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Drug Scare: Kids in Florida are Getting High by Sniffing Feces

You can urine test them. You can take away their financial aid for college. But you can't stop the kids from getting high. Some people will try anything, and I don't think arresting them is going to help:
Information Bulletin
New Drug – JENKEM

On 09/19/07 Cpl. Disarro received and email from a concerned parent regarding a new drug called “Jenkem”. The parent advised their child learned about this drug through various conversations with several students at Palmetto Ridge High.

Jenkem originated in Africa and other third world countries by fermenting raw sewage to create a gas which is inhaled to achieve a high. Jenkem is now a popular drug in American Schools. Jenkem is a homemade substance which consists of fecal matter and urine. The fecal matter and urine are placed in a bottle or jar and covered most commonly with a balloon. The container is then placed in a sunny area for several hours or days until fermented. The contents of the container will separate and release a gas, which is captured in the balloon. Inhaling the gas is said to have a euphoric high similar to ingesting cocaine but with strong hallucinations of times past. [Snopes]

This doesn't sound like a good idea. But what shall we do about it? You can't pop people for poop possession, or piss-test people for piss sniffing. Should we launch a massive public education campaign warning kids that fermenting their excrement and breathing in the resulting fumes will get them wasted? That could backfire.

So I don't know what the solution is. For starters, we should wait to see if this is a real problem or just another hysterical response to a couple gross, though isolated, incidents. If there really is a rising trend of Florida youths sniffing fermented feces, maybe it's just an overreaction to the Miami DEA Chief's recent claim that marijuana will kill you.

Update: The rumor site Snopes, from which this story emerged, has updated the accuracy status of this rumor from "undetermined" to "false." It's unclear what prompted the change, but it looks like this whole story might just be a crock of...

United States
Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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Ya know

That kid sounds like an awful fart smeller... I mean, smart feller.


Best joke I've heard in a while. :-)

sniffing poop out of a balloon

who the fuck sniffs shit out of a balloon

I dont know who you are but

I dont know who you are but you are funnyyy


i remember i heard about this a long time ago and the slang term shit made me laugh pretty hard, but this is funny because u can get good weed in florida u don't need to suck on your own shit

Talk about getting high off

Talk about getting high off your own supply.

What are these people inhaling?

I'd like to know exactly what gas it is that's causing these people to get high from fermenting urine and feces. That actually sounds like it could be dangerous, especially if it's hydrogen sulfide or methane. Mind you, the amount of poop gas you could inhale from the balloon probably wouldn't be enough to kill you, but still...

I think I'd rather inhale marijuana and at least know exactly what I'm getting!

New Drugs Always Over The Horizon

Even if the WODS (War On Drugs Supporters) could eliminate every illicit drug today, something they aren't even close to doing (or arguably beginning to do), how will they deal with highs perhaps produced through nanotechnology, genetic engineering, and other new technologies?

The problem isn't the substance. It's abusive behavior, which exists at the core of all human-created problems.

According to NIDA: "Researchers have long recognized the strong correlation between stress and substance abuse."

Common sense suggests that correlation exists with all forms of abuse?

Putting aside that the WODS' "drug education" doesn't seem to mention the word "stress" at all, more or less to the prominent degree warranted, replacing the CSA with an effective system of abuse prevention and treatment focusing on teaching every citizen how to maintain healthy stress levels and how to identify and fix problem stress levels (be they too high or low) within their life, would arguably produce a far healthier (including more productive) society.

Now if only the mainstream media would share that observation with the majority of "We the people", who can then encourage politicians to promptly end the insane corruption that is the WOD.

The fact remains...

Thats just plain nasty...

Feces sniffing

I don't think I care for any of that s**t.

Ass Hash?

Marijuana > Jenkem


It's pretty sad when kids start sniffing their shit to alter their reality. No matter if all the drugs are outlawed in the US, people are still going to find a way to get high. If people want to smoke marijuana, let them. They aren't hurting anyone else. If someone wants to get stoned and sit at home, no problem. More people are killed by lung cancer from cigarettes, liver failure from excessive drinking, and driving while drunk than that plant God gave us that grows in the ground. God created weed, Man created beer; In God we trust.

