatever other hard drug you want to mention I might have been able to agree somewhat. But even those should be legalized in my opinion, as it doesn't matter if its legal or not if someone wants a drug its not that hard to get. I mean I could get some meth or coke tonight if I wanted, but I don't because I hate coke and I refuse to try meth. I know what those drugs can do if abused, I have witnessed it first hand. It still shouldn't be illegal if you CHOOSE to use it though, we are suppose to be in a free country.

"And it isn´t true to say

"And it isn´t true to say that in Us most people get pot from friends who plant it, as someone here stated... no way."

Yes it is true

legalize it and reap the rewards.......

......of a new source of tax dollars, new and adaptable cash crops for the agricultural community, a treasure trove of chemicals for medical and industrial research, a lowering of alcohol related violent crimes and accidents, relief and comfort for those with certain chronic illnesses and thiose with terminal disease, and on, and on......
legal until the 1930's in this country, its criminality is a relatively recent phenomenon. one of the main resistance factors to its legalization is the law enforcement establishment that profits from trying to repress it. it's time to send those guys back to school so they can learn how to catch real criminals.

dead people

people getting killed can only be on the killers themselves. if some douchebag is crazy enuff to kill someone over some weed, then hes just an insane guy who wants excuses to kill people, dont blame this on the wonderdrug

Cigarrette companies

I think we should let Cigarette companies take over marijuana production, it would be regulated and the U.S. could tax the fuck out of it and everyone would be happy.

You Dont Know

You dont even know how happy i would be if the cigarrette companies sold 20 joints in a pack for on or around 5 bucks like cigarrettes. I and most other people would most likely be absolutely ecstatic!

Your ability to comprehend is amazing.

Prohibition breeds crime, period. You outlaw something and only outlaws partake in that something; its violent distribution, its violent commerce and its violent regulation. Do I really have to refer to the short-sighted alcohol prohibition of the 1920s and its subsequent failure? Its spawning of gangs and massive losses in tax dollars? And who gets screwed the most in a black market? The consumer. They are arrested and their lives forever marred - legally, emotionally, physically, psychologically and professionally. These victimless crimes and their draconian sentences result only in the persecution of otherwise upstanding citizens and a scarlet letter for all to see. Stripped of constitutional rights, shackled by years of legal duress and yet even further imposition on the taxpayers for the support of the whole thing. End the War on Drugs and its mindless infliction of most that is wrong with society.

Marijuana evolves faster than society, not humans

Humans like marijuana because it makes them feel good. (To read more about how MJ is using us, read the botany of desire)

Other humans don't like those happy people (perhaps they sell competing happiness like alcohol, which has been proven to be a substitute), and they make laws to ban it. (Or perhaps they do not like Mexicans and make laws to ban Mexicans via marijuana.) Either way, people are unhappy because now their pot costs more. They are willing to pay more (instead of $10/kg, they pay $10,000/kg), and suddenly MJ is a very valuable product. Some people grow themselves, others enter the business. Given the large $$ involved, they get violent, and we get the problems of the favelas in Rio, the dealers in Compton, etc.

Now that pot is hard to move around, it makes sense to make it as powerful as possible, that raises the profit per unit, while holding the risk/unit constant. (This is why cocaine smugglers from Columbia bring Heroin: 10x the profit/unit.)

The problem -- as many have said -- is the policy, not the weed. I feel bad for our Brazilian friend, and I also feel bad for the 40% of drug arrestees "taken for possession alone. Getting gang-raped over a joint is a sad thing. Don't even get me started on corruption!

Read more at my blog -- David Zetland

fuck brazil

fuck brazil u dont know shit brother. dont blame crime on anything but the person who commits the crime or their upbringing.


It would seem that only a handfull of people on this thread actually understand the true meaning of prohibition...

For you morons going off on a fucking tirade heres a wiki article you should read:

In a nutshell- when the government says you can't have something and people still want it (supply and demand) also another piece of good reading for you misinformed/ uninformed zombies. Gangs, terrorists whomever will move in to make a profit. Be it the 87 year old great grandmother whose pool you clean, or a wanna be street gangsta someone will pick up the slack. This is where money, murder, and all that other stuff ties in "Prohibition breeds crime, period" ^

Now for sake of a reasonable argument, tell me exactly how all this crime would take place if it were legal for me to grow Cannabis in my back yard or in my home.....

