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Australia: Better Bud Prompts Proposed Bong Ban

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The only thing more misguided and pointless than obsessing over pot potency is banning bongs:
As reports have surfaced that potent marijuana could be introduced into Australia, state lawmakers have talked about banning drug paraphernalia.

At a ministerial council on drugs strategy meeting in Adelaide, officials discussed the merits of banning instruments such as bongs and pipes that are used to smoke illegal cannabis. [AHN]
A report in The Herald-Sun prompted helpful comments from readers:
"The way the government is going, there wont be any water for bongs."

"I can't stand the smell of the stuff, leave alone stuffing it in a pipe and trying to smoke it. Rather have a good Aussie Beer instead of a dozzy intoduced Weed. Yuk Duck as they say."
I don’t speak Australian, but I think what they're saying is that trying to prevent marijuana use by banning bongs is like trying to prevent drinking by banning pint glasses.

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its all about the cone piece

you people dont understand.. im a full time sesher myself and u can never stop the sesh. im stocking up on cone pieces as we speak and thats all we need! im gona have so many im gona sell some and make millions!! IM RICH BIAATCH


i think pot should replace alchohal alchohal kills more kids that weed

Snakes kill more kids than weed...

...and there's no war on snakes. Of course, tangling with gun-wielding grandmas during a wrong-address raid is one thing. Fighting angry snakes is quite another.


No one dies from weed, or am I wrong?


You're right.

No one has ever (since history has been recorded) died from marijuana...

Tobacco kills 400,000 people per year, yet Cannabis is still illigal

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