This one brings it home

and the notion that we can have some sort of art and entertainment show deal with the issue on a weekly basis as loved ones search for healing from pain ostensibly caused by the so called subtstance use...they all look the the same.....have the same sort of interpersonal problems....all use different drugs,,,,opiates or stimunlants of some sort ( as always) and this is a drug problem?
I don't think so...

i couldn't agree more with

i couldn't agree more with "pathetic"! it's completely illogical to legalize tobacco and alcohol and not marijuana! that probably plays into the reasons why we have kids sniffing their own shit!

Are you stupid? Tobacco comes

Are you stupid? Tobacco comes from a plant too, retard.

Tobacco itself is a plant, as

Tobacco itself is a plant, as you so eloquently put, "retard". Since you have no problem using such a derogatory term to hatefully describe someone you don't even know I assume you have no problem being referred to as such. I'm sure he/she is aware it is also a plant but I think his/her mind was more focused on the poisons, pollutants, and carcinogens that are pumped into the tobacco that do, in fact, kill, and most certainly should be illegal. D. Some research, keep an open mind, and remember that no matter how many people you destructively criticise it won't change the things you don't like about yourself. This isn't highschool anymore. Learn to deal with your issues as an adult.

Ass hash! HA. Well played sir

I'm from Colorado and eat a fair amount of pot. I also drink quite a bit. I don't use drugs except alcohol. So does that mean the more pot I eat and the more I drink the more I get high if I sniff my poop? I think I'll just stick to the pot and beer to poop sniffing to the Florida kids
holymusic55's picture

Feces power

I had a vet tell me years ago that dogs eat dog poop because they get stoned from it. This clarified why dogs eat poop for me and I quickly forgot this little bit of trivia till I read ur article about kids inhaling human "poop smoke", what we as kids used to call a fart.

Kids are inventive and will experiment with what is available to them. I would rather see them experimenting with a safe herb provided by God on our planet for our use, than human excrement!! The worst thing that would happen to them on pot would be a bad case of the munchies.

kids getting high

I still think we should give their brains full time to develop. Let's say, at least the age of 18. Get them through high school first! I shoot for this, as an ideal. Because, I know kids and they will find a way! No different than right now, though! Because, right now, drug connections are easily available to them (in the present system?) at school.

kids in idiil kids high shut

kids in idiil kids high
shut idiil down !!!!!!!!

kids in idiil gets high on

kids in idiil gets high on crack and theyre only 12
shut idiil down !!!!!!!!

This calls for a POP...Prohibition Of Poop

Soon people will be pooping In a secret rooms built in their houses with locks on their doors, and special lights and mirrors there will be special poop rooms in the dark corners of business's nation wide. this must be stopped!!

shit high

Are they called fecaholics or shit heads?

Sh*t Heads

Lol that's what I'd call em sh*t heads I don't understand why anyone would sniff sh*t to get high SOUNDS just plain ignorant but I guess evetyone has their own problems and reasons for getting high and doing what they do .. still isn't smart to inhale sh*t you'd think they'd be smarter than that .. Wouldnt it give you some kind of bacteria in your lungs or somthing I'd think it would. "SH*T FOR BRAINS"

WOD will never end

Once we realize that the war on drugs, like ALL other wars, is being funded and kept alive by the very people that swear to be "Waging War" on it, we'll all be better.

Most every modern war that comes to mind has been instigated, planned and created, in many cases by bombing or attacking our own people.

Check out www. zetigeistmovie. com for more info.


I personally don't understand what the problem is here. This is much better than smoking marijuana! THIS is completely legal and legitimate! And to the person who said that with marijuana you know what you're getting...OH PLEASE!...i know exactly what I'm getting because i ate it the day before! I had the longest and best high I've ever had with my New Feces or "friends" as I like to call them. Can someone please explain what the issue is with this? As far as I'm concerned...the only bad thing about it is the taste of do-do the next two days.


i always wonder what the next drug craze is going to be...
another fine import from the lovely folks in africa.

the problem

i see why u left ur name off. i would shame too.


Are you f***ing serious,you stupid ass fart smeller!!!What in the world would you sniff fermented shit for?It's shit,you retard,it's the waste that your body can't (or won't ) use. That is gross.Next, you'll be telling us that eating shit is perfectly safe and normal. I think you need to stay away from all substances that produce any sort of a high,because if you are sniffing shit,your reality is already greatly altered and twisted!!!


Brings a whole new meaning to "EAT SHIT" LOL!

