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Can You Smell the Meth?

This story might take first prize in a week already marred by frivolous lawsuits and other stupid drug-related news:
A deputy U.S. marshal based in Charleston is suing the makers of the popular cold remedy Zicam over his lost sense of smell, which he says has put him in danger of being unknowingly exposed to methamphetamine labs.

As a federal law enforcement officer, he said his duties sometimes expose him to methamphetamine labs, which are considered dangerous to be in contact with. [Charleston Daily Observer]
Come to think of it, I too am deeply concerned about being exposed to highly-toxic meth labs. Who shall I sue? Perhaps the shortsighted legislators who've created a black market and ensured the continued illicit production of methamphetamine in our communities.

And before we get too excited about this cool drug that prevents cops from smelling things, note that Zicam's manufacturer says this is nonsense. They claim that allegations of smelling-loss occur because Zicam is a cold medicine popular among people with horrible pre-existing respiratory problems.

Sounds plausible enough, but good luck explaining "correlation is not causation" to a drug warrior.

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job security

If he can't smell the meth, and, it endangers him, it sounds like he just needs to switch jobs. But, is everyone out there looking for a free ride off of some drug company? I guess cops are not paid that well, either!

I heard recently, directly from a person interviewed by a local "drug" cop that "all pain doctors take money under the counter for meds"! But, why would a, so-called, professional policmen spread lies and rumors such as that! The truth does not seem to be very important to the police, judicial system, or the prosecutors, either! They can make it up as they go along!

I guess that would be the same as that interviewee saying ,"I was intimately involved with one drug cop that took $10,000, and never was caught, too!" But that might have landed the suspect in cuffs, according to them! (How many others do you suppose there are?) Which statement was true? Both were just hear-say, and not, at all, provable. But I know personally, in at least one case, that the, first generalized statement, was false. While the evidence behind the second, more specific statement, made it, very likely, true. How many other similar cops are out there, protecting the public, spreading lies and dipping to drug money? It certainly made me trust the policemen less! I guess the drug money is just corrupting EVERYONE!

the real reason they work so hard to keep weed illeagal

The real reason they work so hard to keep weed illegal doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out. They control the crave. When these Nazi justify attacking cancer and scoliosis petitions or spending 30 years trying to make a Delorian out of people we need to look at the real reason these cowards are stealing cars from the handicap and ripping off the blind, it all relates to the money they make criminalizing us for barring arms against their harms, with their biological weapons their high Tec they can make pot worthless to smoke with a touch of a button, but this is not the main factor the real factor is the billions they make off oil, yes oil, our money goes overseas to support the oil industries and the tallibomb, when the American farmer could grow hemp and make fuel that cost $0.50 a gallon we have to pay the Arabs over 3.00 a gallon as these Nazi deny us the first page of the Christian bible" the power over the plants and animals" they subvert the true science and the declaration of independence for their wallets.

Meth lab in front of me

I live in Westminster SC, Oconee county. I've called the cops and had one over today to check out my neighbors lean-to type shack that has tin foiled windows and is lived in by a known drug dealer. When i said " i'll kiss your ass in Macy's window if there is'nt a meth lab in there" to the local sheriff, he said " i cant go in there, that's private property".......and off he went. So, i live with it huh? POLICE PROTECTION wadda ya gonna do

How do I know if my neighbor is setting up a meth lab?

I know he has been selling drugs, but know he has had big tanks of some kind of gas delivered to his house and big boxes of what looks like chemicals, I think he is setting up a meth lab. He has all of his windows to his so tightly covered they are covered darkly with sheets and blankets you couldn't see in if you wanted to. It worries me because they have two little girls and his wife is pregnant with another. His family has a background of abuse so I really worry about them. He brought the oldest girl who is 5yrs old over to my house yesterday and said he needed me to watch her because he needed to go to work and his wife wasn't home yet could I watch her until she got there, I said sure no problem. Well I cracked the door and watched to see if he left for work, he didn't the Fed-X truck pulled up and delivered all the chemicals and big tanks of gases. Then his wife showed up to pick up his daughter after they had been taken in the house and put away I assume. Almost like they just didn't want her to see them because she is old enough to know what is going on and might tell someone. They might be trying to hide it from the kids doing it in the bedroom or something. I know this guy is on drugs himself, he can't stand still for two seconds he is so spaced out on drugs he's hyper, acts like he's going to jump out of his skin on speed or something all the time. I'm a single woman, living in a HUD neighborhood and afraid to call the police on them. HE will know it was me if I do. our police system is known for NOT keeping information private and secure, it always seems to get back to the drug dealers some how. don't know if they take bribes or what, but I know too many people who have been hurt by snitching. that's why everyone is so scared to tell.
concerned citizen...

I wrote a post on my blog

I wrote a post on my blog about the scent of a meth lab - the blog is all bout meth so you can also search for other signs. Good luck with your neighbor - I sure hope that it's not the case.

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