If everyone could grow it, good luck selling it.


you're all thinkin too hard....just watch


Prohibition has always been a huge failure. People had an easier chance of getting there hands on alcohol when it was prohibited than they had beforehand and the same is true with Marijuana.

cool teenage thug gangsta...

the laws were made for you... just look at the crack sentencing.. the war on marijuana is also a war on you... the conservative courts- they penalize all who smoke to get to the "gangsta".. your no social victim.. and ha! your no soldier either... you think living in a ghetto is cool... your hate or theirs... never mind whos... will get you put in jail... its not the pot.. its hate. the war on drugs is a war on people. no war

The world didn't end then.. it wouldn't now.

Did we all manage to forget that for thousands and thousands of years of civilization all manner of drugs were legal. Granted.. yes.. ok.. the average child was more common to find on something.. but then again.. aren't they now? just "prescribed". It's hard for us to draw a clear line between drugs.. and abuse. And when you add up the costs of our position on this drug.. the families broken.. people arrested.. lives literally ruined in all practical sense of the word.. what is a greater threat to us as a society? 1: A drug (drugs are technically anything that is ingested or put into the body and causes a change in the mental or physical state of the partaker... i'm a diabetic.. so food is one kick ass drug.. man.. food with insulin.. WOW.. i'm there) that naturally grown on every continent that isn't frozen solid being legal.. and a little more common in out world.. at least.. more commonly out in the open? or 2: a naturally occurring plant being manipulated as a power tool for a government hellbent on the passive, unattended control of it's constituents. making certain that a percentage will inevitably become a criminal simply through.. usage.. association.. familiar parties.. or the highest of criminal totem.. procuring and/or making available to others.. a plant.. that grows everywhere? The war on drugs is a war on people... long live Lenny.

Marijuana breeds lazyness

I have seen lots of people quit smoking pot, and finally do something with their life. Its just so easy to get stoned and forget that you should go to college, or look for a better job, or clean your house. If you smoke pot you're a loser in my book. Show me someone successful who isn't in the entertainment industry, that smokes pot regularly, i challenge you.

anecdotal evidence for the win!

Me. 23, got a good paying easy going office job. Finished college and have a clean house. All while regularly smoking marijuana.


If it wasn't for stoners, there would be no Internet. Unplug your computer before you help pay for another bud.

Conveniently ignorant?

There's no challenge. You lose. If you haven't been paying attention, there's no point in discussing things with you. Read a little before you start farting out your mouth with your cheap neo-nazi rhetoric. You haven't been hearing about people in various high corporate positions failing drug tests? Cops, teachers, professors, engineers, politicians, lawyers and judges getting caught smoking joints or failing drug tests? Why cut university students off student aid if your so sure they'll just flunk out? It happens a lot, and the most successful are the most secretive and they've been smoking it the longest.

are you kidding me you

are you kidding me you anonymous retard???

do you really feel that anyone who smokes pot is a loser??? you need to get your head out of your ass, my friend.

let's see...i'm not in the entertainment business and i own a successful business, live in a beautiful home and have a great life....but hey i must be a loser because i use marijuana daily.

do you not know anything

97 million americans have smoked pot, thats a lot. im pretty sure not all 97 million are losers

My cousin

He is 31, has a bbaby daughter, earns 90+k a year.

I'm a simulator major in DeVry University. I smoke pot, I'm not failing, As a matter of fact, I'm in the top 20 students here in orlando.

If you smoke, smoke in moderation. Never abuse, it only leads to problems. It's the same fucking thing as everything else. Too much food, get fat and heart attacks, Too much oxygen, unconciousness and possibly enter cardiac rest or whatever. Take everything in moderation. Cannabis would help more than harm this world. The crime you see is only because of prohibition, take that away, and you get a healthier society.

Only dopes call it dope

I just cleaned my house....again. Can I be a winner now? Really now...all it takes is a couple of illegalizer, judge-mental , morals-minded types, and the board lights up with indignation. I like it ...means more converts.And it displays a sea-change in the works.PROHIBITION=GATEWAY TO TYRANNY everytime...

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