I thought all hash was mixed up with camel dung to help during

cure and that is where the experession good shit originated. Nothing new under the sun in other words...


someone was trying to get some pot from someone else & the other person told them to go eat shit to get high...& so they did & that was the beginning


all the fentanyl I use makes it so I can barely take a shit... who knows when I'll get the opportunity to try this new and wonderful way of altering ones state of being.

so... like is this a joke being broadcast just to see how many people are dumb enough to give it a shot?


Here we go. Another chance for a government job if you want to sign up. The STF... Shit Task Force. FTG

Your snopes reference says

Your snopes reference says this is false. It's an urban legend.


Oh, you must be the real smart feller referred to above! You actually looked! I didn't! I didn't know what snopes was!Ammonia gas, could be very pungent and even damaging to respiratory tissue. I really think this "African" high will never get popular. But, you gotta admit, the drugs are "cheap as shit", now-a-days!

wow, where did they learn that?

Peeing in a bottle -- what a concept!!!


This is real, I know several people that have gone to Jenkem parties. This is really going on. I know some people that were my friends until I found out they huff Jenkem. They just threw their lives away to get high.

Jenkem is fake and the

Jenkem is fake and the photos are from totse. The pictures were thrown into a story and the press picked up on it. There is no evidence of documented Jenkem use in the U.S.

It's in print so it must be true!!

Just goes to show that the paranoia of drug warriors is such that ANY story about ANY activity they haven't approved is regarded as the Truth. A simple reality check would lead any rational person to doubt the veracity of this whopper. P & PP (poop & piss ponds) have been around ever since mankind has had to 'go'. Wouldn't the (ab)use of "poopiates" be an ancient and well known tradition?

Kudos to the Collier County Sherrifs Office for boosting the propogation of this dangerous lie. Human waste, as well as any other animals', contains a number of incredibly dangerous pathogens. If some stupid kid(s) get a hold of this idea and try it ther's likely be outbreaks of waste borne diseases. That's another clue as to the story being false. If kids were doing this there would be such outbreaks. The gases can also be flammable, so one would expect to hear of a few cases of kids getting "blown away".

Of course, no one ever accused WODS of being rational, intelligent or interested in the Truth.


The Chemical Makeup of this new Drug

Hey does anyone know the chemical makeup of this new drug....... is it methane and ammonia...... or is there something else?

How stupid and desperate

How stupid and desperate could someone be to handle, bag and then sniff sh*t?


You can say it is fake all u want to, and snopes (whatever the hell that is) can say it is fake, we have had 3 teen deaths where I live from the stuff and many police depts. have been running it in the newspapers to warn parents about it. It is not fake! 17 teenage deaths in Fla. so far. Don't know how many more. Don't really care, maybe it will keep more idiots from reproducing more shit sniffers.

To the author

Hey everybody Africa is a continent not a country!

" DiJenkem originated in Africa and other third world countries"

did that not occur to you stoners!



Better Late than Never

You ungrateful turd! True, the government is a bunch of liars, and our troops have members that can be thoughtless at times. But how can you say with a clear conscience that our American soldiers have nothing better to do than huff shit? You deserve to eat some. My husband was in Al Assad for 8 mos. in the USMC, and i assure you, he was fighting for your freedom. So that you can sit here and be a douche. Fuck you. How dare you blame this on our soldiers...

Better Late than Never

You ungrateful turd! True, the government is a bunch of liars, and our troops have members that can be thoughtless at times. But how can you say with a clear conscience that our American soldiers have nothing better to do than huff shit? You deserve to eat some. My husband was in Al Assad for 8 mos. in the USMC, and i assure you, he was fighting for your freedom. So that you can sit here and be a douche. Fuck you. How dare you blame this on our soldiers...

Are you seriously defending

Are you seriously defending the honor of your husband on an article about huffing $hit? He'd be so proud. But seriously, there are dicks everywhere, you can't argue with every moron that says something in general about something else in general that they read ON THE INFALLIBLE INTERNET of all places.


i can die now . i have herd it all. i work in a drug and alcohol rehab and thought i had seen and herd it all. now i have to start monitoring their pooping time? whats next?


omg are ppl really eating/sniffing feces

ahhh isnt this should be posted on a physciatric help site not drug war...

ohh and if ppl want to smoke weed then who cares but na not in public and def not when driving and operating machinery

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